ZG Removed Equals Priceless Polymorph Tome in Cataclysm

Our beloved Zul'Gurub is being removed in the coming cataclysm and for the thrill seekers out there who want their orange and white tigers your time is almost out! While you're in there farming for the rare tiger mount, why not farm for the far more valuable Tome of Polymorph Turtle?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how pets might disappear with cataclysm but I never thought that whole instances would completely vanish from the game. This has staggering implications if blizzard chooses to allow one of the best mage polymorphs (and rarest) to just stop dropping in the game. This is an item that's already worth 2k gold on most servers, what is it going to become when there's a limited quantity in the world... of warcraft?

How Could Blizzard Ruin this Amazing Oppurtunity?

  • The area which is replacing the instance (it's basically becoming an outdoor leveling area) could have mobs that drop the tome.
  • Make the tome a vendor item.
  • Make the tome a quest chain.

Should You Bother Farming It Then?
  • There has been no indication in the current beta that blizzard will be keeping the tome.
  • The chance at a priceless item is just too much to pass up.
How Do I Farm It?

You'll need to kill the optional boss: Gahz'Rankha in Zul'Gurub. To summon this boss you will first need to complete a quest which allows you to buy a lure. Then you need to just use a 300 fishing skill to get Zulian Mudskunk anywhere in the instance to put on the lure.


Although reputation with this faction will probably be available in some form in cataclysm it's not guaranteed. There are lots of achievement seekers looking to get exalted with the trolls from ZG and since there isn't all that much to keep players entertained right now they are all buying coins and bijou's. Any items you collect from ZG which can be turned in for rep I highly recommend that you price gouge them on the auction house.

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17 comments: on "ZG Removed Equals Priceless Polymorph Tome in Cataclysm"

  1. You must be in a raid to enter this instance.
    You need to recruit a friend to invite, create a raid , enter and then I think your friend can leave but I have not tried it.
    Please let me know if you can solo this with 5k gear score.

  2. I bought a few of these some weeks back for 400g hoping to make a quick buck. I failed and even let my mage use one :(

    Currently prices are 5000g unsure on when to sell but keeping it for now until I know for sure, I'd written off the 2k gold I invested once so not a problem to risk it again for massive ROI.

    As for farming with 5k GS? I know DKs that have solo farmed this since hitting 80 so if your class can take a beating while dishing out damage you should be OK.

    Sadly my mage and priest fail on this but thats what friends are for!

  3. You don't need 300 fishing to do this. I learned fishing and went straight in. The fish for the lures come from a pool and pools are now a guaranteed catch whatever your fishing level. I solo this on my Druid in quest blues (tank spec) no problems.

  4. Basically, at the moment it's a bit of a gamble.

    1) The instance gets removed, the book becomes very rare, the few remaining get sold off slowly for a huge amount of gold to collectors and completionists (note, don't sell all your books in one go!)

    2) The instance gets converted to 10 or 5 man and the book remains with a similar drop rate. Prices remain as they are now (maybe a little higher - worgen and goblin mages!)

    3) The spell becomes trainable and you need to have a fire sale to offload your remaining books post-patch.

    Currently, my bet's on 1 or 2 happening. However, since books from AQ20, the Tranq Shot tome from MC and the Master Fishing book all became trainable skills, I'm not saying it'll be a 100% certainty.

  5. I really expect this to be added to the game sooner then later. Also, for someone who has only very recently taken his first steps in an attempt to build up a comfortable gold reserve and therefor with a very limited gold reserve as is, those poly turtle books are a hefty risk if you buy them off the AH. Sure, farming them, or trying to, is one option but you could farm other things wich are a sure thing instead of a could be golden goose.

  6. I farm this boss and the raptor mount boss as a 5k gear score BM hunter with turtle pet. My turtle is still leveling up so I've done both bosses a few times with a level 75/76 pet.

    Not having any luck getting either the tome or the mount to drop, but I'll keep trying.

    My gut is telling me the tome will be available in cataclysm via other methods.

  7. I have an ill feeling Blizz will stymy us, and this item will be more around instead of less.

    I don't see this going away at all.

  8. The three bosses you need for Tome and the two mounts are soloable for any tank class that is 80. Tanking gear good enough to get you through normal dungeons will do just fine in ZG. I've also handled the bosses trivially with a 5.8GS Mage and 5k GS Disc Priest.

    Lots of people are selling the Tome now, seeming to grab the tome during the mount run in the face of the closure's news. Prices on my server dropped from 5k listings to 2K listings. I eventually sold a copy for 950g. Not a bad price for a trivial amount of work, but stockpiling a few can't hurt just in case the spell really does vanish.

