Prot Warrior Gladiator Videos - PvP Patch 4.0.1

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Thank you to Blog Azeroth for the resource spotlight Rilandune wrote on their site about JMTC. You'll find an interview with me as well as a quick write up about the great community here.

November Carnival

Before reading about my prot pvp adventures please send me a link to a post which fits the criteria for next month's carnival: "Mistakes you've learned from on the auction house."

What I'm Selling Post 4.0.1

I sent out a newsletter to my mailing list detailing the top 10 items I'm selling since 4.0.1 was released. I realize that quite a few of you were interested in this information so I'll also be re-releasing it Monday on the blog.

Protection PvP

Ok well prot pvp is back ladies and gentleman. It's not as strong as it once was but it's not quite dead yet. Arms warriors with the best gear in the game I'd say are of equal value to a prot warrior in my current gear setup (some bis from last season). Now if I had the best dps gear in the game... drool... I'd be unstoppable.

Enough about me, let's talk about you and more importantly how you can learn from me. That's why you come here after all right? You don't want gold tips, you want bone crunching pvp knowledge so you can mercilessly drive your foes into the ground two at a time.

Resilience is Finally the Best Stat for Prot Pvp

Due to vengeance, healing (more on this later) and the insane amount of damage reduction from resilience, this once inferior and ignored statistic is finally #1 on a prot warrior's list when gearing. Resilience is supposedly stopping as much as 60% of oncoming damage on live and this makes prot warriors extremely difficult to kill. I spent honor replacing all my 264 pve gear with resilience (still have boots, gloves and legs but not going to sweat it) and I love it. Although my damage went down a small amount, the benefits of supposedly 36% less oncoming damage is just insane. I say supposedly because a blue poster said that the tooltip is inaccurate but not too far off the actual value for the time being. If vengeance is accumulated despite resilience (full hit before damage reduction) then resilience is even better for prot pvp. However, I have not done testing to see if this is the case. If anyone has data on this please let me know.

Shield Slam is Back
You need enrage from a block, parry or dodge (only 20% chance now of happening), full sunders and shield block up to maximize your shield slam damage. Switch to zerker stance and use battle shout to get extra rage (if you do this you will not get four slams in with max damage but the three you do get in will do additional damage). Then you should spam devastate until a free shield slam appears or until the cooldown is up and push slam again. If you're lucky you could manage to get three shield slams into an opponent for maximum damage. Since these slams can reach upwards of 10k on full resilience targets this combo is your kill move. Get your sunders up, wait for enrage and then press shield block to set it up. The rest is up to sheer luck whether you get the extra slam in during the 10 second window. It's possible to get four in but you'll be able to count on one hand the number of times this happens and you'll need very good timing/reflexes to pull it off. Also, if you don't use abilities like conc blow or heroic throw during the combo then odds are your opponent or his teammate will heal through the damage. Since slam is your big combo now you'll want to bring back good old recklessness for clutch burst kills as well.

I'm happy to see the burst style of slam is back in place. I got gladiator with this style of play and did very well with the attack power devastate/armor pen build as well. I enjoyed being reminded of the good old days when I first learned prot pvp as a shield slam setup warrior. The reason devastate spam build worked better in arenas is because it was continuous damage so our opponents never knew when to pop cooldowns to defend themselves. With shield slam burst you see shield block on the warrior and you know it's time to run, otherwise you know that very little damage is incoming. Had I gone for gladiator in season 7-8 it would have been easier with the devastate build but I chose not to.

Conc Blow, Shockwave, Rend and Blood and Thunder
Conc blow and shockwave are for stunning only now, don't waste these doing damage. Don't bother wasting global cooldowns on stacking the shockwave buff from thunder claps either, the amount of damage you do with the shockwave is hardly worth three globals setting up. In arenas having blood and thunder and stacking the shockwave buff will be worth your while but in chaotic battleground pvp where you don't always necessarily have healers or long fights this isn't worth it. Rend for long fights, otherwise go for slam setup. If you have a healer and are in the fight for a long time then rending, blood and thunder and shockwaving are good options for continuous damage since your vengeance buff will make these decent attacks. Keep in mind however that if you have 40k health you will need to take about 100k damage before your vengeance buff reaches full capacity. Odds are you'll be dead by then or out of combat and losing the buff.

