One Click Per Posting with Addons in Cataclysm

Why Was this Added

You can thank one of Just My Two Copper's forum admin Zerotorescue, myself and Basil from's Gold Capped. Zero came up with QA3's plugin (this link is to the newer version that you will want to download for posting/canceling in 4.0.1), I wrote an article on how to use it and Basil wrote about it in order to get Blue attention on the subject. Within a week there was a new PTR build that addressed the issue in code changes to the auction house commands all our favorite addons use to post items with. I'm not sure if I should celebrate or weep however.


Since you will need to have a confirmation for every posting (that’s a single item or a single stack) in Cataclysm, most of these addons will simply add a Yes/No box similar to what Snatch scan in auctioneer uses already. You’ll hit Batch Post and then have to click Yes for every posting. Boo, Markco sad panda who needs hugs now.

The Good

Players will no longer be able to become semi-bots who click once (after setting up their prices and restrictions through auctioneer, qa3 or a host of other addons) and then walk away from their PC’s while they post. They will also no longer be able to run the QA3 plugin to constantly post auctions as long as they have room in their bags to keep cancelling and putting up new postings.

The Bad

Bots will still be bots. Players who are cheating and botting could still very easily circumvent this change by running their addons like always but having a click command sent every second to the server at the location of the “Accept Post” button or whatever these addons end up using to address the click per posting issue in 4.0. Bots will still exist, only now players will no longer be able to automate their own postings in order to challenge botters. You will also no longer be able to leave your PC even if you are doing a single batch post of your inventory. Your time on the auction house has been increased proportionally to the number of items you post every day.

Some people seem to think that this change will "fix" the 30 pages of single items such as infinite dust we see posted today. It won't.

How can you benefit from this change?

You’re going to need to adapt to the circumstances. Focusing your efforts on particular markets and not spreading yourself out too thin. Depending on your time restraints you will need to change the amount of items you post and also avoid undercutting wars. I would also go so far as to say that the old undercutting wars of glyph sellers are over for the players who don’t bot. Consolidating your efforts and minimizing time spent posting are going to be essential skills in cataclysm. I’ll be happy to lend you a hand in this regard of course. In fact, right now you can start by learning to use the /getall command in auctioneer to increase scan speed. You can learn more about this in my 22 steps to using auctioneer correctly.

Tip Zero

Zero worked hard to get this addon out right away so please give him a donation (I am in no way affiliated with him) at the curse download page.

17 comments: on "One Click Per Posting with Addons in Cataclysm"

  1. Note: Zero created a more advanced version of this addon at the JMTC premium forums. If you're a member please check that out as well.

  2. Heh.

    I don't exactly understand how the old way the AH worked was detrimental to Blizzard, the server economies, the player community or other similarly interested groups (or concepts).

    I deleted several paragraphs of useless whining to post just these things.

    AH-ing will become a time consuming activity like all the other 'new things' that Blizz copied in WoW from other games (see the achievements in Warhammer Online - I was entertaining myself with that immediately after WotLK went live). The more time we'll spend in game, the more happy Blizz will be. So we'll become more the drones Blizz wants us to be. Pretty sad, but I guess it's not for nothing that they work with psychologists in order to make 'WoW better':)

  3. This is one of the more annoying changes that Blizzard has made recently. Botting will not be affected at all, where as people who post lots of auctions in different markets (like me) are just going to be hosed when it comes time spent! GRRRRRRR!

  4. I happen to be a hypocrite and say now that I make 600k using Auctioneer and QA3...I have no problem with them breaking the addons..
    I know that is hypocritical...but really at this desire to make more gold then I could possibly use is well boring..
    I recently just leveled up cooking and fishing on 3 could be the most boring thing in the game ...but the auction house on my server has really been dead this late in WOTLK.

    So if the powers that be want to stop addons I been using ...its their game go for it...

    Now if they stop someone from using 2 accounts to end cross faction that would be surprising because its extra revenue..