  9. I think there's a really, really good chance this will come into the game as a new Glyph.

    Regardless, I've been farming it when I go to ZG to get my raptor mount anyway (got Tiger my second time in... may not get raptor at all, now). It only takes an extra couple minutes, so it's worth the risk. I haven't yet bought any off the AH yet, though.

    Also don't forget to farm your razzashi hatchling! I think there's a much better chance of that 'going away', or at least staying as rare as it is now.

    Oh, and some flavor text on one of the archaeology items hints that Hakkar may be returning - maybe ZG 2.0 will be the post-Deathwing boredom raid for Cataclysm!

    Regarding soloing them - very easy for a death knight. A prot Paladin friend of mine had trouble soloing the tiger boss, though; just didn't have the DPS to get them all down. Though you can glitch that if you need to.

  10. It doesn't matter, if the items get removed, sooner or later the supply will run out, if they got removed I would wait a long long time to sell one if I took the time to farm them. Hell I may even just keep it and use it to show off over getting 20k gold for it, which by Cataclysm will be very easy to get.

    ZG being removed, I saw coming. Out of all the raids in the game, it aged the worst. Any class can walk into it even a fresh level 80 can solo for those mounts.

    Thats sad being ZG was such a fun raid, but now? I would almost say its the most easy content in the gaem just above starting zones. I mean Dire Mual is harder then ZG right now.

    I'm glad it's being removed and I can see down the road in Cataclysm a new ZG Raid being added and likely some 5-mans tossed in there.

    Watch.. I bet the first major patch added after 4.0 will be the new ZG xD

    And last note; please stop using GS for everything.. its by far the worst part of the game. I wish blizzard would remove our view of it, the only real use for it is for gear checking content. When ICC first came out, it was locked out to me, but I got a few upgrades and it unlocked, that means I should be able to take part in ICC 10 and 25 now, but I can't because my gs is 4.3k whatever and everyone wants 5K or 6K.

    Really death to GS, its the most fail thing I've ever seen and anyone who needs that for anything should be ashamed when there is a guild called undergeared who have done almost all of wrath content in blue ilvl 200 gear.

  11. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, so long as we can see the stats on gear, even if we never know what ilvl it is, there will be a way to quantify gear level. GS is a handy tool, but people overuse it to the point of abuse.

  12. I find it humorous that people claim this raid can be soloed by tanks in dungeon blues. You MAY be able to take out Mandokir in pre-raid purples, but he hits hard enough that I doubt it. Minimum is to be geared out in Naxx epics to do the rest and mostly Ulduar epics to take out Hakkar. I've been hitting up the two mount bosses since Naxx and they were barely doable in that gear, simply because of how hard the bosses hit.

    As far as this Tome...apparently the author hasn't delt much with trying to sell them. They currently don't sell AT ALL, so I see no reason why they'll sell for more gold later. Much like his advice to stock-pile prof mats, do yourselves a favor and don't do it. Most people leveling up alts will choose herbalism and mining for the extra gold.

  13. @anonymous I flip them from 400 gold to 1k gold around twice weekly. Since this announcement that ZG will dissappear I've seen them go for as much as 2.5k. I am saving two for after cataclysm launches just in case they do in fact become priceless.

    Pro Tip: Dueling with a mage in durotar and using it is a great way to advertise it!

  14. @The NU
    Not trying to defend GS, but go ahead and try to pug any raid in nothing but blues. Its one thing for a well coordinated guild to do it. Its quite another for a bunch of facerolling strangers.

  15. Also remember that there is a 1 in 100 chance to get a Razzashi Hatchling from the raptor adds. Like the polymorph book there has been no confirmation on what will happen to the pet once Cata hits but I'd raise its rarity from Uncommon to Endangered.

    Normandy (from the forums)

  16. As far as the soloing issue goes, most tank classes at 80 can do it with ease. The tiger boss is no longer glitchable (as far as I've seen) so you'll need to perfect getting them all down at once.

    The raptor boss is still glitchable (the ledge trick) for hunters or duo ranged/melee groups if you're doing ZG in pairs.

    I'm guessing they're going to put in another way to get the book, very rarely does Blizz completely remove something without giving us the heads up or adding something to substitute it.
    We'll see. In the meantime I'll keep farming that tiger mount and checking for the book while I'm there...
    Reset. -.-

  17. For anyone reading archives (like me), a blue post on this:


    The short version is that it will be available "by other means." What those are, unsaid.

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