4.0.1 Is Not Just About Glyphs - MAKE GOLD NOW.

All professions are seeing increases across all markets since 4.0.1 was released. Here's why:

  1. Honor Points
  2. Justice Points
  3. Gearing Alts as well as Mains
I'm selling everything I can while I still can whereas most players are simply liquidating their stock. Leatherworking leg armors, for instance, have seen a 20% increase in price but the mats have dropped 20%! That's how great the market has changed in the favor of low supply, high demand. People dump their stock and the handful of players wise enough to buy it out and craft it into useable gear are making out like bandits. I have been pulling in an easy 40k per day that I list auctions (half of which has been glyphs) since the patch with a 31k night in pure glyphs the day 4.0.1 was released. However, I'm a little scared by what I've seen...

What's scaring me is not that glyphs, meta gems or other gear enhancements like belt buckles are doing so well. It's the amount of gold other players have to spend on their items! Players are dropping hundreds of gold, maybe even thousands of gold on glyphs alone! They're paying more than they did when inscription first boomed and glyphs sold for 100 gold a pop. I sold dozens for as much as 300! This should worry anyone who is big on massing gold as an auctioneer in world of warcraft. What is going to happen when inflation hits a peak during cataclysm? Will ten thousand gold be a drop in the bucket for most players? Only time will tell but I'm worried for the future of the currency in this game.

When cataclysm is released players are going to be just as willing to spend as they are now. In fact, many will drop thousands leveling their professions quickly so getting your farmer out into the new zones will be crucial. With 310% flying and mobs being 5 levels above you at the most you should be able to max your gathering professions rather quickly.

Take advantage of the following links to make gold now with what you have before cataclysm:


Out of ideas for what to sell? Try this list of my most popular selling items right now, in no particular order:
1. Meta Gems
2. Abyssal Bags
3. Epic Gems
4. Netherweave Bags
5. Enchanting Scrolls (mostly +10 stats to chest and superior weapon potency). I am using crystallized earth combined with common gems to create disenchanting fodder. Cobalt occasionally is cheap enough to turn into cobalt war axes as well for my greater cosmic essences. I just buy the abyss crystals and dream shards. NOTE: You can disenchant all pvp gear now!!!
6. Titanium Items (mostly weapon chains, shield spikes and plating)
7. Leg Armor
8. Spellthread
9. Glyphs (glyph of Mage Armor for outrageous prices)
10. Eternal Belt Buckles
This list was sent to subscribers of my newsletter but so many people asked for it that I decided to release it on the blog as well. You should subscribe today so you're privy to this kind of information immediately instead of having to wait.

15 comments: on "4.0.1 Is Not Just About Glyphs - MAKE GOLD NOW."

  1. Your server must be extremely overpriced or you must have near monopolized the glyph market. On my server the most expensive glyph is Glyph of Mage Armor at 495g because of its rarity. A few go for over 100g but most are well below 50g the lowest less than 1g.

    Maybe there's a lot of off-loading of stockpiles and so prices don't reflect demand or the increased herb costs of glyphs, but this would be happening on all servers I would think.

  2. Great post! Lots of good ideas. BTW, there have been quite a few posts around the goldblogosphere regarding the upcoming inflation - including a good one on Cold's blog today.

    The real value of everyone's cash pile is going to take a serious hit, I think. I'm developing an index to track the pain :)

  3. Yeah I have to agree with Anonymous I guess you have a high pop - raid crazy server because glyph prices on my realm crashed back down to normal levels i.e 35g down to 5g. Except for Mage Armor though but that is of course all buggy. The other suggestions are pretty good though and I have recently been making disenchant fodder + meta gems to test their market, last time I tried they were only selling for 50g each which to me is a joke.

  4. Markco must have scared way everyone on his server from even trying to compete as it seems to be filled with rich/lazy toons. On my medium/small sized server not only is there the 5-6 scribes that came back just to take advantage of glyphmas but I'm seeing an additional 10 or so that decided to level the profession to max level in the past month to try to get into the game. The end result is the Snowfall market is a joke, every trainable glyph is sold below cost, and most glyphs are undercut within minutes of posting. The only reason I'm making good money is I'm posting 3-4 times a day but I'm still no where near his level.

  5. Our server still has quite a few glyphs over 100g. I scanned this morning and found a decent amount of them aroudn 50g but there were 3 over 200g still. Every server is different, so you can't always expact prices to be the same as what Markco is posting here. But, on the other hand, I'm sure there are a few items on your server priced higher than what his has them. Use this as a tool, not a Bible.

  6. Another ing to note that I think some people forget, that while there are many people who are taking a break until cata, there is a whole class of player that is becoming "desperate" in that they want to get x character to y level prior to December for one reason or another.

    I see this very much in continuing sales of leveling tank gear. While I continue to sell several sets per week, my margins have shot through the roof. My za settings we high bar (for simplicity) and most of my competition has stopped posting. I sold a set of cobalt tanking gear for 89g a PIECE. Due to underbidding, I am selling pieces of that and the tempered set for upwards of 50-75 g each, when prior to 4.0.1, they were selling between 15-30g. To top it all off, people are dropping mats like flies.

