Top 10 Best Farming Spots in WOTLK

Don't forget to pick up the best farming trinket in the game.

1. Fire Revenants of Stormpeaks

Eternal fires remain the most expensive eternals on most realms, second possibly to eternal lifes and airs on a bad day, doubling their eternal cousins on a good day. Since wintergrasp can be a little hairy for farming these in such a crowded location, I therefore recommend either farming them at the spot in this video or in a cave north of the location. The spawns in the cave are weaker but also drop far less crystallized fires.

When selling eternal fire (if you don’t make use of the eternals for transmutes or other money making endeavors) be sure to break it up into the crystallized version first for additional profit. I can sell crystallized fire one at a time for far more than 1/10th the cost of a eternal fire.

There is a mining node and herb node along the edges of the forge.

2. Mammoth and Worm Meat of Storm Peaks

If you have cooking then this farming spot is a literal gold mine. Even if you don’t you’ll make plenty of gold selling the meats to cooks and if you happen to have skinning all the better! The packs of mammoths are in two groups, one on the west and the other on the east side of the gorge. Be sure to check for these packs frequently and when neither are up be sure to run into the cave for a ton of closely packed worms.

A miner, engineer or herbalist can also benefit from looking for nearby nodes here. Look for the frost chips as well for rep turn ins.

3. Never Ending Neutral Ghosts of Icecrown

Go to the location specified in the video and just sit there waiting for the dead heroes to run to you. They are neutral so you can take on as many as you feel you’re capable at one time with no additional mobs to worry about in the vicinity. Be sure to not stand too far south or they will disappear before you can aggro them. Once agrro’d they will no longer be capable of despawning.

There is a lichbloom as well as a saronite node in the area which you should look out for if you have those professions as well.

4. Gorillas of Sholozar Basin

This is viewed as one of the top skinning locations as well as providers of chilled meats. The gorillas are tightly packed even moreso than the worms and mammoths of stormpeaks but their meats are not as valuable. I was able to pick up an arctic fur about every 25 minutes here.

5. Shadow Revenants of Wintergrasp

Best place to find crystalized shadow by far, and if you have 310% flying you can easily skip from revenant to revenant for about 3 crystalized shadows per mob. The wandering shadows have a decent chance to drop one as well. Scattered mining and herbing nodes are in the area so be sure to watch for them while farming. I use the eternal shadows in belt buckles and titanium plating on my blacksmith.

I apologize for no video on these mobs, but you will find them just north of the eternal life mobs in wintergrasp which are in the southwestern corner of the map. Youtube decided to choke on the video but if you subscribe to my channel I will have it out within a week once I solve the issue with my recording software.

6. Nescent Valkir

The infused essence is a 100% drop rate, 75 silver gray which falls off these mobs. There are also protodrakes which you can skin and humanoids which drop some cloth and relics of ulduar in the area. Not sure on mining/herbing nodes. There is also a trinket you can find on these mobs which will sell for quite a bit of gold.

7. Rhinos of Borean Tundra

Good farming spot but not for the leather as it comes in scraps from these rhinos (takes 5 scraps to get a single borean leather), but the real draw here is the Rhino meat which sells for a ton even if you don’t cook it into rhino dogs. I know there are some gold clover nodes in the area, not sure on the mining nodes but they would be cobalt.

8. Trapdoor Crawlers of Zul’Drak

Iceweb Spider Silk is used in spell threads by tailors and I was able to get about one per minute on a crappy geared level 80 shaman. Imagine how fast you’d pick these up two shotting the mobs on your pro hunter.

Talandra’s rose and cobalt nodes are scattered around this farming spot.

9. Scions of Storm

This spot was at one point the number one farming spot for engineer/miners in WOTLK. The fact that the mobs were flying around made it really easy for hunters to run around owning the place. Sadly the best drop on the scions, their relics of ulduar, are no longer worth anything this late in the expansion. Now the real draw to this cave are the engineering and mining nodes as well as the eternal airs found on the Scions of Storm.

I use eternal airs for my enchanting business.
10. Forgotten Depth Slayers and Carrior Fleshrippers

Great spot but you have to have not completed the quests in the area to have access to the mobs here. If you forsake the quest line however you will be rewarded with incredbily easy to kill mobs that drop lots and lots of nerubian chitin. The chitin is used for epic and rare quality leg armor kits which sell for plenty of gold. I am not sure about how many mining or herbalism nodes are in the area as I’ve never farmed in this phase with a gathering character.

6 comments: on "Top 10 Best Farming Spots in WOTLK"

  1. The Valkyr's also drop the +16 ArPen recipe in addition to the trinket. Not sure if it's JC only or just drop they have

  2. Glacial Salmon fish pools in Grizzli Hills ... just farming those for an hour can give you 10 stacks, which usually sell for 60-70g each and very fast at that.

  3. Good informative post as usual Markco, I use the Eternal Fire one regularly on my server if I'm ever bored enough to farm.

  4. The Trapdoor Crawlers are the #1 farming spot for me, as a single Iceweb Spider Silk will generally sell for 8-15g on my server. I get through 40 a day making spellthreads, so it's an hour's farming or spending 600g on the AH.

  5. Nice article, but the thing is... every time I think about going farming something in WOTLK... I end with the conclussion that I can farm Air Elementals in Silithus (1 Essence of Air per minute... 60 per hour... at somewhere between 10 and 20g it's 600-1200g... unbeatable)... but if you are an Enchanter... +15 agi requieres 4 essences... and sells for 200g... so farming this spot will net you 3.000g/hour...totally unbeatable.... Of course, you will not be able to sell 15 scrolls a day but you will end selling them all in a medium/short term.

    Sorry for the offtopic but think about "how do I want to farm WOTLK things when I can farm some other thing and make double the money?"

  6. I like to run loops around the big lake in the west part of Borean Tundra (blocking on the name right now...) for several reasons. The lake has Sculpin schools, which are good for catching a much-sought-after fish that always sells (they're used to make Fish Feasts). The mobs aren't too hard to take down and they drop decent silver plus Cenarion Exp. rep tokens. And I usually harvest the Tiger Lily nodes as I got for a shot at Crystallized Life and Frost Lotus, both of which I usually end up with several of per farm session.

    Plus, you never know, you might fish up the Sea Turtle on that next cast! ;-)

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