Patch 4.0: 31k Gold in Glyphs, Epic Gem Cooldown Fail and Addons

Epic Gem CD - WTF Blizzard

First off, I am so angry at blizzard for the Epic Gem Cooldown which doesn't even appear to be a bug anymore but instead all too intentional. After a blue post stating that cooldowns on epic gem transmutes would be removed it is asinine to then make it a 24 hour cooldown based on midnight server time. To clarify, currently when you transmute with an alchemist,  the cooldown is reset to midnight of the current day. Un-freaking-believeable blizzard. I have hundreds of emails (300+ yesterday) asking me why epic gem cooldown hasn't changed. You know what, I understand their anger and there's nothing I can do to help them except advise the selling off of your eternals and cutting raw/epic gems for as much gold as you can get for them at the moment. I made 31k gold from glyphs last night and I would have made another 60k if epic gems were working properly. I feel your collective pain as I watch epic gems of all colors rise a hundred gold in price. I am so sorry for those of you who, like me, put way too much gold into their transmute stockpile. We will be hard pressed to sell off our supplies before they are virtually worthless. The clock is ticking, get selling.

31k in a Night

So how did I make such an obscene amount of gold on Glyph-mas?
 First off, my numbers were actually pretty typical of anyone who stockpiled a few of every glyph in the game. I had anywhere from 10-20 of every glyph and I had the ink to create more in case I ran out of stock... which I did over and over again. The key to my strategy was something I wish I'd told you all about. I feel like I failed you all this patch in more ways than one, especially with the epic gem cooldown bug.
  • Buy out all glyphs below 10 gold on the auction house that weren't getting charred.
  • Post 48 hour auctions of every glyph for 60-120 gold the night before patch day, a good 6 hours before server shutdown.
  • Watch as everone undercut with their addons which many of them would not know how to fix in the morning.
  • 5 minutes after servers came online get on myself and discover that my own addons weren't working.
  • Decide to go with posting by  hand thousands of glyphs for 50-300 gold each depending on competition. With so many aucitoneers blind or hoping that they could get addons working while their glyphs that they posted last night sold, I made out like a bandit. Probably pulled in a good 10k+ in the first hour alone.
  • Learned the new glyphs and posted them for 100-300 gold each: Faerie Fire, Feral Charge, Lacerate, Tiger's Fury, Deathwish, Intercept, Blind, Colossus Smash, Living Bomb (FYI Smash and Bomb are from book of glyph mastery and research). Cold's Gold Factory had this list up first so here's some credit Cold.
  • Continued to post by hand, completely ignoring or buying out anyone below 50 gold on any glyph. After the dust had settled and I'd finished my thousands of postings over the course of 5 hours, I had made 31k gold and more sales were coming in for collection in the morning.
After about 5 hours I was out of ink and out of 80% of my glyphs. I didn't come into the night with all that many and I did not do a good job preparing for this patch. I completely underestimated the amount of time it would take competition to flood the ah and get glyphs down to 30 gold each. From what I'm seeing everyone is running out and therefore prices are only going to go up this weekend. Remember that if you are trying to get more ink that for each stack of herbs you  mill you're only getting about two glyphs' worth of ink of the sea.

Addon Help

I still am having issues getting my addons to work but I just don't have the time right now with my RL job and running this community (that includes answering an ungodly number of emails) to put in any game time tonight. I might get on and do a post if I get my addons working but that's it. I've been hard pressed just to write the 4.0 articles this week instead of your regularly scheduled programming.

Right now it looks like ZeroAuctions and MailOpenner are working if you turn off all other addons. I also had a lot of users suggest Auction Profit Master as well. A 90% completed version of auctioneer developer is another option. Do you have an addon combo that is working which you'd like to share with everyone chomping at the bit for this valuable information?

Vanishing Powder Tip

"Hello Markco!I read at JustMyTwoCopper a very long time, and I thought now it is perhaps time to contribute a little from my side.

