5 New Gold Blogs to Watch Out For in Cataclysm

I’m targeting two audiences with this post. The first is of course you and second are the bloggers throughout the gold blogging community who have appeared in the past six months or so and are looking for help in improving and/or growing their blogs. I’ll be outlining five blogs I predict will succeed in Cataclysm and then I’ll give advice for all blogs on how to expand their readership and keep things fun. If you are a subscriber to any of the social medias I participate in then you know that I love to constantly plug other valuable resources regardless of which site they come from. I'm a big fan of the idea that all ships rise with the tide or whatever that saying is.

I know that new blogs are a dangerous breed. Sure they may seem great but due in part to them being new you never know if the author is going to be in it for the long haul or just a flash in the pan. New blogs like Blinging Wow, le petit goblin and many others started off sensationally well and then just kind of tapered off. I hope those two come back btw, I really enjoyed their stuff.

Today I’m going to go through a list of blogs I am enjoying right now that I believe will be power houses of information in Cataclysm, well that’s if they stick around of course. I’m also going to give you (the person reading this, yeah YOU) each a quest today which will help not only yourselves but the gold blogging community as a whole. I want you to look at my blogroll for gold blogs, pick one you haven’t read that has a recent post (or one you have if you’re on top of your gold blog reading these days) and leave a comment. Not just any comment, engage the author in discussion by asking a question on the subject at hand or just asking a straight up question unrelated to the post. Maybe add your own two copper to the discussion with tips or pointers as well. The goal is to get you connected and engaged. You’ll keep the spark of writing fire alive in these new bloggers’ minds and you’ll also get great information coming to you every day. Subscriptions are the measurement of blogging success but comments are the currency used for judging the true worth of a blog. More commenting means more discussions and more discussions mean more blogger involvement and overall enjoyment by all parties involved. It’s a win, win.

Acadia’s Gold

Starting off with a bang and some great posts on getting eggs for winter’s veil, farming 1k gold from water elementals in plaguelands and how portal removal will increase the value of vendor pets. Acadia’s posts are well written and concise; I see great things in this blogger’s future. The blog could use some new features to create more interaction and bolster community involvement but that will come in time. In my humble and expert opinion Acadia’s Gold has all the initial ingredients necessary for a great reading experience in Cataclysm. Another reason this blog sticks out is because Acadia doesn't just tell you a spot or a trick but goes a bit further with answers to the how, why, what, when and where questions which arise when you see "Flip XXXXX Rare Item" in a post title on other blogs.

Cold’s Gold Factory

Post schedule and length are a little random as well as quality but there are still gems coming out of here on a near daily basis. Cold has been around a few months; I’ve seen him getting engaged on various forum boards and posting on other blogs. Because of Cold’s efforts to engage the community outside of his own blog he will see a lot of exposure and hopefully expansion in the months to come. He also has a very broad understanding of the economy which I like to see versus other bloggers who tend to focus on one or two professions they enjoy the most.

Miss Mediocre

I really like this blog. It’s fun, friendly, useful and creative. Like Acadia's Gold, this blog would benefit greatly from more ways to interact between readers and blogger. Perhaps a question form similar to what paladin schmaladin has would help Miss Mediocre encourage more communication in her community. Miss Mediocre combines thorough writing, a passion for gaming and a decent amount of in game knowledge to create great experience for her readeres.

The Gnomish Coin

This guy is starting off exactly how I did with niche strategies/items which anyone can flip or the associated profession can learn to make a lot of gold. Based on traffic I receive from him I estimate that he is getting the most new readership of the five blogs listed here. What I'd like to see the author do is branch out into cross profession markets and expand upon his articles. One way to do this is to go back and look at previous posts which are related and make connections, add new content or shed some light on the background behind the strategies. Basically, some timeless compilations of strategies would go a long way in cementing this blog as a resource and not just a place to get daily tips. All in all it's a good read and I expect great things from the author once cataclysm hits.

Follow the Gold Road

Good site with helpful information that focuses more on news and speculation than some of the other blogs listed here today. The owner is playing with some new layouts currently and I think his shoutbox is working great to create a community at his site. Does a good job of writing about gold making news in wow.

All the blogs on my blog roll that post regularly are worth reading so please check them out. For the sake of the length of this post I left out quite a few of them. I hope no one was offended by not being included in this ultra brief list.

Tips for New Bloggers on Expanding Readership

Nail down a posting schedule and stick to it for a month. You should also create posts in advance using blogger or wordpress posting features. If you want subscribers you will need to be on some sort of a predictable schedule for their convenience.

Content is king and an exposure channel is his queen (I'm so going to write a book with that title lol). Without exposure your content means nothing so be sure to focus on both building a brand with quality as well as building exposure with things like guest posts, commenting and forum posts. Provide quality content that is easy for new readers to reach and you’ll grow on a daily basis. Guest posting is great for generating a lot of hits but every reader subscribed to you is worth far more than a thousand random visitors. Build your brand and then your guest posts will turn into readership growers instead of just big hits and then nothing more.

If you’re looking for new channels of exposure outside of blogging try youtube, twitter, facebook, an IRC or even build a newsletter. I use Aweber and have found its support, toolset and user friendly setup to be absolutely necessary for handling a large list of subscribers. Newsletters are great because they attract new subscribers who don’t want to use an RSS feed (if you email your posts) or want new information from your blog which they can only get from the newsletter (if you offer additional content). Even something as simple as “My Top Ten Posts” would make a great draw for attracting new subscribers.

