Cataclysm Profession Break Down

Hello JMTC! I am Miss Mediocre, an average gamer and avid blogger! I was very glad to see that Markco was accepting guest posts about upcoming changes in Cataclysm, as I just recently won myself a Beta Key! I decided to focus my guest post on professions, as I have not yet recognized any
real Cataclysm gold making strategies in my beta travels.

One major improvement they've made in Cataclysm regarding professions is that you can now level from 1-525 in any of the major cities, which means no more irritating trips to Outland and Dalaran for anything above skill level 300! Also, in your profession window there is a new filter that you can check called "has skill up" which is handy for leveling as it will show you only things that you can craft that could result in a skill point.


The first profession I looked into was Tailoring, as it is one of my main
character's professions. At first I was disappointed to see that you
cannot learn any Cataclysm patterns until skill level 455. They may be
planning on changing this before Cataclysm launches, but if not, this
could mean big money for anyone who has been saving end level Northrend
Tailoring materials. Mats such as Frozen Orbs, Imbued Frostweave,
Ebonweave, Spellweave and Moonshroud are going to be required by every
tailor to get those last 5 points before they can begin making things from
Embersilk at level 455. I am going to attempt to have some of these mats
stockpiled to try to sell to all those tailors who will be rushing to
reach 525 right away, just in case it's not changed before the release. I
have not seen a pattern for Embersilk Bolt yet however, so it may be that
they will add it in to be trainable around 425, which seems to be where
all of the other Cataclysm professions begin. There also does not appear
to be a pattern taught by the trainer for a new Cataclysm bag, which I
think is good news for all of us stockpiling Frostweave Bags to sell when
the expansion hits!

On the topic of bags, anyone expecting to sell lots of Netherweave bags
come Cataclysm may be disappointed! New city quartermasters are found near
the flight masters in all of the major cities and sell 16 slot satchels
for only 1g80s if you are revered. The bags are "unique" so you can only
have one of each, but that is still 5 satchels if you are revered with all
of your faction's races (which happens pretty quick these days just by
questing). I'm sure Netherweave bags will still sell, but I'm wondering if
perhaps not as well, once players discover the quartermasters.


Enchanting is the profession I checked out next. You can train as an
Illustrious Grand Master at level 425 and begin using the Cataclysm
enchanting materials. The Cataclysm enchants can only be applied to item
level 300+ gear and are made from Hypnotic Dust, Celestial Essence and
Heavenly Shards, which are of course found by disenchanting Cataclysm
greens and blues. There didn't seem to be anything exceptional about the
Cataclysm enchants that are learned from the trainer, but there are some
enchants which will likely sell well! Enchant Weapon - Hurricane for
example is learned from the trainer at skill level 480 and has a chance to
increase your haste by 450 for 12 seconds, or Enchant Weapon - Heartsong
which is trained for at level 485 has a chance of increasing your spirit
by 200 for 15 seconds.


Illustrious Grand Master in Alchemy is trainable at skill level 425, and
you can begin using Cataclysm herbs right away. I did not see any recipes
from the trainer for transmuting Cataclysm epic gems, but I did see some
for rare gems such as; Dream Emerald, Ember Topaz, Demonseye, and Ocean
Sapphire at level 515, Amberjewel at 520, and Inferno Ruby and
Shadowspirit Diamond at level 525. There are also transmutes for Truegold,
which is an uncommon quality trade good, and Pyrium Bar, which is a white
quality trade good. There were a couple of things taught by the Alchemy
trainer which caught my interest, such as the Flask of Enhancement, which
is a BoP flask that is not consumed when used, increases the Alchemist's
Agility, Strength or Intelligence by 80 for 1 hour and persists through
death. Potion of Deepholm is something else that looked interesting. It
requires level 81 and transports the imbiber to Deathlom. This potion
could be in high demand since most of the portals have been removed in
Cataclysm, but there are portals in Deathlom which go to Orgrimmar and
Stormwind. There's also Potion of Treasure Finding which is made at skill
level 525 and allows you to find extra treasure from creatures in
Deathlom, Twilight Highlands and Uldum for 4 hours or until you find a
special treasure item. Finally, Potion of Illusion, which is trainable at
skill level 460, transforms the imbiber to look like someone else, which
sounds like it could become the new, more expensive, Savory Deviate


Cataclysm Leatherworking starts at skill level 425 when you can begin
making Savage Leather Armor Kits out of 5 Savage Leather. These increase
the stamina of head, chest, shoulder, hands, legs or feet armor by 36 and
require level 76. Create Heavy Savage Leather is trainable at skill level
485 and requires 5 Savage Leather. There are also many types of rare and
uncommon leather and mail armor to be crafted from 425 to 525, as well as
a variety of leg and bracer enhancements for the Leatherworker.