So here's my tip of the sale:
  Vanishing Powder

Its required to replace a existing glyph with another.
You can buy it at any Inscription-Requirements-NPC at a price of 32 Silver (for my example in Silvermoon).
And you can sell it for a really high profit in relation to the npc-price.
I sold and sell them for 59 Silver to 2 Gold a piece, and people buy it like crazy.

So lets see, 32 Silver at the NPC for 5, sold in the auction house for 59 Silver a piece  = 2,63 Gold profit, maybe even more!

I already made hundreds of Gold profit with that on the first day after patching, and i think it will increase until the weekend, when so much more people come online and set their glyphs.

Beside that i have another little tip for you and the community - epic gems.
You can still buy them for 168 Honor Points in Orgrimmar (on Horde-Side) a piece, i got around 60k Honor and some other PvP-Items before Patch and had around 4k Honor Points after, so i could buy more than one stack with my main and around two stacks more with each of my twinks.
You get 16 Honor points for each Wintergrasp-Quest you finish, so even for people which dont want to waste their pve-points for them they are easy reachable. (Just an example.)

I hope this tips are useful for you and the community.

Continue your good job with the site, its just amazing!


Rûmsteak, EU-Frostwolf"

27 comments: on "Patch 4.0: 31k Gold in Glyphs, Epic Gem Cooldown Fail and Addons"

  1. I've made nearly 200k since the servers came back up.
    I sold a ton the first night of course but I really only casually posted.
    I LET my main competitors camp but what's happened has worked out amazingly for me (I took a bit of a chance).
    My competitors have run OUT OF STOCK!
    There are at least 30 glyphs that I am the only one selling at prices upwards of 200G a glyph and we haven't even gotten to the weekend yet.
    I've seen them scrambling around Sholozar for herbs already.
    I already had around 600k and was hoping to hit 1 million by Cataclysm but I'm actually thinking I can hit in in just a couple more weeks.
    MY advice? Don't camp the AH. If you've done your crafting and "inking", you should be sitting pretty all by yourself soon enough depending on your competition.

  2. In the mayhem (and blindness) of yesterday I did manage to make some flips on Paladin glyphs. Saw a bunch at 100g+ and a few at 35g (buy/relist). After doing this a few times, the time consumption of wading through the AH was incredible. So I did end up getting the Auctioneer Dev mod loaded which eased the pain rather quickly (I can see!). Well, as of now the Auctioneer site does have it's preview 5.9 up and should work. Right now I'm just waiting for the rolling restart to complete.

  3. I'm glad I made the right choice and bought a massive amount of uncut epic gems before the patch. Due to the stat changes I knew people were going to need a ton of new gems and the demand would be massive, so naturally the price would go up. I had 15 stacks of cardinal ruby stockpiled by Monday night. Come Tuesday night I had made around 30k from cutting the new most popular gems Bold and Brilliant. Each uncut gem had at least 70-90 gold profit on it. It is unfortunate about the transmute cooldown and I'm sorry that a lot of people must be very frustrated. My suggestion is to turn most of the eternals into Meta gems if you have an alchemist. There is still a lot of profit to be made.

  4. Hi Markco
    I'm sitting at 40k plus on glyph sales at the moment which has softened the gem transmute debacle just a tad. Will still have to offload 5k worth of transmute mats, I might end up hanging onto them if the sell price crashes, you never know maybe Blizz will implement the transmute change on Cata.

    Btw anyone having problems with KTQ+Skillet-clone? I'm rapidly running out of glyphs and I'm dreading having to craft glyphs by hand.

    ps loving the podcast


  5. Glyphmas has been going very well.. totally made about 30k on glyphs and 4k on the vanishing dust alone.

  6. I'm a lowbie scribe (225) and still profited about 12k from my glyphs in the first 24 hours. But with the Vanishing powder, I was on in the first hour and sold 35 at 10g each before the realm was aware and then another 60-7 at 2-3 g each...

