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The wow gold carnival for October is finally here! Sit back, relax and enjoy the epic pwnsauce that is this month's collection of articles which I've gathered from around the blogosphere. These bloggers will bravely attempt to answer the question: "What's your favorite niche gold strategy?" Let's see how the following ten blogs tackled this topic and please be sure to comment on the posts. Pass the kodo kabobs please, hungry orc over here! For links to past and upcoming carnivals, as well as how you can join, click here.

Miss Mediocre

I couldn’t think of a good niche gold making strategy that was worth posting about when I first read the topic for Markco’s October Gold Blogging Carnival, but then I remembered the “Love Is In The Air” events from earlier this year! I had just come back to WoW after a 6 month break and was starting out on a new server. I had already finished the Love Is In The Air achievements on my main character the year before, but was still interested in figuring out the changes they had made to how the event worked for this year. I noticed that it had become similar to a few of the other world events in the way that you collect and turn in event specific items for prizes, like with Brewfest Coins and Lunar Festival Coins. [Read More...]

Nerf Faids

Most everyone has their fingers in the gold-making pies that are inscription and jewelcrafting. While the profits they turn are great, there’s also a lot of profit to be found in smaller niche markets in the game.  I didn’t set out to look for a niche market, I more or less stumbled upon one in other in-game pursuits. The result? [Read More...]

Mana Obscura

Over the last few days I’ve been hit hard from firesales. People are converting the last few badges they have to gems or Primordial Saronite to sell for whatever they can. Prices (and profits) on most materials are plunging as supply far outstrips demand.

Craftables are also a source of anxiety. Get it right and you’re in the money. Get it wrong and you’ve wasted time, effort and materials on something that won’t sell. And right now, it feels like most markets are seizing up. While the smart players are cleaning out their bucket lists and putting down plans, there’s a lot of “wait and see” stagnation.

Right now, the real growth area for me is in barking. By that I don’t mean barking at the moon, I mean having a little advert for my crafting skills that I can paste in the trade channel when I’m not doing anything. Depending on the time of day, it can net me a few hundred gold an hour of pure profit. There are some great secrets to barking that I’ve learned in order to get the best results. [Read More...]

Prospecting? That’s right, more specifically gems prospected for skill level 1-300. Jewelcrafting is big business, it has been since it’s inception in the Burning Crusade expansion. The problem with Jewelcrafting has always been the rather steep start up cost. But there is hope for those who are not blessed with alts, patience, or even common sense. You, the opportunistic Jeweler. [Read More...]
Follow the Gold Road

I’ve said before that my playtime is limited and so when I log in I want to use that time to my best advantage, i.e. to make the most gold per hour I can.  For me, this generally involves logging my enchanting toon first and restocking, cancelling and reposting, followed by my jewelcrafter doing the same. If I have time I’ll pop on to my glyph posters and replenish the AH and then, if miraculously I’ve still got some time left then I’ll log on my actual scribe, do the research, restock, make some vellums for the enchanter and try and get rid of some of the excess Snowfall Inks.  When I’ve got a real chunk of time available (say once a week) I’ll do some milling and crafting inks and might up my glyph stockpile by say 2 of each – I’m aiming to have a full stack of each come 4.0.

As such – any strategy that requires me to move out of my ‘comfort zone’ of the AH, Mailbox, the Bank and the Inscription Supplies vendors is unlikely to see much testing from me and the little experience I do have with some of them haven’t turned out to be as profitable a use of my time as my standard routine, although many of them are fantastic for say, starting out on a new server or if you’re in a position with a low capital outlay.  Saying that, if you have more time on your hands then that sort of strategy can be a lovely supplement to your main sources of income. [Read More...]

Cold's Gold Factory

Well my favorite niche market is selling Rich Purple Silk Shirts.  Why?  This pattern is super rare, as it is a random Vanilla drop.  It is so rare that wowhead doesn't even register any of the mobs that drop it at any rate higher than 0.0%.  Wowhead also shows the average buyout price to be 1255g.  Good thing I found this one for 40g on the auction house.  Excellent investment as I have sold tons of these for anywhere from 10-25g each.  I am the only one who ever lists these Horde side, so I have absolutely zero competition and the cost to produce them is ridiculously low as the Horde auction house is swamped with Silk Cloth.  I snatch all silk cloth under 1g per stack, but often I get mass quantities for under 50s a stack.  So the return on investment is insane. [Read More...]
European Games Radar
  • Hardly anyone else does it
  • It can be done by low levels
  • The materials gained by it will always be needed by other players
  • It's scalable (wait till you have more grime-encrusted objects before visiting Gnomeragan)
  • You can set your own proit/hour by changing the price on your snatch list (higher gold/hour settings will take longer to be fufiled) [Read More...]
Wow Consultant

Anxiety Symptons: Fear of impending doom, you feel as though something extremely bad is going to happen but you are not sure what. You may also feel as though your world is coming to an end. Well it turns out I do know exactly what is going to happen – Patch 4.0 and the removal of Armor Penetration as stat in World of Wacraft and the end of my favorite ‘Niche’ gold making strategy. I feel you’re pain Melee combatants – trust me as a level 1 toon that sits around in Stormwind all day, I do feel your pain. You see, there’s this one enchant that I sell all the time that nobody else my server even bothers to sell. Do you know which one I’m talking about? [Read More...]
Acadia's Gold
When I first started playing wow the economy was quite different. It was a difficult task saving up to be able to get a riding mount at 40. All of my friends were grinding and toiling to save up the money, and I was looking for ways to save up myself. I was enamoured with WOW and all that you could do besides leveling. I took small pleasures in Fishing and Cooking all sorts of foods. I stumbled upon a recepie for Savory Deviate Delights and learned it without thinking about it.[Read More...]
Capped by Cata

Recipe: Philosopher's Stone is used in leveling up Alchemy and is a major component in transmuting. So it's something that every alchemist has to have and most are too lazy to go get. It's located in Tanaris. It's a long flight and some folks aren't friendly with the goblins so it makes things even better for those enterprising entrepreneurs like ourselves. The cost for the pattern is a mere 80 silver.[Read More...]

6 comments: on "Blogging Carnival - Favorite Niche Market"

  1. good carnival, some interesting posts

  2. Pretty good, but I'd have thought some1 would have mentioned ZG. Made a solid 3k gold in rep item farming just yesterday. Great place.

  3. A great carnival.

    I don't do a lot of exploring out in the blogsphere and I'd never visited any of the participants' sites. All were well-written, informative and somewhat nostalgic for me. (I actually used to snatch grime encrusted doohickies and solo my way down to the cleaning machines with my bags overflowing.)

    They made for some good reading while crafting my glyphs tonight.

    I hope your next crop of writers is as entertaining as these were.

  4. Thanks for putting this together again Markco, as always a great selection of articles and I'm always pleased to contribute. I hope that you'll continue doing these in the future, even if the response hasn't been as lively as the previous two.

  5. I have no problem with a handful of people sending in carnival entries. This is for other blogs more than anyone else and it's going to be a great article on JMTC even if only a few posts show up each month.

    I hope everyone had fun again this time around and that the readers learned quite a bit from the advice of the featured blog writers.

  6. As others stated, it was great to contribute. I've only just started blogging and I love that you gave me the opportunity to get my blog out there and share a bit. Keep it up and I'll keep trying to contribute!

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