Librams in Cataclysm

EDIT: Sigh I'm an old timer when it comes to Wow and sometimes I miss changes to the old content, such as librams in this case. Please read the entire article and the warning at the end as I probably screwed up royally with this tip. I am inches away from just deleting this post and putting something else in its place. Hopefully this will at least have some value in getting you thinking about how the game will change with regards to librams, helm enchanting and the insane title. I've published another post today in order to compensate for this blunder of epic proportions.

Reader emails are perhaps the best part about running this blog. Especially when I receive pro tips from players who are thinking outside the box like Dave here. He took a look at BOA helms and cloaks which are coming out in cataclysm and asked himself: "What would twinks and levelers use to enchant these new items?"

Here is Dave's email along with a link for where you can learn more:

"I didn't see this covered anywhere but the only way I can think of to enchant a BoA helm like the ones being introduced in cataclysm is with librams. Might be smart to pick a few handfuls of rapidity and focus. I could see the others jumping in prices as well but I don't think they'd be worth the bank space. Thanks for writing a terrific blog!


I think that this tip is so good that it should probably be added to my top ten items to stockpile for cataclysm. Good job Dave! You've paid the community back in spades with this tip and I encourage you all to keep sending me all your great tips as well as including them in the forums here. I try my best to include them in the blog but also including them in the forum to ensure that everyone will get to read them right away is something I recommend to all the people who send me tips.

Warning: The libram quests have changed recently (past 6 months) to require level 49 and you must do it on the toon you are going to enchant (the enchants are not tradeable and are soulbound). Therefore this probably won't sell well during cataclysm to levelers and it is entirely possible that the quest chains will not exist. If blizzard does this it would be a big pain to anyone completing the insane title since librams are the only way to get some of the faction rep required. Just be careful and don't invest too much into this. It's a high risk, high reward market. If you do this and libram quests are included in cataclysm or still around for the insane title it could pay off big but I don't want a bunch of you buying thousands of gold's worth of these on what you think is a sure thing.

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  1. The head enchants from those Dire Maul libram quests have the text "enchanting the item causes it to become soulbound". I wonder how that will interact with the BoA property? Also worth noting, the enchant benefits won't function for characters of level 1 to 49.

  2. Well well .. I'm 150k from a million and miss that one.

    Libram of Voracity = +8 str/agi/sta/int/spi (only 1 stat of the 5)

    I just bought 12 at 17g each. I can guaranty ill be able to resell those for MUCH MUCH more in a few month :)

  3. This is a great tip! Logging on to my bank as we speak, to farm up on those cheap librams!

  4. It's a pretty high risk though.

    There are no libram quests anymore in cataclysm.
    And no one knows what happens to the other (bop)items you need for those quests like blood of heroes or frayed abomination stitching.

    Atm, you can't turn those librams in in Cata Beta

  5. Currently the libram quests are the only way to gain Shendralar rep, which is required for the Insane title. Blue posts have stated that the Insane title is not going away with Cataclysm. So either the libram quests will return, or there will be a new method of gaining 80k reputation points with Shen'dralar in Cataclysm. (I suppose a third option would be that the Insane requirements are completely rewritten to use different useless factions, but I think that would have brought some sort of heads-up from Blizzard, as there would be a number of extremely upset people with half-completed Insane grinds otherwise.)

  6. Huh? You guys are way off base here. They broken the twinks ability to use these on their helms many moons ago. Then they broken the ability to have high levels use the libram on boe gear the next patch. So how are we adding these to level 1 items when we can't add them to level 19 or 29 items?

    Theres a reason why Libram of Constitution isn't 100g anymore and can be seeing for 5g. It's near useless and will still be in Cata.

    This guest poster is just PLAIN WRONG. Don't waste your money on these!

    Take it from someone who actualy has played a twink.

  7. Oh and going one step further, you can take those rewards and turn them into Zandalar Rep in ZG, but the shoulder enchants don't work on BoA gear either.

  8. You're correct Cold, I tried adding a disclaimer to warn people that we really don't know what's going to happen to librams in cataclysm. I have a theory that these will actually be changed and become valuable in order to allow for both helm enchants and the completion of the insane title.

  9. I have the Zandalar enchant on the heirloom shoulder's from pre-nerf. The item now only has the enchant becomes active when a character hits level 55, IF the head enchant is possible to get in Cata I would assume that the enchant will become active at level 49 as Anonymous said in the very fist comment.

    And to Cold, the Zul'Gurub and the Zandalar won't be around after 4.0.3 to get enchants from, so while your comment is valid now it is sadly not for post 4.0.3.

  10. @Evlyxx

    Exactly, ZG is being removed. If you are after ZG rep (before its removeal) you can get a big chunk by converting the items from DM Library Libram quests into Zandalar items with a nice chunk of Zandalar Rep as part of the reward. The shoulder and leg enchants from Zandalar are unusable on BoA gear just like the head and leg libram enchants are unusable on BoA gear.

    There are currently NO WAYS to enchant headgear or legs for low level characters or BoA items. (Other than +20 armor kit to legs since it requires no level).

    This has been broken for a long long time.

  11. While the librams might not be valuable for twink enchants they can still be very valuable.

    Shameless plug to my Carnival post:

    BUT a lot of people buying these right now will quit buying them when Cataclysm comes out since a lot of the interest in Insane is merely "Well, what else is there to do with Wrath wrapping up?" So right now they're probably considered to be on the "high" end. If you want to make money with librams the best bet is probably to wait UNTIL Cataclysm, buy a bunch and stock up, and wait for the slump to hit again and the prices to skyrocket.

  12. Surely there's going to be a glut of these things around as people start running DM again?

  13. Cold is WRONG.

    You CAN put the shoulder enchants from Zul'Gurub on your BoA shoulders.
    You CAN, but they won't get "activated" until the character with the shoulders get to level 55.

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