Post 4.0.1: Mage Armor, Razzashi Hatchling and Polymorph Turtle

Before getting into Hatchlings and Turtles, let's talk about the one glyph that was craftable before 4.0.1 but can no longer be made by scribes. Sorry mages, but Glyph of Mage Armor is currently the best selling and highest price glyph on the auction house. The more of these that sell the more valuable they become, selling upwards of a thousand gold (according to emails I've received). This glorious gold making flip won't last forever however as Blizzard has stated that they are looking to add this glyph along with three others in the near future with a patch. Patches occur on tuesday, so the earliest a fix could happen to this glyph would be next week. Take advantage of the situation for this weekend and buy these babies out then relist for outrageous prices. See if you can't run a monopoly on them before anyone else gets the bright idea... or reads this post.

Let me paraphrase the ZG Breakdown blue post by picking out the three most important paragraphs:

Razzashi Hatchling
With the change to Zul'Gurub this non-combat pet will no longer be obtainable.

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle
This tome will continue to be available through other means.

[Future Plans]
Although we have no current plans to introduce new ways to obtain the Zul'Gurub mounts, pets, and the tribute mounts, they may return should we find a place where they fit in the future.
So, let's see, did markco just get his second strike for the expansion? What's next, saronite ore not being worth diddly squat thanks to node changes like they did with ungoro crater? Sigh. At least for the time between 4.0.3 and Cataclysm (4.1?) tome of polymorph will not be available except via the auction house. Try to sell as many as you can for whatever you can get for them.

Sell off those poly's, hang on to those raptor pets. But don't hold on to too many because that last paragraph makes me think that eventually or soon* Blizzard will find a way to incorporate the razzashi hatchling pet into a future patch.

Is now the time to stress buying up battered hilts for cheap since they will become ultra rare in the expansion? Maybe I should wait a few days...

All these nerfs and changes brings up a very important point I'd like to make for you all.

Patches and speculation are high risk, high reward gambles.

You win some, you lose some. During glyph-mas, glyph makers gambled and made it big while jewelcrafters who stockpiled mats instead of epics got the shaft. In WOTLK I gambled on dream shards and lost, in BC I gambled on netherweave bags and won. You are gambling when you speculate and you must be prepared to lose, which is something none of the people advocating speculating are going to tell you because they are just so sure that they will be correct in their assumptions... until of course they are proven wrong.

A word of advice for cataclysm: Focus your gold making efforts on learning your professions as quickly as possible in cataclysm and I don't mean skill levels. I'm talking about learning how the profession functions in the game environment both internally and with other professions.

Did you gamble and win or lose in previous patches, including the latest glyph-mas?

And now for a timely Halloween Tip:

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17 comments: on "Post 4.0.1: Mage Armor, Razzashi Hatchling and Polymorph Turtle"

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Glyph of Mage Armor possibly being craftable again. I bought three of them looking to flip after Cata hits, but I think I'll sell them sooner rather than later now :-) .

  2. I think it's worth mentioning that we really have no idea how we'll obtain the tome after cataclysm. All we know is that it's possible. Since it was a rare item in ZG, it's completely possible that they include it in cata, but it's harder to get than it is now. When cata hits and CC becomes required, it's almost certain that demand for tomes will increase because mages will be using polymorph in nearly every zone they enter.
    Personally I'm being quite reserved about selling my tomes. If I can get a couple thousand gold for them, sure I'm sell, but if I'm going to be selling them for 500g each just to get rid of them I think I'll take the risk and have some tomes in my bank for after everyone sells theirs off for whatever they can get.

  3. I hate that you try and gouge people for items that cost you nothing to make. How much is enough? You can't even spend the gold you have! The Glyph of Mage Armor is pathetically priced and I would never pay those prices, I'll wait it out. It's one thing to make a profit, it's another thing entirely to hold people hostage and crank up the price so high just to get a few extra gold coins you can't spend anyway. To what purpose? Why do you do that? It's like people who raise gas and water prices during a hurricane, they have gouging laws in the real world. I guess they depend on peoples consciences in game to not screw their fellow gamers, how silly of them. If you sold the glyph for 40 gold you'd be making stupid profits, when you sell it for hundreds or thousands, you're just an ass.

  4. @Shattnerhoff I think I will answer your question with a post. I appreciate your opinion and the opportunity to give you a solid answer.

  5. @ Shattnerhoff, Comparing this to gas and water prices is absurd. You can, as you demonstrated by saying you'll wait it out, live without this one glyph.

    If someone wants to pay hundreds or thousands of gold for a glyph, when there's no reason they HAVE to do so, then why not sell for that much? Out of charity to those who don't value the product that much? I guess you should ask Ferrari to sell their cars for less because some people can't justify/afford $200,00 for one, or Apple to sell their PCs for less since not everyone wants to pay a premium for style. This is essentially a luxury item, you're paying for the luxury of having it now rather than when it's fixed.

    Anyway, if all the ones created before the patch still exist, this is looking like a nice benefit of having stockpiled at least 100 of every glyph.

