Why Cobalt Tanking Gear Sells So Damn Well

Cobalt Tanking Gear
  • Cobalt Chestpiece
  • Cobalt Gauntlets
  • Cobalt Helm
  • Cobalt Legplates
  • Cobalt Belt
  • Cobalt Boots
  • Cobalt Bracers
  • Cobalt Shoulders
  • Cobalt Triangle Shield
Why do tanks need these blacksmithing pieces?

Leveling with the dungeon finder means that the gear requirements gap from level 69 to 70 is huge. Regular
 69 burning crusade dungeons are totally inferior to their wotlk equivalents.

This means that tanks are going to want to buy gear quickly in order to allow them to continue using the dungeon finder for leveling. That's where you come in and make a killing.

The Cobalt Trinagle Shield has the largest markup by far because every single tank is going to need this going from 69 to 70. What's more, level 70's who are starting the game a new or who are alts which never acquired tanking gear in burning crusade will pay huge sums of money for this crucial tanking item. I've seen them sell and have sold them for over a 100 gold. Your mileage will probably vary but I'm sure you'll make a profit with at least a few of the cobalt pieces on any given day.

There's another area in the game where the tanking gear gap is just as big if not more than from BC to WOTLK. No it's not Vanilla to BC. It's level 14 to 15. Once tanks reach level 15 they most likely need to grab a shield as well as some stamina pieces from the auction house. Level 15 shields can sell upwards of 30 gold! See if you can't take advantage of the lowbie tanking market in addition to the Cobalt items discussed in this post.

8 comments: on "Why Cobalt Tanking Gear Sells So Damn Well"

  1. I've been selling Cobalt Equipment for awhile now. Grrrrr.... you probably just flooded my market for a few weeks.

    But anyway. This is a tried and true method. the deposits are reasonable (2g or so for 48 hrs) and on my server at least i've been selling about 1-2 pieces a day (normally for a 20-50g markup). being that this gear requires a half a dozen bars at most you should be able to craft for around 10g.

  2. Great advice. While i currently don't have access to a BS i do remember when i first hit northrend on my old account I used my BS to get full cobalt set. The reason being the first dungeons are brutal on tanks with low defense and its always best to gear appropriatley so if your healer is undergeared things won't be as rough.

  3. This set does sell great, I don't have a blacksmith but I have made many sets by paying a blacksmith to make them for me.

    Enjoy it for the next month because bye bye defense gear come Cataclysm!

  4. Heya Markco, thanks for the tip, been following you, Euripides, BigJim and the Castaclysm podcast for quite a while now.

    I will be trying this out for the next week or so, I'll report back with my findings. I'm on Terenas Horde side and it seems out AH house is starting to really dwindle but you may be on to something here. Keep up the good work!

  5. You are right about the cobalt, but sadly the Tempered (both saronite & titansteel) sets are selling rarely.

    Which is somewhat odd, as I have leveled 2 plate classes as prot (palawin & warrior), I would've kept my gear up-to- date.
    The stamina&def boost for 75+ content is very welcome.

    I'd like to see your opinion and vision on why those items aren't great sellers.

    P.S. The Daunting set isn't a reason/solution to the problem either.

  6. I just looked up some Cobalt armor pieces. And on my server, the most expensive one sells for 19G. (Currently anyway)I also don't have a BS, so for me I would have to buy the ore/bars (I do have a miner so I can smelt the ore) then spam trade for a BS, go to them, and tip them for their work. Between the money spent to make the pieces, and the time it would take, its not worth it to me for only a couple gold.

    Its a great idea, buy my server, and my lack of a handy BS toon, makes this idea not for me.

  7. I have been doing this for several months now. I started off with just trying to recoup funds while leveling my blacksmithing and saw the huge potential (as I was leveling a tank myself at the time)

    I started off with pieces on the AH with a lofty mark-up and they were selling like crazy! I also started advertising in Trade with complete sets, and throwing an Eternal Belt Buckle in to sweeten the deal.

    Currently I am getting 400-450g per complete "set" and the individual pieces I am moving for 40g or better each (except for the shields which the market is constantly flooded at 10-12g each). Trade seems to work best for moving these, just pop a macro every now and then while I am in a city doing other stuff and I move 2-3 a night.

  8. I posted a full suit with shield and got a bite on most of the pieces within about 20 minutes. When I posted them there were none at all on my auction house. Keep this one on your minds because this one might be a very good one for a while. Thanks again Markco!

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