    I also had a stockpile of gems that made me another 22k from all the regemming and ran out.

  7. "After a blue post stating that cooldowns on epic gem transmutes would be removed it is asinine to then make it a 24 hour cooldown based on midnight server time"

    The announcement on epic gem transmutes was made by MMO-Champion from datamined PTR data. There was NEVER a blue post stating the cooldown would be removed in 4.0.1. MMO-Champion posts datamined things with 'originally posted by Blizzard entertainment', which is misleading, granted, but unless it has a specific name attached it is NOT official.

    This info was datamined from the PTR (likely this is a cataclysm change), and Bibi says "you MIGHT want to assume that this will be the case when 4.0.1 goes live".

    Don't rage at Blizzard for not doing something they never said they would do. Use this as a lesson that MMO-Champion's datamining is not 100% accurate or time relevant and you should use care because "datamined is datamined".

    This is not Blizzard screwing you, this is you believing datamined info as truth.

  8. Here is a link to the MMO-Champion post that mentioned the removal of the transmute:

    Note there is no link to an official blue post, it is all datamined information.

    Since its from a PTR datamine, the change may still happen (there are other PTR changes that do not currently seem to be in effect). BUT, this was never officially announced by Blizzard.

  9. y, made a killing on the dust as well.. Was the only one selling for ages.. Around 6k or so.

  10. I have several glyphs (but <100) for around 40-50g each, but the glyph prices on my server haven't skyrocketed. There are a bunch of glyphs that are still selling for 3g, or 10g, or 20g, even though many of those prices are below crafting cost with the new ink requirements.

    So far I have found the new WOW laggy to the point of almost being unplayable, so it's possible the demand simply hasn't managed to log in yet.

    I'm hesitant to rush out buying up all low priced glyphs in case the assumed demand never shows up, or the backlog of people willing to sell at low prices is more than I can handle, since I probably only have 10-20k liquid right now.

  11. First off i would like to thank you regarding your GLYPH-mas post, after seeing this myself and the wife both stockpiled herbs and inks like crazy.

    atm we are currently running out of out stockpile to make glyphs and have seen huge amounts of gold in the last 36 hours and it still looks like it will continue for a while yet.

    we have also noticed a good side line other than glyphs which seems to be selling the herbs direct to the AH as many inscipionists are fighting a war to buy up every herb in sight and are paying huge sums of gold.

    After realising the addons weren't working properly we hunted and found that "Postal" and "Auctionator" were good alternatives to use although i am waiting eagerly for "Auctioneer" to become cata compatable

  12. It's Thursday morning, a little more than 36 hrs since the start of Glyph-mas. At the start of Glyph-mas, I had 2500 glyph auctions posted out of the 4800 on the server, so I was a little over half of the market.

    6 hours in, I had 75,000g, since that time another 25,000g has come in.

    The best part of the whole experience was getting a whisper this morning.

    "Why do you undercut by so much? You can make so much more by only undercutting by 1s. Your just losing gold."

    I totally pulled a "Are you talking to me?" I said, do you see how many pages of glyphs have my name after them? & that the 100,000g I made would beg to differ with him on who has the better marketing plan.

  13. Well I was a bit upset about it and given how fast Glyphs where selling, I simply had to foucs on one thing. So the fact the cooldown on gems was not removed.. wasn't as bad.

    Now, Marcko.. I was doing some digging and I have to say this. I don't think you or anyone should be upset with Blizzard about the cooldown not being removed.

    It appears the cooldown has been set to a midnight deal. Meaning if you use your cooldown just before midnight (11:59am) you can do it again at 12:01am. This is why people are seeing strange cooldown numbers. It resets no matter when you did it at midnight every night.

    Also I dug, and dug, and no where could I find a post form Blizzard saying they where removing the cooldown. In fact all I could find was MMO-C post about it, which as we know half the time they are wrong.

    But when I read it again, they didn't say it was being removed. They said on the current build of the PTR, the cooldown was removed and that they where just ASSUMING it was going to be removed.