Cataclysm Blacksmithing can be trained at skill level 425 and you can
learn to make Folded Obsidian first, which is required for some of the
patterns while leveling. The other metals required for leveling in
Cataclysm are Obsidian Bars, Elementium Bars and Hardened Elementium Bars.
Crafted Blacksmithing items that will most likely sell well are Elementium
Rods, made at skill level 475 and Elementium Shield Spikes which are made
at skill level 490. As with Leatherworking, there is also a variety of
armor sets that can be crafted as you level.


You can begin using Cataclysm Inscription mats at 425. The new Cataclysm
ink is Blackfallow Ink, made from Ashen Pigment, which is milled from
Cataclysm herbs. So far there is only one glyph which is trained beyond
skill level 450 and it is Glyph of Colossus Smash for warriors, which
refreshes the duration of sunder stacks on a target. Many of the old
glyphs have been changed in ways to better suit their class in Cataclysm,
and some glyphs have become "charred" and are now simply vendor trash.
There is a new Runescroll of Fortitude created at skill level 500 which
increases a party's stamina by 468 for 1 hour. This is likely good news
for anyone making a killing selling the original Runescrolls of Fortitude!
Dust of Disappearance is made at skill level 475 and is required to remove
powerful glyphs in order to apply new ones. It is crafted from two
Blackfallow Inks and will likely be in high demand, though it is sold by
Inscription Vendors for 9g50s a piece. The last thing I will mention that
Scribes can make come Cataclysm are Mysterious Fortune Cards. These are
created at skill level 450 with 1 Blackfallow Ink and 1 Resilient
Parchment, and produce a random fortune card. You have a chance of making
an epic Fortune Card that says, "You're going to be rich!" and vendors for


Jewelcrafters can begin using Cataclysm materials at skill level 425 as
well. The green gems you can make at 425 have the same stat bonuses as the
epic Northrend gems, but can only be put into gear with an item level of
285 or higher. There does not seem to be much variety for leveling up
Jewelcrafting. You can make the green gems at skill level 425. The Alicite
Pendant, which is a level 80 necklace with a random enchant you make at
435. The Hessonite Band, which is a level 82 ring with a random enchant is
crafted at 450. The Nightstone Choker, which is a level 82 necklace with a
random enchant or the Carnelian Spikes which is a level 81 fist weapon are
available at skill level 460. The Perforator which is a level 83 fist
weapon is made at 490 and finally a Fire Prism, which contains several
dazzling gems, is created at skill level 500. I believe a lot of the other
Cataclysm Jewelcrafting patterns are BoP and found while questing in the
new zones and dungeons.


Illustrious Grand Master Engineering has not yet been added to the beta,
at least as far as I can tell!

Mining, Herbalism, Skinning:

You can train for Illustrious Grand Master in Mining, Herbalism and
Skinning at skill level 425. The new mining nodes are made up of Obsidian
and Elementium. The new herbs are Cinderbloom, Azshara's Veil, and
Stormvine and the new types of skins are Savage Leather, Heavy Savage
Leather, Scarred Shell Fragments, Jormungar Scales and Pristine Hides.
Something neat about the gathering professions is that you now get
experience each time you pick an herb or mine a node! As a level 80, I was
getting 4400 xp each.

Of course this could all change before the expansion gets here in
December, but hopefully my post can help a few people prepare, or at least
have an idea of what to expect for professions before Deathwing strikes!
If there's anything specific anyone was wondering about that I didn't
mention from the beta, I would be happy to have a look around for those of
you without access, to answer your questions!

24 comments: on "Cataclysm Profession Break Down"

  1. One of the lists of new enchants showed two new +speed to boots enchants that I expect will sell well. I believe one was +stam and the other +agil but I don't have the list in front of me.

    -- Sidviciòus

  2. I disagree with your point on Netherweave bags. Bags are one of the very first items purchased for a new alt and almost nobody waits until they are to the point of revered before purchasing bags for an character. When people need bags for their new Worgen or Goblin they will simply run to the auction house like normal.