Stop thinking of your blog as a newspaper or soap box. It’s a community. Now go build one.

And for you, the reader, you have your assignment. Go comment on some blogs.

November 2nd Blogging Carnival

Speaking of getting out there and being a part of the community, the topic for the Carnival on November 2nd will be: "Mistakes You've Learned From While Playing the AH." Feel free to send me a link anytime between now and November 1st to a post you've written which answers this question.

Records Smashed at JMTC this Week

All sorts of records were broken during the 4.0 madness and JMTC saw an all time high (that's out of two years of posts) in visits on tuesday with 8,696 unique visitors and 18,939 pageviews. The following day there were 8,406 unique visitors and 17,876 pageviews. Thank you to everyone who tweeted and linked to help break the previous record of 7,200 uniques set when wow.com linked to a JMTC farming spot.

15 comments: on "5 New Gold Blogs to Watch Out For in Cataclysm"

  1. Congratulations on your record breaking week Marcko, that's quite an achievement. May I also thank you for the mention, comments and tips on growing a blog. You've also made me realise that perhaps I am a little more focused on gold making news than I previously thought! Perhaps I should update my banner... Its great to be a part of the WoW Gold community, and I can't wait for all the content we'll be collectively putting out in Cataclysm

  2. Gratz on the explosion of readership lately Markco. You should look into the Blizzard fansite program if you haven't. You have tons of support from the WoW community.

  3. Thanks for the support Markco.

    Daily visits have doubled for me this month alone. Mainly from campaigning into other blogs, forums, and all the great referrals I have been receiving lately. Did you happen to notice that both JMTC and CGF are now listed in the blogroll at Greedy Goblin?

  4. I was so surprised to see my blog included in your "5 blogs to watch out for in Cataclysm"! I feel honored both that you mentioned me and that you included me with the other awesome blogs you chose! Thank you so much! :D

  5. Heh, Thank you for the mention. It is greatly appreciated! I started blogging because of you, you inspired me and fueled me to help other people just as you do now.

    Again, thank you for the mention, I can't thank you enough.

  6. Congrats on making some big money over the patch but I'm actually 20k worse off for the epic gem transmute advice. I guess a lot of people lost money on that but hit me particularly hard since I'd just started playing after a long break and that was about all the gold I had. Going into Cata I'll be broke. I understand if you don't publish this comment. Lesson learned. Thanks for the other tips though I can't help feeling burnt.

  7. @anon (burnt on gems).

    It's not over yet. You still have mats for transmutes. Make a macro - WTB epic gem transmutes.

    A guy in my guild supplies all my epic gems for me in just this manner, and does not use honour or have an alchemist.

    You have the mats. Get them cut as blue quality gems, or get them transmuted. With the changes to gems there are many many raiders who are incorrectly gemmed and won't be able to afford epics.

    If you have lemons, make lemonade.

  8. Thanks tons for the mention Boss.. Love you!!! I should really post a blog based on the fact that whenever you've posted something about me my blog stats go 3 fold.

    I will do my best to listen to your advice and make my blog better. And I welcome anyone else to help and make my blog better!

  9. Congratulations!

    Cold: I noticed that aswell! I visit his blog mostly for the moron of the week section. Is there a site anywhere dedicated to those? They amuse me so.

    Annon: I'm sorry you're feeling burnt but I guess that's what we get for blindly following the advice found on a blog without researching the actual data ourselfs. No offence to Markco meant at all there. Cata is a whole two months away so I can't imagine you'll go into it completely broke. Sell your mats off at a loss if you have to but you'll still be far from broke. Over the past couple of days I've been selling off my blue gems like crazy. I'm lucky enough to be a JC though people seem to be paying upwards of 50g for cut blue quality gems. I know I certainly won't be filling my alts with epic gems at their current new (old) price! So you can't transmute all of your gems in one day like you were hoping to, hold onto some of the mats and continue to do your transmute every day while trying to flog some of the mats. Eternal will always be needed and worth something to somebody be it in the next few months or even the next few years. I still purchase vanilla essances and BC primals on a regular basis! Chin up!

  10. <3 your blog Markco!
    I want to try and get my blog on your next list =)
    Gold Never Sleeps! http://gns.d3challenge.com


  11. @ Anonymous - All is not lost. I assume you now have a decent stock of eternals - whilst the market for these may be crashing, there are plenty of uses for them which could gain you the cash back - look at meta gems, tailoring speciality cloths and Abyssal Bags. Cut rare gems are still selling well and will continue to until cata. Take a look through your recipe lists and see what uses the eternals you have - I guarantee you'll make your investment back without a huge effort on your part. Good luck

  12. Hey it's the same Anonymous here. Thank you for the kind helpful, responses! I guess I was hoping Blizz would turn around and say it was a bug and remove the CD but now I know it's official I'll get to work on using those mats for different things. It was actually a good lesson going forward and that is "don't take anything for granted". I'll do my research better next time (I think we all will!). Thanks again for the advice. You guys are cool :)

  13. Two of these were off my radar. Thanks for the nice overview. I will make it a goal to post on all five this weekend.

    Keep it up.

  14. If you are overstocked with eternals, just make some belt buckles and titansteel bars and ell the eternal lifes when the DMF rolls in.

  15. Good for you, That was great news and thanks for your wow tips.

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