    Now I didn't get a chance to get on the PTR to test 4.0, I'll have to look at beta if it ever comes up to see if the cooldowns are gone on them. I think what may have happen is the following;

    Seeing as we'll have new epic gems come Cata, the cooldown on wrath gems will get removed while a new cooldown put in place for the new gems of cata. That said, the build on the PTR was going ahead of the beta, as to when they said they be the same. This midnight cooldown may just be something they put in, for the time being to keep us form mass making gems until Cata comes out.

    So there you have it, prove that Blizzard didn't remove the cooldowns in patch 4.0, in fact its not in the patch notes nor is there a blue post. I spent an hour looking saying they where. We all just jump the gun on this one, but still 30k and counting on Glyphs isn't bad trade off IMO.

  14. When I went to sleep last night I had 50k from glyph-mas. This morning there were over 200 inc mails, that I couldn't get cause of the rolling restarts. I think I'll hit 75k tonight.

  15. I'm at a little over 100K since the patch. 95% from glyphs. I had pre-posted all my stock before the patch and then had been doing plenty of research on addons so I was able to use Zero Auction and the Dev version of auctioneer to mass post all night of patch night as well as most of the next day. Most of my comp didn't really get into the game until Wednesday night and by then they were way behind. Now I can see they are starting to run out of stock. Marco thanks for the site, podcast and forums. Made the game fun while waiting for Cat.

  16. I must admit I wish I would of listened to your advice re: glyphs.
    Instead I listened to my nagging voice thinking if I made too many glyphs they wouldn't sell.
    I made around 25K (which was great for me) but I'm down to about 10 glyphs and no ink. A lot of my glyphs were bought by another seller. I figured I was stockpiling way too much before the patch hit.
    Live and learn!

  17. Ok, after selling all of my eternals and rare gems, my loss will be about 50k. But that doesnt hurt me. Yesterday was a great day and i have to thank Markco so much.
    You might laugh at me now, but i have to admit, i didnt use QA in the past, so i knew neither automated posting/candeling nor semi-automated. I downloaded zeroauctions like Markco said here and now i have the feeling of strong upgrades, while the others, used to being afk with their QA auctions, dont sell a single meta gem. Im usd to standing in the AH all day long. Till i start my new job in december, they wont sell anything i have to offer. And after cata hit shelves, i will let it rain on their parade every weekend. 50k loss is 2-3 weeks for me, but zeroauctions and blizz trippled my profit :)

  18. I disagree completely--Blizz did drop the ball on the cooldown. Telling us we might want to assume--would be taken by anyone as a YES. If it wasn't going to be true they could have said--they did not. BEing coy is no excuse. Whoever that Blizz employee is who stated that should be fired. We PAY to play this game--it's called customer service toward paying clients to not mslead us and we were misled. We aren't in high school and Blizz is the principal and can punish us however they see fit. I for one am an adult with an adult job which requires me to treat my clients with respect. That move was totally bush league and not at all in keeping with a company that values its clients.

  19. Just checked my AH.

    There are 5 glyphs of Colossus Smash for sale.

    20g each.

    Of the other new glyphs, two are missing from the AH, one is listed for 99g, but the others are all 30-60g.

    Maybe we're all too broke here to drive up prices. Or just too stupid to exploit a monopoly.

  20. I don't think I'm bankrolled enough to take out all the below-cost glyphs I see right now.

    On the bright side, if I can get WoW working better tonight I will take this opportunity to go shopping to fill out my own class glyphs, because I will never be able to make them this cheaply for myself.

  21. Colmcille on Sentinels said... October 14, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    I only have a low level inscription alt but I have to say this is the first time I have made gold from leveling a profession.

    Not a huge amount of gold but a nice change to be able to sell the fruits of my inscriptionist's labours.

  22. Just evaluated all my glyphs based on current prices. If I was able to sell all of my inventory at undercutting prices now, I would gross about 43k on 1900 glyphs, selling at an average price of 23g/glyph.