    And thanks to the remote armory, I've found that I have 40 in my bank (rest in my guild bank, I hope) that I can post from work. Time to price gouge! :P

  6. One thing we don't know about the tome is how people will get it after the sundering. It could very well become a reward for a mage quest and therefore become worth much less then currently simply because the people interested in it would only have to go complete the quest. Unless the quest is a long chain in which case with mages only able to obtain them the ones to lazy to do a quest chain may pay a lot at the AH for one. So this is still a gamble just the win side isn't as good as it use to be.

  7. Yeah, I can't agree with you Shattnerhoff - the important thing here is not how much it cost you to make it, it's how much it would cost you to replace it and make another -- you can't. Right now, it's priceless - it's a limited supply only luxury item.

    Since there's only a few left in the game, and more people want them than can have them, the only fair thing is to give them to those who are willing to pay the most. Auction them off--like we do IRL often with one-of-a-kind items. Are you going to hate on Sotheby's for auctioning off a Rembrandt for a million bucks, when it really only cost a three dollar's worth of canvas and oil paint in materials? No, because it's irreplaceable.

    As supply runs out and people are willing to pay more and more, don't blame the crafter for being willing to sell it to the guy who will pay 2000g and tell the other guy "sorry, I'd make you one, but I'm all out". Is that really so much worse than giving it to joe hobo for 10g and telling the guy who is willing to pay 2000g "sorry" instead?

  8. @shatternoff: i've been price gouging for months on the one thing that people want for their alts (netherweave bags) been keeping them at 25g per bag for about 5 months now. So have a good halloween, ill continue to be a jerk and price gouge people.

  9. "At least for the time between 4.0.3 and Cataclysm (4.1?) tome of polymorph will not be available except via the auction house"

    Wait, did they already change ZG? I've been farming for the Tiger Mount myself. Annoyed if I've been wasting my time on something that was already removed.

    I understand the Mage Armor glyph, but I would think that Polymorph Turtle and Razzashi Hatchlings are still available until Cata releases. ZG still looks the same to me -- at least it did yesterday.

  10. In 4.01 I "made it big" with glyphs in the sense that I made 20K in 2 days. Not too shabby for not being prepared and not stressing myself too much. On the other hand I flopped with the gems, having had a lot of mats in stock. Oh well, if you gamble you will occasionally lose.

    @Shattnerhof sorry but that's not the way the world rolls. That glyph has now become a scarce item. The more of them are sold, the scarcer it becomes, thus the more expensive. Those who desperately need it will pay anything to get it. Why, indeed, would you sell it for 40G when you can sell it for 1000G? Remember, there's no way you can craft more so you'd better milk your remaining stock for what it's worth.

  11. I read this post at 5:00pm central time today. Immediately logged on and saw 1 in my AH for 400g. Rolled the dice and bought it and relisted it for 1000g. Time is now 6:56pm and it just sold... TY Markco!!!

  12. I think you should do a topic on risk/reward for people.

    If you are extremely wrong about all the saronite ore you bought 14g/stack then it drops to ... 12.5 due to bar vendoring. (BTW, what price are you going to sell it for/when?)

    If someone paid 10k for turtle hoping to sell for 100k and a rep vendor sells it for 2g then ...

  13. Bought out the three Glyph of Mage Armor left on my server. 50G each. Sold the first for 550G, second for 1100G, and the last is on for 1700G.

    Marcko, thank you. You're the best!

  14. Speaking of saronite, what are the long term (cata) hopes for saronite ore as a money maker? There are still lots of farmers dumping ore on the AH at below vendor buyout for the bars, and i've just been buying everything up - had to open a new guild bank slot just to keep it. Still wise to hold onto until cata? or shuffle it now? or smelt it and AH the bars after cata hits?

  15. A little late to reply on this post but I agree with Shattnerhoff about prices being ridiculous sometimes, especially with necessary items.

    I have a pally tank. When I saw the glyphs I would need to be most effective at holding aggro since it's a little difficult now were going for several hundred, I was so angry that I literally boycotted tanking, as a few of my fellows did, until I could find them for something decent.

    Might be a little bitchy, but so is being too greedy.

    Tanking is a thankless job, it's more difficult now, and so there are a few glyphs we *need* in order to be effective. Scribes knew this and jacked the prices of those glyphs to obscene levels. I understand supporting my fellow gamers, but I don't appreciate getting abused and taken advantage of.

  16. Izzie: You had just as much time to prepare for the patch as we did. By not paying attention and buying your glyphs ahead of time, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    If you had the materials, there were a ton of scribes offering to craft for 'free' or 'tips' right after the patch to fight the big-bad-evil-AH-goblins. The problem? No materials. That plus the increase in inks for each glyph as well as the demand spike caused prices to skyrocket. Simple rules of economics. Even now prices are still quite high overall (average glyph price is about 45g on my server) because the price of herbs has not recovered from the 40g a stack that they peaked at during glyph week due to lack of materials.

    If you don't want to be caught off-guard next time, do your research. Complaining that someone else did better on a test that you did not study for does not make you look the bigger (wo)man.

  17. Be in a guild.. get a guildie to craft an item you need, generally is free crafting for guildies (at least in my guild). If the item is not available ingame any longer and the price is jacked... I bet you can live without it.


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