  3. Exceptional post.TYTY.
    So it appears that core profession characteristics will remain similar to WOTLK.
    Would also be nice to know how much the current levelling has changed with the extra skillups.
    Thanks for a great summary.

  4. I think netherweave bags will still sell well to at least one key market; fresh alts. The slots per cost ratio of netherweave bags, coupled with the fact that you can get an immediate benefit from them rather than having to wait to build your reputations up, will still leave almost anything else in the dust.

  5. Just a note on your comment that there is no recipe available on beta for creating bolts of Embersilk cloth (which would typically be the way tailors would gain those first 5 points)...Alpha players did in fact get the Embersilk bolt recipe. That's how we have some max-level tailors in beta at this point.

    I don't know if the current absence of the recipe is a bug or intended, but I thought readers should know that it has been available in the past. I'll be pretty shocked if it isn't included on Cata release, but you never know.

  6. Excellent Sneak Peek!

  7. EXPERIENCE FROM GATHERING?! That's AMAZING! I've been planning on farming my ass off for the first week and this just gives me all the more motivation! :D

    Great info, Miss! Thanks! :D

  8. Any information on how high-end patterns/designs/plans will be acquired? Have they moved more profession to JC-style daily quests? Or buying patterns with mats like enchanting?

  9. I haven't heard it confirmed yet that you only need level 75 to craft. Does anyone know if any recipes will require level 80-85?

  10. Miss Medoicre, thank you so much for this post. I have been looking for something like this for some time now. This info is very helpful for me in planning for 12/7.

    Marcko, thanks for getting this post up. Excellent, high quality tips is what we have come to expect. You don't disappoint.

  11. Do you know the level requirement to mine the new ores and pick the new herbs?

    I only know you need 475 to get Elementium, and 525 for Pyrite on the mining side.

    On the herb side I only know you need 525 to pick Twilight Jasmine. I don't know the levels for Cinderbloom, Stormvine, Azshra's Veil, Heart Blossum (found in Deepholm), or Whiptail (found in Uldum).

  12. I'm still unsure exactly how gathering will work in Azeroth. Will I see an Elementium vein (Or any other new ore) right next to Mithril or is there some form of phasing? Or are the new ores/herbs only in the newly added zones?

  13. Sorry, I must disagree about the Netherweave bags part. Those will sell no matter what. They could put them on a vendor right next to the AH and I'll still be able to sell my bags.

    Why? The same reason I'm able to sell other vendor item that anyone can buy, sometimes even right by the AH itself.

  14. Thank you for the comments everyone!

    Other than for Fishing and Cooking, I did not see any profession dailies. You can purchase cooking recipes with Chef's Awards (much like the Dalaran Cooking Awards), but I could not find any other purchasable recipes from profession specific vendors.

    I don't believe there are any recipes that will have a level requirement to create, I think it's just that you can train past 450 at level 75 and the rest simply depends on your skill level.


  15. My only issue is the fact you get xp from gathering which i find an extremely odd concept. Not least because there seems to be no equal concept in crafting but also because this is only going to make botting much easier.

    It's also going to cement gathering proffs as the ones to choose for leveling and actively punish you for choosing crafting professions while leveling, what happened to the concept of fairness and choice?

  16. I'm afraid that netherweave bag comment betrays some short-sighted ignorance. The time you buy such bags is when the character is new. No one is going to run to all the major cities to try and get the cheap bags at level 1.

  17. I agree with Evidicus and Anonymous about the Netherweave bags. While this may dampen the market slightly anyone rolling an alt will recognize from experience the value and convenience of 4 netherweave bags on their level 1 toon and will make it their first purchase.

    What I see this affecting is the number of bags bought for an alt's bank slots. Depending on how long someone waits to buy those the market might go to the new bags you mention, or to Frostweave Bags as they do now, depending on the gold level of the toon.

  18. Hey, Wayne. I thought I'd reply to your comment since you seem peeved that crafters don't get XP while gatherers do. Basically if you're a crafter you can go around killing monsters to level and nothing is slowing down your XP gains. A gatherer will have to stop killing monsters every time they see a node. So now nodes reward an amount of XP similar to 1 monster. A crafter can level his profession anywhere provided he has the mats in his bag so it doesn't eat into leveling time i.e. waiting for a pull, sitting in town, going to the trainer or checking the AH. A gatherer can't level his profession at these times. Previously it was a choice of 'lose xp on this monster and farm this node or do both and take twice as long but still get the same XP'. I believe this change is to actually create a bit of fairness rather than detract from it.

