Inifite Void Crystal Exploit and Getting Banned

I'm serious. DO NOT DO THIS. There's a rumor going around that you can get infinite void crystals and it's true but you are going to get banned for doing it. I saw it in an emailed tip from someone who will remain annonymous and I told them to immediately stop the activity and delete their accumulated thousands of shards. The person even made a macro to get the shards faster...

Step 1: Go to Karazhan
Step 2: Purchase Quest Ring if you haven't
Step 3: Disenchant Quest Ring
Step 4: Tell the NPC that you lost the Quest Ring
Step 5: Repeat steps 3 to 5 for infinite void crystals
Step 6: Get Banned.


There are better ways to make gold that will not get you banned. Try the forums here if you're curious.

Blizzard - Please fix this bug. Immediately. My mongoose sales depend on it! This change probably occurred inadvertently when they made pvp items disenchantable. I'm hoping if I get the word out they will crush this bug on tuesday. If any of you are stupid enough to do this even a handful of times I am going to personally come to your house and slap you.

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  1. wouldnt it suck if blizz comes out and says working as intended. But on a serious note if you dont want your readers to do it don't advertise it. BEcause now im curious and probably going to try it. If i get banned so be it although i think it would only be a temp ban.

  2. I actually thought of this the moment they said old content items were becoming disenchantable, but I never took the time to test it. I doubt this person would be the only one to find it in the coming weeks ahead. I figure take the risk, advertise it and hope blizzard fixes it. I know for a fact that a small number of blizzard employees visit this site, so hopefully one of them will take it to their boss or something.

    Yes it probably would be a temp ban but honestly I don't want people discovering this on possibly another site and doing it thinking they found a realistic gold mine. Doing this is going to absolutely get you banned.

    I weighed the pros and cons and reported it, hopefully I help more than I hurt.

  3. What are void crystals even worth anymore? Mongoose sells should be selling at a high price because of the rarity of the enchant, not because someone found a bug to produce unlimited supplys of an item to be about 2 expansions old. I remember buying some of those for trying out the 22 steps auctioneer strategy, it failed miserably, ending up shattering them or something.

  4. Ahh can you slap me on my butt?

    See I hate when Blizz bans people for their screw ups. That pisses me off to no end.

  5. So this is the reason why mongoose is selling for 500g instead of 8-900g haha.

    Gold Never Sleeps

  6. Fastest way to get people to do something... tell them not to do it. Everyone does it. Blizzard takes notice and fixes your problem. Very smart. The moment you make it a problem for Blizzard...that's when it gets fixed.

  7. I think even Bliz can see the difference between someone doing it once to say "Ha ha that does work!" and outright farming and exploiting.

    I suspect most readers would be in the former category.

    And I agree with Markco in posting it this way. Someone out there likely would have advertised this as a legit method. Presenting it this way hopefully warns people, and perhaps draws enough attention to it that Bliz will do something to fix it rather than letter innocent people discover this and then get banned.

    I will admit it would be fun to try once. . . just to see it.

  8. Mongoose has been selling for minimal profit (under 400) on my server (with 4g LPS and 6g void crystals) for forever. I think there are people who farm kara or BC heroics for something and end up DE'ing a pile of stuff.

    The patch actually jumped the value of my LPS severely, sold around 100 the first day at 11g a piece.

    Throughout wrath, I've gotten some significant profit from shattering voids and reselling as LPS, in addition to using both for mongoose. But the prices got so low that it almost wasn't worth it. And the mongoose profit has ranged from negative to 40-50g even with the low mat prices, so I had a big pile of shards and crystals sitting in my bank on patch day when I noticed the price go up.

  9. I don't really see what is so different about this. You can go to halas and buy a 2gold weapon and de it for greater planars. Sure it's free but it really doesn't feel like a misuse of game mechanics. I would expect it's an error but would be surprised you would be banned if you did it to make an enchant or two

  10. Haha. I always found the limiting factor in making mongooses (mongeese?) was the dust, even while I have tailoring to d/e netherweave gear, but maybe that's just my weird server.

    The 'rarity of the enchant' is no longer an issue - the recipe drops from Moroes for anyone who can learn it 100% now, and you can easily 2-man that.

    Anyway, not sure what happened in 4.01 (agility probably became even more useful), but mongoose is just flying off the shelves right now, so, er, yeah...don't do this!

  11. PvP items are disenchantable now? D: QQ @ deleting all those "useless bag fillers" on my shaman.

  12. Gnome of Zurich, mongoose is currently the best enchant for rogues due to the stat changes of 4.0.1

  13. "I don't really see what is so different about this. You can go to halas and buy a 2gold weapon and de it for greater planars. Sure it's free but it really doesn't feel like a misuse of game mechanics. I would expect it's an error but would be surprised you would be banned if you did it to make an enchant or two"

    @ anon
    The difference is the items from the vendor in Halaa are limited supply, so you can't constantly stand around and buy them all day.

  14. It would have been nice of you to just take the moral high ground and NOT post this in the first place.

  15. Thanks, just bought up 200 void crystals off the auction house for <2g each :)

  16. In hala you can stand and buy them all day. They restock. Different time frame in some fashion slower but all still able to be done. To go and do it to make 2 enchants sell them and go back....No difference to me.

  17. Good grief, Blizz isn't going to ban anyone for doing this. Markco is just fear-mongering so it won't hurt his enchant sales.

  18. My face hurts from face palming these comments, I think some anonymous may be trolling here...

  19. I see a theme in the thread Marko. I just think its a difference in opinion on your view and theirs. In my case I dont see this as an issue. I always thought the quickauctions3 addon was a real problem and Blizz didnt seem to ban anyone over that. I think this is much the same.

    Another post of interest would be.....what impact does Marko have on the AH. I wouldnt be surprised your writing impacts some economies.

  20. Just an update, I have sold 110 of those void crystals for 9g95s each resulting in over 695g profit and still have almost half of them left. I would like to put this as my favorite (probably non repeatable) niche market :)

  21. There's a big difference between using overpowered addons and 'duping' items.

  22. The issue isn't how often you do this or how much you make from it, the issue is that it is a violation of the Terms of Use and the EULA.

    To quote Blizz in the TOU here, "You agree that you will not, under any circumstances:
    a.) use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Service, any Game or any Game experience".

    And to quote from the EULA, "certain acts go beyond what is "fair" and are considered serious violations...(including but)...not necessarily limited to, the following:
    (i) Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players".

    So whether this is considered a cheat (debatable) or an exploitation (pretty cut and dried), Blizz CAN ban you for this action.

    Two specific points of emphesis here.

    1) Whether a player gets banned is up to Blizz. I'm sure its like any other issue--judged on a case by case basis. One person who "tests the water" to see if it really works may be treated differently than the player who spends two hours farming, emptying bags, and farming again. Makes total sense.

    2) Marcko alerting people to this bug and risk of ban is a valuable part of what he does for his subscribers, and the gold community as a whole. Frankly, he's doing the job we expect him to do--keeping us up to date on gold making issues.

    If you want to take your chances, go ahead. If you think the risk is worth the reward, and that even a temp ban is tolerable, that's your call.

    But please don't hate on Marcko for telling people to be wary. There are many ways to earn gold in this game without trying to find the easy, quick game bug to exploit.

  23. Best way to do it is spend about 6 hours on another acct. Level it up to the point where you can get DE ability up to par. DE away. Post on AH for a gold. Buy on another acct. Win. IF AND A BIG IF there is ever a ban, you dont lose the crystals or the original acct.

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