    I have 110 unique glyphs; only 28 of them are posted for 40g or more right now. 42 of them are selling for 10g or less. Admittedly these cheap glyphs include a few junk glyphs left over from leveling. Unfortunately most of them are Ink of the Sea glyphs I crafted in preparation for patch day.

    Probably I made a bunch of bad choices in stocking my inventory. Or maybe all the scribes here get free inks by farming their own herbs.

    Hopefully demand for less desirable glyphs will pick up in 4.0.3 or Cata, whenever they add the achievement for knowing all of your class glyphs. Hopefully I don't have too many of the leveling glyphs; I haven't seen a list.

  23. It might be harsh to say so but ZeroAuctions is garbage. A quick and dirty hack I did myself in a few minutes worked better... Then I found Auction Profit Master.

    APM is the QA3 code branch I'll be sticking with now. It's still a little rough but it gets the job done, has been updated several times already and keeps getting better. Props to the author, it's pretty good already for a quick fix to QA3. Keep up the good work! Post, Cancel and Summary have some odd glitches but they work well enough. The glitches have to do with multiple instances of the same gem that the mods (QA3, APM and ZA) all consider different gems. It seems to me the glitches all involve gems that changed in the patch. My guess is gems that changed name/color kept the old itemids and the different itemids cause the glitches. Assuming I'm right that problem should go away as old converted gems get sold off out of your stock. I regularly remove any items from my groups that show up as "?" as I sell off old stock and every time I delete a more of those I get fewer glitches.

    The Auctioneer 5.9.x beta seems to work well too... At least snatch and general search have been working fine for me.

    Postal is updated and working fine, AuctionLite seems to be in decent shape though I haven't done much with it since the patch other than use it to buy a few gems the first day. Scrollmaster works fine. I just discovered after the patch, loving it already and wishing I'd found it a long time ago!

  24. @Karen

    For an "adult with an adult job" you fail hard at reading comprehension. Blizzard did not say anything at all about the epic gem cooldown. The information came from MMO-Champion and only MMO-Champion, and they are not Blizzard.

    "Whoever that Blizz employee is who stated that should be fired" There is nobody to fire, because NOBODY FROM BLIZZARD SAID THE EPIC GEM COOLDOWN WOULD BE REMOVED.

  25. Lol, Markco it's not Blizz's "fault" that there is a cooldown on gems again. First of all, they never said that it was removed. You relied on speculation only. You know better than to think that something is confirmed before it actually goes live. Also, no one forces you to horde such massive amounts of crap. That's your own decision, bud. It's called risk, investors in the real world go this all the time.

    Blizzard did nothing wrong. YOU screwed up. It's a game. Get over it.

  26. I came to this site way too late, only had 5 hours before the reset.
    >< Bought every glyph under 5g (why not 15!!!) about 1k worth,
    relisted them at huge mark ups 48hr AH style, logged in today and have made 7k profit off that last minute 1k splurge....OMG i can only imagine the joy you prepared guys must have been feeling.

  27. 5 days after 4.0 I've only become more obsessed and refined with selling glyphs. Anytime I see a glyph under 5g (sometimes under 10g if the next is 50g) I buy it up. At this point with inks costing 10g a pop and herbs still going for 50g a stack, I figure all the ppl posting glyphs so cheap are doing so with old stock. Maybe they don't realize the cost as tripled and the mats are through the roof. Or maybe they just want to get out of the glyph game. Either way its good for me I buy them all up and will resell them at a major profit.

    I recommend still buying any glyph you can get your hands on if its under 5g. I found a fix for QA poster as well if you change its lua and toc files to reference APM instead. Still lots and lots of money to be made, I would especially recommend buying up glyphs, and lower lvl inks if they are cheap between now and cata. When the ink vendor starts using the new cata inks all the lower lvl inks will soar in prices and glyphs using those inks will increase as well.

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