Heroic Strike and Revenge
Heroic Strike is sweet but you need to spec into it to make it worth your while. If you do this then you lose blood and thunder (based on my two optimal builds which I'm spec'd as on Markco of Onyxia). I don't mind though, fights are longer than before but not long enough to warrant the globals for rend and reapplying it. In arena I'd use it but not hopping around from target to target in pvp. I use thunderclap to reduce damage incoming and I try to use it within the time frame for each stacking shockwave buff. I'll keep a stack of three going until I want to stun someone and then let it off for maximum damage, which isn't all that much without a big stack of vengeance going for me. Ok back on topic, yes heroic strike and intervene. This is my favorite combo to use when shield block is down. Both revenge and heroic strike provide tons of damage and I can do it from devensive stance while being focused.

I love it, execute is finally an amazing ability to use when someone is low on health. You can even get a glyph to allow you to heal yourself for 5% with a victory rush after executing someone, but I favor other glyphs over it. The new version is not limitted by the amount of rage you have and starts off with 60% of your attack power as the damage factor. That's huge! If you happen to be fighting in battle or even better zerker, then you're going to love executing with a full rage bar. It's hard to setup your rage so that you'll have a lot and be in something other than defensive stance when you're opponent drops to 20% health, however even a minimum rage execute is extremely powerful. I use berzerker rage and if I have it battle shout to generate a nice burst of rage (I also have the 5 rage glyph for berzerker rage) for my execute.

Healing is the New Warrior
With access at level 85 to 7.5% healing chance on hit, 20% healing on victory rush, +20% to all self heals, enraged regeneration and 10% healing on stuns warriors are suddenly quite well off in the solo category. If you choose to go the full healing route then your warrior will benefit much more from vengeance since you'll be alive to use it. A warrior getting healed this much will have multiple lives like a paladin and be capable of maybe even stacking vengeance to full in a single fight. You're taking 10% less damage anyway in defensive stance so in a theoretical stunlock from hammer of justice you would get: 12% health + maybe ~9% health and take 10% less damage. I'm not sure if vengeance takes into account defensive stance when calculating the buff but I hope it doesn't! In an arathi basin I went 1vs6 because of self heals (I have the 7.5%, enraged regen and 20% on victory rush). The random person who ran in there with me and then ran back whispered me one word: "woah."

"Woah" is the new prot warrior. Insane defenses, stacking attack power buff coupled with tons of healing, lots of interrupts and stuns... it's going to be a good expansion.

Oh did I mention you get a ridiculous 60 rage on spell reflect and it's only a 6 second cooldown? Lol who needs stance mastery when you have that?

Prot Spec in Arenas

I cannot wait to try vigiliance since it will now stack my vengeance when someone beats on my healer. I don't have this spec in bg's because fights aren't long enough, but in 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 I see this being an amazing talent... now to figure out what to give up in exchange haha. I think I will take one point out of blood craze or second wind. I may actually take 2 points out of bloodcraze to get 2/2 intervene as well. Getting 50% rage boost for attacking someone not hitting me is going to be huge as well. I think prot will actually be BETTER now in arenas than arms at dealing damage hands down thanks to these options.

Another option for getting the needed talent points for vigiliance and intervene would be to remove the points from the stacking thunderclap bonus for shockwave since shockwave really isn't doing that much damage now adays and spamming thunderclap to get the bonus isn't worth it unless you spec into blood and thunder as well. Unless rend sees a big upgrade I don't think I'll be going this route. I'd rather have the burst of heroic strike double crits. See how complicated this can get lol?

Prot Videos

These are my thoughts after only playing a few hours with prot and I'm already discovering new combos which the spec has never been capable of before.