    Want to make money between now and December? Make the things that people are desperate to have to hit their intended level by the expansion. I'm looking at you, uncommon perfect gems, rare gems, and tanking and healing crafted gear.

  7. I would really be interested in the number of auctions running in your auction houses during peak times, for I can barely imagine most things I've read so far. My server has around 18k auctions / peak, 2k of those being mine. Here is my breakdown:

    Glyphs are selling in approximately the same amounts they did before the patch. The prices are a bit higher, though nothing over 199g really. Most of them are selling for around 30-80g.

    Enchanting Scrolls: These seem to not sell very well anymore. Prices have been down the drain for quite some time now and it does not look like they will be rising ever again in this expansion.

    Leg Enchants, Gems and so on:
    Demand has fallen rapidly. The material prices are down, as you wrote, but the crafted products have gone down by roughly the same degree. E.g.: Arctic Fur went from 90g to 50 and sometimes less. Leg Armor market is flooded with 120g to 150g pieces while the former price was round about 250g.

    I cannot recognize that people spend such vast amounts of many either. My sales have gone up a bit due to expansion of market niches, but it's nothing like those 40k/day you mentioned... Didn't ever see that, not even on "Glyph-mas" when almost all of my glyphs were sold for around 200g each!

  8. You make a really good point about inflation. I've been thinking a bit about that lately.

    I think there's no question that the currency as it is will be devalued when Cata hits...the question is by how much?

    I think quests are a pretty good judge. Quests in WotLK rewarded say 5-7.5g (aprx. on avg.) and in Cata are in the 7.5-9g range.

    That's an average of 6.25 and 8.25, respectively. That's a 32% increase. This isn't to say that everything will see an increase of 32% in price, but if the increase in currency is there...and by the looks of the quests, it is. Then one could reason that it will be present elsewhere in the game as well.

    In any regard, it's worth keeping an eye out.

  9. how much gold do you have now marcko if you have been making 40k a day since the patch game out?

  10. I wouldn't worry about the state of the economy just yet. We've had a year of raiding the same content. People haven't been under pressure to spend gold. In fact, a lot of them have been essentially stuffing it under their beds for months now with nothing to spend it on.

    With Cataclysm around the corner, and the 4.0 changes, the hornet's nest got tapped on again and everyone is active and buzzing. They have gold to spend and are spending it. Months of gold reserves are hitting the market now, but it isn't an endless river.

    Looking ahead to post-expansion, alts will become a larger part of the landscape than they ever have before because of the way raid locks work. People who are used to running 25s and 10s on the same main character will now find themselves with more free time, and I know dozens of people who are now leveling their "second main" to raid with on off nights - people who traditionally stayed away from alts. More alts mean more gold spent on gearing and glyphing them out, and more professions that need to be fed.

  11. 40k a day I post, I posted 3 days last week on 48 hours each time.

    I don't reveal my exact gold count but I do have enough to test the million gold cap. It's actually 999,999 gold, 99 silver and 99 coopper.

  12. How high pop is the server, though? I'm on a low pop server, and there isn't nearly enough of a market for those kinds of numbers. Still, I've probably made about 60k total since the patch, and could probably have bumped it up to around 80 if I'd had a better stock of epic gems.

    Of course, it also doesn't help that the glyph market has been pretty much totally dominated by a 24/7 botter that blizzard hasn't gotten around to banning yet.

  13. The market that has exploded for me is the JC market. An example: I've been picking up Cardinal Rubies for as low as 85g and selling them cut for usually 120g but sometimes 200g! Rare gems are selling just as well.

    The rare pet market is doing well for me also. Dal pets are sometimes going to 100g.

    Also, I have a guild bank filled with various herbs and occasionally sell off some for insane prices. 120g for a stack of Netherbloom? Wow. 65g for Dreaming Glory?

    My server's Enchanting market is wonky right now. GCEs have tanked but IDusts have risen. The enchants themselves are still selling well, but I don't have the patience to DE my own stuff.

  14. I think the idea of inflation is getting out of hand. There will be some, but $10k isn't going to be a drop in the bucket.

    You guys have to realize how long it's been since WotLK came out. A lot of people have been sitting on a fair bit of gold, having either accumulated it while playing, or stockpiling for 4.0.1 or Cata.

    4.0.1 changed specs, rotations, builds, spells, talents, gem colors, glyphs - a lot of things. The fundamental mechanics were changed ahead of Cata. People had to spend money to adjust, and they didn't mind doing it since they had the gold.

    For every player that took a break, there's two who came back to get a head-start on the changes in 4.0.1.

  15. You know what's really crazy? My blacksmith has been selling Titansteel weapons. Six weeks from them being utterly obsolete, people on my realm are still buying a Titansteel Spellblade *every day*, plus a couple a week of the Guardian and the 2h mace. I'm also the only person on my realm still bothering to make them, so they're going for 1200g+ each.

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