Dirty Guide to Selling Eternals

JMTC and websites like MMO-Champion got you into quite a pickle by telling you to stockpile transmute mats for 4.0.1. Now I'm going to get you out of it. Here's how you sell off all those pesky eternals that you have collecting dust waiting to be transmuted into epic gems!

NOTE: I have left out the majority of armor and weapons you can craft from eternals because most players will be buying honor gear or using BOA items at this point in the game. Tanking gear is an exception to this.

If I missed any top sellers that you use please let me know in the comments or if you have tips for selling any of these items then please share your thoughts with the community here.

Eternal Air
Enchant Weapon Exceptional Agility
Armor Plated Combat Shotgun
Transmute Skyflare Diamond

Crystallized Air
Cloak of Tormented Skies

Eternal Earth
For Disenchanting or Resale:
Blood Sun Necklace
Earthshadow Ring
Jade Dagger Pendant
Jade Ring of Slaying
Ring of Earthen Might
Shadowmight Ring
Stoneguard Band

Eternal Belt Buckle

Titansteel Bar
Earthen Leg Armor
Enchant Chest - Greater Defense
Enchant Cloak - Armsman
Enchant Shield - Defense

Crystallized Earth
For Disenchanting or Resale:

Bloodstone Band
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
Crystal Citrine Necklace
Sun Rock Ring

Overcharged Capacitor
Enchant Shield - Mighty Stamina

Eternal Water
Armor Plated Combat Shotgun
Eternal Belt Buckle

Crystallized Water
Froststeel Tube
Volatile Blasting Trigger
Enchant Boots - Icewalker

Eternal Fire

Transmute Earthsiege Diamond
Titansteel Bar
Sapphire Spellthread

Crystallized Fire
Azure Spellthread

Eternal Shadow
Eternal Belt Buckle
Titanium Plating
Shadowmight Ring
Titansteel Bar
Rituals of the New Moon

Crystallized Shadow
No more Iceblade Arrows QQ.

Eternal Life
Brilliant Spellthread
Enchant Weapon - Lifeward
Darkmoon Card of the North

Crystallized Life
Elixir of Lightning Speed
Elixir of Mighty Defense
Flask of Stoneblood
Shining Spellthread

Edit breaking news: abyssal bags are now boe and 22 slots of goodness! Sell them instead of glacial bags!

10 comments: on "Dirty Guide to Selling Eternals"

  1. Marcko, it's Parker Aja epixheals, I sent you a message today regaurding almost the same thing, it is time sensitive so please look at it and see if you can help share it.

  2. Great list Marcko and what a great idea also!

    I have e few more things to add to your excellent list:

    Eternal Air
    Windripper Boots/Leggings. I sell one-two of the s day with an excellent mark-up.

    Crystallized Air-
    I sell a ton of Saronite Dirks.

    Eternal Earth-
    Earthen Leg Armor. With the buff to resilience recently I can't keep these in stock.

    Crystallized Earth-
    The entire Frostsavage set. They just sell.

    Eternal Water-
    Wispcloak, Wispcloak, Wispcloak [cough]

    Crystallized Water-
    No changes here.

    Eternal Fire
    Deathchill and Ice Striker's Cloaks

    Crystallized Fire
    Same as water, Frostsavage.

    Eternal Shadow
    The rest of the Savage set.

    Crystallized Shadow
    ... QQ indeed.

    Eternal Life
    I sell the Twilight Tome with all four New Moon versions as a set with a superior mark-up and a witty macro.

    Crystallized Life
    You got em all!

    Hey Marcko I am +80k post-patch! Much of that I owe to you and your blogging community. TY. ~Crusard

  3. I'm disappointed.

    From the title I was expecting to see boobies.

  4. Marcko, I don't know how others feel (I can guess what sort of messages you have gotten about this issue) but for me, I don't see my purchases of gem mats to have been a mistake.

    First, I never bought any materials for more than 50% of value. Most were below 40%. I figured that if the market went sour I could sell for close to what I invested and cut my losses.

    Second, I set a goal of how much I would spend at the start of the stockpile process and made sure I didn't exceed this amount. Sort of like when you go to Vegas, you only take from your room how much money you are willing to lose that night, I only wanted to spend 3,000g on epic mats.

    Finally, as you point out here, most of the mats have value beyond just epic gems.

    Thanks for putting this together as it helps me find spots to use my hundreds of eternal air and shadow in my bank.

    Now if I could only find a buyer for 120 Monarch Topaz....

  5. Eternal Shadow and Eternal Fire are both components of Abyssal Bag ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=41597/abyssal-bag ) which is a 22 slot bag that used to be a warlock soul shard bag, but is now a fairly cheap 22 slot bag which can be produced without cooldown.
    Recommend getting a tailor with Revered Ebon Blade rep (I spent 6 hours last night getting that for my alt) and churning these out and spamming the info in trade.
    Thanks, and love the site,
    Bruski, Chromaggus Server

  6. QQ Iceblade Arrows indeed. I easily make 100k off them. not to mention sarronite arrows. they will be missed.

  7. On slightly related areas:

    1) the price of earth has dropped on my server to usually about 3g/eternal. What that means is the unloved jade from the suffle now has a used - worst case converting your earth to a vendorable.

    2) If you want to keep enchanting mats as a humanitarian gesture for all the leveling goblin/worgen enchanters :-) and are not too picky about the ratio, then EE is a denser way to store ID/GCE. And giving you more outs if you are wrong about the enchanting mats.

  8. Saorse on Sentinels said... October 16, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    Not related to your topic for the day but I just discovered an undocumented issue with pre-4.0.1 macros with item links embedded in the macro.

    I could not use any of my macros to send text to trade chat that had a link to Netherweave bags in the macro. All of these macros were created pre-4.0.1 patch release.

    I found out that once I recreated the macro using the command:

    /script CreateMacro("Nether_ad_1", 6, "/2 Now in the Auction House {shift-click NW bags}s 7g75!", 1, 0)

    Using the macro to send text to trade worked again with the link embedded in the message.

    Note: if you use the above command to create a link in a macro replace the {shift-click NW bags} with the shift-click of the item you wish to link. You should also use an appropriate name instead of Nether_ad_1

    Happy Advertising :o)

  9. Thanks for all the tips.... I didn't go into the patch very well prepared by I'm still up 30k and grateful for all the advice...... and the glyph still sale strong....

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no such thing as Enchant Shield - Mighty Stamina. The biggest stamina enchant on shield is the tbc enchant Major Stamina.

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