Get The Clothes Off Your Back - And the Beggars

Tristan Writes:
"Hey Markco,

I listen to Castaclysm, Call to Auction, read your blog and have bought the guide. Anyway while leveling and taking the "sell everything" approach I decided to put my starter clothes up on the AH... for about 10g a pop, and I can't believe it... They sold. I'm just amazed.

So yeah, I haven't seen this mentioned (I am a relatively new-comer) but I did see and have heard your quick ways to get gold on you're first visit to the AH... and yeah, that one was massive for me.

Anyway thanks for the site, and show's.

Keep up the good work!"

You may think that the strategy ends there... well I took it one step further >:-) ...

So I decided to take this idea to the next level on an RP server. What I did was get a friend to bring a toon to the undead starting area and then I would go through the following steps:
  1. Create a toon.
  2. Take off my gear and give it to my companion.
  3. Log off.
  4. Delete my toon.
  5. Create another.
  6. Repeat
Then my friend (Jhaman from Castaclysm) went off to the auction house and we all lived happily ever after. The end. Ok just kidding, I actually just ran to the auction house after leveling to 6 and sold a handful of the armor items I'd collected as well as the stuff I started with, but it's still pretty amazing that they sold at all.

Will this really make you any sizeable amount of steady income? No. Is it funny as hell? Yes. Is it worth trying on a brand new server along will selling things like meats, vendor items and refreshing spring water? Absolutely.

Next time some level 1 or higher beggar comes up to you and asks for gold be sure to direct them to the enchanting trainer, the boars outside Orgrimmar, the inn keeper or even point to their clothes as a way to make gold. You'll be surprised how some will actually be desperate enough to try your advice and then they will be eternally grateful for your help. If all else fails you can also send them here.

If a player is level 80 and bothering you, perhaps it's time they took a look at the tutorials section on this site?

8 comments: on "Get The Clothes Off Your Back - And the Beggars"

  1. Very funny. Now I'm interested. Next time a begger asks me for money, I'll inspect his gear--if truly lowbie stuff, I think I'll reply "begging is rude. I will however buy everything you have equipped now for 20g" and see what happens.

  2. LOL

  3. Thomas Yance is a wandering vendor in the COT:Hillsbrad instance (~65 to enter) and he sells all the starter clothing. No need to go through that convoluted process to get that gear if you have a high level main.

    That gear can only be gotten from new toons or from Thomas Vance. Its probably the very low availability for why it sells.

  4. I've had some success with this, too. I first tried it when I noticed that Auctioneer had decided the price for my starter rogue boots was 6g or so. Not really worth the effort on a server where you have money already, but a good way to get some starter cash.

  5. I know I am going to regret this as I will suddenly have competition for the first time ever, BUT.... I sell at least 3-4 Recruit's Boots from level 1 warriors per month.... for 120g each. There, I said it and there goes my favorite niche market.

    -- SidviciĆ²us Stormreaver-Alliance

  6. I know you can never underestimate the stupidity of your buyers. People buy some crazy items, and for crazy amounts sometimes. But this one... I can't even imagine a reason why anyone would buy level 1 starter gear. Is this like an April's Fools tip -- in October?

    Who is the market for this junk?

  7. Just out of curiosity, why would someone want to purchase starter clothes? The only thing I can think of is for their appearance...but 120G worth of appearance? This doesn't make any sense to me, but it works!

  8. I've been doing this for years, and they still sell even on non-RP servers.

    It's not just your cloths though, sell your starter weapons as well. Take the Rogue for example, I sell the shirt for 6-10g, the daggers for 2g each, and the throwing dirk for 1.5g. You can usually sell the boots for 2-5g as well, though those are more hit/miss on the AH.

    Why do they sell on non-RP servers? I have no idea, save the possible exception that someone just wanted a screenshot or something. But as an altoholic who easily rolls 4 new toons each week (if not more), I sell over 80% of the starting gear that I auction. If it doesn't sell after two postings I'll go ahead and just vendor it as I know I'll have more to sell next week.

    They don't sell in large quantity, but they sell fairly consistently in my experience.

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