Patch 4.0 Epic Gem Cooldown Guide Monday

If you want to know the inside scoop as to what's going to happen to the epic gem market for the 5 days following patch 4.0's release then sign up for my newsletter! On monday morning at 8:00 AM you'll get an email detailing exactly what's going to happen the following 5 days on your server. You'll also learn how to take advantage of the changes in epic gems, eternals and another item you probably aren't expecting to sell that's going to be rise in price after the patch.

While you wait for that email on monday, be sure to stockpile rare gems (uncut) and eternals to prepare for patch 4.0's epic gem selling spree. Don't just focus on red gems either and be sure to get whatever gem cuts you can in the meantime by prospecting cheap titanium ore for the titanium powder (if it is cheap on your server).

This does not count as today's post, please read The Consortium on investing in Cataclysm.

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  1. lol literally within 20 mins of this post going up, every rare gem, eternal and uncut just vanished from the AH on my server.... but i'm happy in the fact that everyone just bought and i've been stocking for the last 3 weeks at prices well below todays ;-) Let the madness, server dc's, broken add-ons and general "i've been nerfed!" QQ'n begin.... love these massive patches lol ;-)

  2. If you are doing this now you missed the boat. On my server rare gem prices have gone up more than fourfold. You needed to be doing this a couple of weeks ago.


  3. Yes anonymous stockpiling now is too late probably. However, the email monday is for those of you with nice stockpiles who are prepared for the patch. It'll also help those who may have been a little late to the party.

  4. Great time now to sell rare gems at inflated prices.


  5. Haha perfect timing. I've been stocking up on cheap rare gems for weeks already. Last night the most expensive uncut scarlet ruby was just over 20g so I bought them all out (30 or so in total) and raised the price to 40g... They're still holding over 30g today. :)

    I just wish I'd raised them to 50g instead.

  6. Hi all

    I have been away from the game for the summer and getting back on track. Is the epic gem transmute of 20h dropping to 0 ? And if so do we have a time or patch #. I am trying to get caught up but a few months off and trying to read about the expansion is a lot.


  7. As of this post, my server was still behind the curve. Any gem you want for 40%-60% of value. Eternal Fire and Scarlett Ruby still expensive but all the rest were cheap.

    So I bought them all. LOL.

    Let the fun begin....

  8. If you're short on eternal fires, make sure to check out frozen orbs. You can trade orbs for eternals in Dal. On my server they're typically 5-10g less than eternal fires.

  9. any rough estimates on post 4.0 costs, for say.. sky sapphires and rubys on your server ?

  10. i read the post and went to the ah. i managed to scoop up a hell of a lot of forest emeralds and monarch topaz for less that 4g 50s each. are these 'rare' gems worth getting following your comment, or are there specific rare gems we should be looking for?

  11. I hope that newsletter has good new hints. Im sitting on material for 400 greens, 500 yellows, 700 orange, 600 blues, 900 purples and 1500 scarlet. And bought "some more" eternals than i need myself.
    Yesterday morning i put 10 scarlet rubies with an anonymous toon into the AH for 92g each and so average price has risen to 55g ^^

  12. How do I sign up for your newsletter dude?

  13. Rare gems still selling for under vendor price on my server as of 10-9-10.

  14. I had trouble finding how to sign up for the news letter but discovered that it was a pop up my no-script was blocking.

  15. There is a sign up form on the right side of the page for it. It says that you'll get "7 Theories on Making Gold."

  16. Well I signed up after the email went out... any way to receive this mornings gem tips still?

  17. Email me and I'll gladly forward it to you.

  18. Rare gem prices really haven't changed much on my server.

    Most rares are still under cut vendor prices on the ah not surprising. Scarlet Rubies are up a bit, it's hard finding them under 15g now but again that's no surprise. King's amber are still holding around 6-7g and Sky Sapphires usually right around cut vendor.

    Pretty much the same as usual other than cheap Scarlet Rubies being harder (but not impossible) to find.

  19. So, I spent a lot of gold on stockpiling eternals and rare gems in preparation of the huge change in gems and the removal of the transmutation cooldown.

    Aaaand logging in on patch day I find that there is a 7hr + CD on xmutes. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest as I'll be stuck with all these eternals and rare gems. I'll be looking at a very long time to sell them off, probably not even at a profit.

  20. I lost upwards of 10k g prepping for the change. Much appreciated.

  21. @anonymous thank mmochampion, they are the ones who claimed no epic gem cd

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