    Great article by the way. Thanks for taking the time to check this stuff out for us!

  19. Anonymous said:
    "Hey, Wayne. I thought I'd reply to your comment since you seem peeved that crafters don't get XP while gatherers do. Basically if you're a crafter you can go around killing monsters to level and nothing is slowing down your XP gains."

    Not quite true. You usually have to hang around doing nothing while you wait for the miner to come back from the node he just found!

    No, but seriously, crafters can't just chain pull. They'd die quickly. They need to spend time between pulls recovering (mana, health, cooldowns).

    "A crafter can level his profession anywhere provided he has the mats in his bag so it doesn't eat into leveling time i.e. waiting for a pull, sitting in town, going to the trainer or checking the AH"

    Really, the only sensible one from that lot is "sitting in town". It is sometimes possible while waiting for a pull, but only if the prospective pull is a long time away (such as while waiting for party members who are travelling to your location). Usually it isn't an option. And bad luck if you are a smith. You usually aren't waiting for a pull near an anvil.

    While going to the trainer? There is no profession that you can level while either travelling or training. If you tried creating a bolt of linen cloth while travelling, either you will get the message "you can't do that while mounted", or you'll get kicked off your mount! And you can't train and craft simultaneously, either, any more than you can skin a carcass and shoot an arrow simultaneously. Finally, the minute you start crafting, the AH window closes, so you can't double-job then, either.

    The result is that while you are logged on as a gatherer, your time spent on your profession is contributing to your XP gain, while as a manufacturer, your time spent on your profession isn't.

    I do agree that "sitting in town" can take up a large portion of your time! Waiting for the Dungeon Finder is a common time for manufacturing. But it can also be spent roaming the fields looking for herbs or ore, or killing trash and skinning it. Few of us choose to just sit around in town. We may choose to use this DF downtime to work on our professions, be it in a town (for manufacturing), or in the field (for gathering). Only one of these also yields XP.

    Finally, an important part of your comment is "provided he has the mats in his bag". As a manufacturer, you still have to gather mats. It's just that they can be gathered in the AH rather than in the field.

  20. Sorry, Miss Mediocre, I don't mean to derail the conversation about your post. I am impressed at and grateful for the effort you put into discovering this information. I am especially pleased at the heads-up for Tailoring; I had hoped to start by learning new cataclysm patterns, but as you say they may not be available before level 455, I now know stock up on Northrend materials to get me kick-started. In any case, I don't suppose they will be more expensive, if bought now, than Embersilk will be, on Dec 7.

    " ... disenchanting Cataclysm greens and blues".
    It will be a while before we get round to doing this!

  21. Forreststump said... October 11, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    Jessica Sellers... Nice lady, especially since she let me convert Ink of the Sea into any of the other common inks (and Snowfall, but that is costly).

    I understand that she will no longer be converting IotS, but will be upgrading her service to Blackfallow Ink conversion.

    You note that all professions can be leveled 1-525 in any major city - will this include having this crucial vendor cloned and not having to go to Dalaran?

  22. How typical of you guys.

    We get a female guest poster here and all you want to do is go on about your bags. Let the girl digest her dead turkey in peace.

    I've seen a few charts covering some of the same material but I appreciated how thorough the write up was from a player-perspective; one with her boots on the ground. It answered a few questions that a chart doesn't answer.

    Blizz has a history of being a little sketchy about revealing too much about professions prior to release. Partly because they may be in development right until the end and partly because they want to minimize the effect we can have on the economy prior to everyone getting a chance to start on equal footing. They usually "flesh out" professions in the first or second major patch after an expansion.

  23. Thanks again for all the comments!

    Jessica Sellers does seem to be the only ink trader in the Beta, and unfortunately she is still in Dalaran, but maybe they will move her to "Family Jewels" in Stormwind before Cata gets here, because it seems silly to have her out of the way like that!

    I could be totally off about the Netherweave bags! I just thought that the fact that bags of the same size were now available from a vendor, was worth mentioning. :)

  24. WoW, interesting and original content! I really look forward to leveraging the new professions in cataclysm to make gold.

    I'm also interested to see some of the new recipes that will come out of this, great post, keep it up!

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