Carnival Tomorrow and Reader Appreciation Week

October Carnival Tomorrow

There are seven articles so far for this month's carnival, "What's your favorite niche gold strategy?" Any blogs with a post which covers their author's favorite niche gold strategy just have to send me a link and it will get featured on the carnival with a short summary written by me. If you do not have a blog you can also recommend posts to me for the carnival. It's an amazing way to get traffic as the carnivals have proven to be a big favorite among readers here. If you get me a link within the next 23 hours I will try to have it posted on my site for tomorrow.

4.0 Gold Tip

Here's a tip in case 4.0 is released next week:

"Hey Markco,

I noticed this change in the beta patchnotes a few days ago and figured you would write something about it, since it's a pretty big change for jewelcrafters. I actually didn't see it mentioned on your blog or facebook, so I wanted to send you a tip about it.

* Transmute: Ametrine, Transmute: Cardinal Ruby, Transmute: Dreadstone, Transmute: Eye of Zul, Transmute: King's Amber, Transmute: Majestic Zircon had their cooldown removed, you might want to assume that this will be the case when 4.0.1 goes live.

Especially the last part is interesting for us, since it means this change will go live once patch 4.0.1 hits the live servers. I think it will be a good idea to stack up some cheap eternal fires and Scarlet Rubies so you can easily get a few stacks of Cardinal Rubies. The Delicate and Bold Cardinal Rubies will see a huge demand in price once patch 4.0.1 hits live, since everyone will replace their arp gems (of course you already noticed this on your blog). I',m not sure but if my memory doesn't fool me I think the haste or spellpower gems for casters will get changed as well, so you can make a decent profit out of people who are replacing these as well. Also you could use this method to get a few easy JC skillpoints when Cataclysm goes live.

Thanks for your time and keep up the great posts! Almost at the 200k mark and will probably hit my cata goal before it goes live, which is goldcapped.
Drogga - Azjol Nerub EU"

Basically, save the mats for your gems instead of transmuting and waiting for 4.0 to be released on live servers. I have a gut feeling that 4.0 will go live this coming Tuesday or the next so make sure you're prepared and take a look at these four ways to make gold with 4.0.

Reader Appreciation Week

Starting October 3rd I will be posting reader submitted content each day as a way of saying thank you to all the people who are constantly emailing me gold tips. Since a large majority of submitted content gets buried into a list of drafted and half finished posts I think this is a great opportunity to share what you've sent me with the rest of the community. Every post for October 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th will contain reader submitted posts, stories and tips. October 5th will be an answer to the numerous questions I get about a particularly useful addon within auctioneer. I will of course do what I can to add to the content of the emails with my own thoughts on the subjects at hand. If you are one of the many writers who did not get published fear not, I try my best to spread your ideas with twitter, facebook or the forums as well as the blog.

6 comments: on "Carnival Tomorrow and Reader Appreciation Week"

  1. It can't go live Tuesday, as Blizzard announced that the current arena season could end Oct 12 (or later). The patch won't hit before arena ends, though it might come after.

    I know MMO-Champion has been foolishly talking about it possibly coming this week, so if you read it there you have some excuse... but as an arena guy, I'd have thought you'd be better informed.

  2. Is spellpower being removed in the patch or once cata hits? I know Int is changing to sp? Some gems are changing colours, I believe Int was changing to red. Do you know if this will be happening with the patch or in cata?

  3. Indy I said if not when.

    I agree they shouldn't release before an arena season ends. It's completely unfair to change the specs and talents of the players just before the arena season comes to a close.

    That being said, the sooner you stockpile eternals the better you will be off, so I thought I'd tell you now rather than later.

  4. They've done it before and they can do it again. Don't think the end of the arena season means anything.

  5. Don't forget frozen orbs when looking to eternal fires. You can exchange them one for one in Dal.

  6. @ Anonymous - All of that is happening in 4.0.

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