    Currently cross faction mats and crafed gems is the best way to make gold on my server.

  5. Posting glyphs in 4.0 will be a pain in the ass, but this will make the market more appealing for people who want minimal competition. It doesn't matter how we turn it we still need to click every time we want to post an item, but that doesn't mean addons like QA3 will be gone entirely. They will still be able to help you set prices and post quicker then non posting addon users. I think that 4.0 will be a good time to start a gold blog myself since i'm 3k away from 100k gold (thanks to markco and all the other gold bloggers for the tips) and i've developed my own way of working with the AH.

  6. The problem with the glyph market has always been the list fee and had nothing to do with the addons.

    This just makes it more time consuming for everyone who doesn't cheat and more lucrative for those who do.

    They need to set the list fee on the AH to something meaningful on items like this which players post enmass so that failed auctions are a deterent.

  7. It'll help a bit until the bots get rewritten to click the new buttons. Then it'll just screw honest auctioneers who fight the bots. What they should have done instead was put a timer on mail from cancelled auctions. If it took say 1 hour for cancelled auctions to appear in your mailbox that'd pretty much stop the pull and repost everything every mintue undercutting wars bots favor so much cold!

  8. "Since you will need to have a confirmation for every posting (that’s a single item or a single stack)"

    I was under the impression that you'd only have to click every time you would have to click if you were using the default UI. Meaning that if you're posting 5 individual auctions of the same glyph, that's 1 click rather than 5? Also 1 click if you post 5 full stacks of dust...

    If it is 1 click per auction, then I'll probably be getting one of the Logitech mice with those free-spin mousewheels, and binding the confirmation button to mousewheel up. Then just spin and let it do its thing for a while. :p (I've been debating between getting an old G5 or the newer G500 anyway, tired of my wireless mouse's batteries dying at bad times.)

    @MoxNix - Good idea! Really like that as a solution to the glyphing situation. It'd also allow Blizzard to possibly increase the speed at which you can get mails without it promoting the cancel/repost cycle.

  9. The ability to autopost was pretty much given in the article. Just use the keybound macro Basil posted with the repeat function on a G15 keyboard and you are autoposting again. It will be slower but it is the only way I can see autoposting being feasible with the new rules.

  10. Forreststump said... October 11, 2010 at 3:52 PM

    @Moxnix: The problem isn't the cancelling, it's the constant posting. If I were a botter, I couldn't care less about cancelled not being retrievable for an hour - that would be done by necessity, not as an integral part of the posting cycle. As long as I can continually undercut with a Poster-like plug-in (or other forbidden method), I would be golden.

    WTB method to package multiple items into a single auction. Class glyph sets in an auction for 750g sounds like a winner to me.

  11. How about auto-clicking software... seems practically undetectable and does the job done...

  12. How about auto-clicking software... seems practically undetectable and does the job done...

  13. Meh, I had to read the first few lines for 5 times before I understood it. Linking to something completely unrelated in the text can be quite confusing. :P

  14. Markco said... @ October 11, 2010 8:25 AM

    The version that is linked in the premium members forum is merely a patch to the one I posted at Curse and since it might be unstable it is still in BETA, but - once everything works properly and is tested ok - it will be made public on Curse (which might take a few weeks for BETA versions).

  15. hmm, that sucks? but i can not say even know i post a lot. im sure that before 3 months there will be something out there Markco.

    so either we will over come it or leave it along. basically i've played so many mmo this is old hat.

    there always something that will be nerfed. so i figure give enough time someone over come it.

  16. lol i just figured out a way to use this to my advantage. play bigger hands, as in more tough things to make like.

    flying carpets, etc make less to get more.

  17. I can't believe you recommend ZeroAuctions. It's completely screwed up. It doesn't import QA3 settings like it's supposed to and every single module is FUBAR. I doubt there's a single thing in the whole addon that works correctly. This should not have been released in such a state and no way a respected site should be recommending it.

    I expected much better from this site.

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