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"My tip is in reference to the upcoming Pilgrim's Bounty which will be November 21-27. As everyone knows Pilgrim's bounty is probably hands down the best way to get cooking to 300+ without really having to think about it. Further to this is the upcoming 4.0.1 patch, and while everyone is distracted with their new talents, other classes new talents, glyphs, and whatever other changes we have yet to be made aware of, I think it's a great time to start the farm for the upcoming Pilgrim's Bounty. As you may or may not know, the last of the 4 recipes in the Pilgrim's Bounty chain allows you to get your cooking to 340.  If anyone hasn't had a chance to look there is a pigeon hole at 340-350 in the cooking profession. You need one of three materials to get to 350 or higher, namely, Talbuk Venison, Clefthoof Meat, or Warped Flesh. You can use one of the three materials to make Talbuk Steaks, Roasted Clefthoof, or Warp Burgers which put you at 350 allowing the ability to train Northrend cooking.

On top of just controlling the market for the materials you can also stock up on the recipes as well seeing as most of the people will not be willing to travel to Nagrand or Terrokar Forest for the recipe themselves. The Warp Burgers recipe is found at Innkeeper Grilka in Stonebreaker Hold, Terrokar Forest, and the other two recipes for Talbuk Steaks and Roasted Clefthoof can be found at the Nula the Butcher in Garadar, Nagrand.

While I wouldn't think it to be of much importance regularily the fact that people have to do a ton of running around for Pilgrim's Bounty (visit every Main City, Catch those damn turkeys everywhere!! Macro-time!), they will typically be lazy and look for the rest of the stuff off the Auction House. That coupled with 4.0.1 two weeks prior you can corner these two portions of the market and you will likely be able to make a hefty sum while only being 2 weeks from the release of the next expansion. Always keep in mind that people are inherently lazy and in all likelyhood anyone that uses Pilgrim's Bounty to boost their cooking to 340 will likely wish to get it to 450 before Cataclysm whether through the AH or on their own.
Persecute - Terrokar (Horde) US"

Might as well add these items to your snatch lists guys and girls. Start picking them up now and you'll have more than enough to sell for big profits during pilgrim's bounty. Don't underestimate the vendor recipes as they will sell extremely well.

Also, how is everyone's Hallow's Eve going? Anyone else selling weighted jack o' lanterns for nice profits and flipping undercutters?

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  1. Actually you can get your cooking to 350 with Pilgrim's Bounty recipies (Did that on an alt)
    I believe it's Blizzard's way of helping people to level this profession to Northrend standards.
    I'm kinda expecting them to upgrade this next year to Cataclysm

  2. My favorite site to powerlevel cooking and fishing is:

  3. Had a full set of wands saved from last year and been selling those costume zaps in trade for 25g each or 3 for 60g! Easy extra money while posting glyphs, etc.

    I actually had a full wand set saved from last year to get started zapping for gold asap.

    It's amazing the number of people that will pay on the first few days, instead of waiting until the last few days after they have traded or got zaps for free.

  4. You make it sound like you can't use mudfish, bluefish, and golden darters, all of which also have vendor sold recipes. Fishing's receiving a financial boost in Cata, so if your fishing is near outland lvl, it would be worth a shot. Also mote of water, available from pure water pools, sells for around 2g each on my server; although that might be artificially high, as I buy them for crafting whenever I notice that they have fallen below that.

    Even better are serpent's flesh and raptor ribs, but the recipes are BOP, although the sales person is almost right next to one of the candy baskets needed for this season's achievement. Not much use for selling, but ideal if YOU plan to get your own character to 350.

    Thanksgiving Turkeys go orange at 342, but keep giving skill-ups to 355. Since getting turkeys can be time-consuming, and the skillups will be sporadic, Markco's post's still valid.

  5. I have 7 or so 450 cooks and never really noticed 340-350 as talbuck/celft were cheap since I never did it during Pilgrim's. I always found the 285-299 the most problematic. So I started flipping lobsters.

  6. I've been selling a ton of Weighted Jack O'Lanterns for 10g a pop and buying them for ~1 gold or less. Woot woot.

  7. If I recall last year I ran around collecting turkeys and sold them 10G a stack via trade to the other 80s that didn't want to contend with the hefty competition. It was a pretty nice way for my hunter to earn some extra coins without too much effort. UC near the Scarlet Monastry was a great place to farm the turkeys. ^.^

  8. I just read on MMO-Champion.com that the gold cap was raised to 1 million gold!!! Anyone know if this is true or is someone messing with us?

  9. Jack o'lanterns are going for 1-10g each on my server ftl

  10. What are you guys farming and selling NOW that's fast and not a waste of time? I mean, if i need money right now farming saronite ore wont be a viable option.

  11. Gold cap is now 999,999,999. I can confirm that it is at least raised since I would have finally capped the day 4.0.1 hit, pre patch sales. Now I have even father to go...

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