Some videos for you to watch of myself and jhaman owning people in bg's. These are just regular old games taped and processed without editing of any kind.

12 comments: on "Prot Warrior Gladiator Videos - PvP Patch 4.0.1"

  1. Hello,
    In the first video what is the name of addon showing procs (big icons) on screen? Does it show cooldown as well?
    I use SCT but that one looks nice and I´d love some kinda of big icons for CDs...
    Thank you

  2. I too have been playing as prot in BGs since the patch. The effectiveness of being a flag carrier now is amazing combined with a healer. Since the other team will usually focus me and the healer I consistently will get my vengeance fully stacked giving me a ton of attack power. I am surprised that you use thunderstruck as a talent. There seem to be better options right now for prot PVP.

  3. I absolutely love this write up. I have been following you for about a month and ever since the patch I have been doing BG's in prot, where as before I never even touch PvP with my warrior. A few things, firstly, I am only level 75 on my warrior so I have yet to experience the level 80 cap BG's with all of the talents, although I have the good ones already. I currently have all of the gear sold by the 70 vendor equipped plus some green and blues. I am now saving all of my honor points for when I ding 80, I can try and buy all the best gear, or most of it.

    I just wanted to say being a prot warrior in pvp has huge advantages, having such high hp gives you great survivability. I can usually fight my way through a few people at a time. I have done 2 vs 1 and came out still alive.

    My warrior is currently sitting at just under 19k hp, and the shield slams, they hit like a truck. I have yet to have this happen again but last weekend in EotS, I hit a 12k SS at level 74. Although I haven't hit that hig again, I am constanlty hitting between 6-8k SS and 4-5K revenge, and when your lucky enough to get a SS then proc Rev and hit another SS right after, there is just no chance for the other player.

    Here is my armory for reference if need be, I am respeccing today taking out Blood and Thunder, or at least one, and respeccing 3 points into Incite. Also I will post a link of the build I am working for at 80.


    80 Build I am working at...

    Again, thanks for the great tips on everything. I went from just under 2k gold to about 20k in a couple of weeks with your help. Although I am down to about 12k now after buying epic flying and gear enchants for my warrior :D
    Thanks again!

  4. Sorry, wrong link on that 80 build...
    Here is the correct link...

  5. Those icons etc is the addon, Power Auras. You can set it for all sorts of stuff. I have it set to make sure I have flameshock on my target, a fire totem down, when lavaburst is off cooldown, And when I have >5 orbs on my lightning shield, as well as my cooldowns.

    I use it more for PvE but it's handy for PvP too.

  6. DerangedHermit said... October 26, 2010 at 1:28 PM

    I demand more videos!

  7. Can you export your power auras and post?

  8. Do you use any macros for mortal strike? any good useful ones for stance changes from prot to arms back to prot?

  9. I know this may sound stupid but i've been trying to prot warrior pvp for a while now and i suck bad. When i battle against hordies in pvp i always die. (yeah i know im noob) I can never get those crits from shield slam i dont have a proper rotation. I'm really lost you do these 6k-10k crits and im stuck with 2-3k crits that im not happy with.
    i start a battle like this charge-> shockwave->devastate->devastate->devastate->shield slam but by that time im dead.

  10. i dont get why you dont use devastate more often when you have the three stacks applied it does so much damage due to 150% weapon damage plus 300 odd damage per sunder, You get so much damage out of it.

  11. I've been trying to set up a really good pvp protection warrior but I am having a problem trying to figure out which stat is better to focus on. I've read on your article that resilence is major and I believe you, but whats after resilence? I am assuming it's resilence>stamina>hit chance>block. I may have said something really nooby, but my main is a mage. WHat is the best stats I should be aiming for and in what order? (I am a prot warriorlvl 63)

  12. Imo, the stat priority is: Resilience, Strengh, Hit Rating, Stamina, Expertise, then you may add Critical Strike Rating and Mastery.

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