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Sneak Peak for Next Week

I am very excited about some of the articles coming out next week. I have compiled for your reading pleasure some outstanding guest posts on cataclysm and excel, an article on the three big lies of auctioneering, recent addon changes to auctioneer and QA3, responses to Markco's Strategies Don't Work and I'll end the week with a post on Gold Blogs in cataclysm aimed at helping both the readers and writers of this community. Now is as good a time as ever to subscribe to the JMTC feed reader or to my newsletter.

Reader Appreciation Week

This past week I posted numerous emails and comments from JMTC community members (that's YOU) and
 enjoyed getting the chance to publish more of your content than ever before.
  The sad fact of posting once a day means that far too many emailed tips get stuck under the pile or in draft mode forever. Often I will go looking through the voluminous collection of emailed tips only to find out that many have become outdated. A few weeks ago I was browsing and decided that I would just pick an entire week to devote to reader emails and tips. It's my way of saying thank you by publishing your works and giving you praise for interacting with the site here.

This was the first "Reader Appreciation Week" that I've done at JMTC and it was way overdue. I don't think this is going to be a yearly thing either, more like a bi-monthly or quarterly event. Basically, if I find that I'm becoming overwhelmed by really valuable emails then I will see if I can't make room for an entire week of emailed tips and/or questions.

Since I'm appreciating readers this week I also want to call attention to the fine moderators at the JMTC wow gold forums. These selfless leaders are all experts in their own right and have worked EVERY SINGLE DAY to provide a spam free and productive environment for the community to share ideas in. They have changed many world of warcraft lives for the better and each deserves a lot of praise.

Speaking of forum moderators, Zerotorescue has a new daily tip thread that I'd like you all to check out. It's like a mini-jmtc.... or mini-forum.... or well it's just plain useful! Keep up the great work "AH Barons" and please everyone make an effort today to thank them for their hard work.

Thank you readers, thank you moderators, have a great weekend.


PS: If you're thinking of buying the gold guide please remember to use "JMTC" as your promotion code in order to get 10% off. I'm going to raise the price to $47 after I add my cataclysm updates so getting it early means saving money later on (updates are always free).

9 comments: on "Reader Appreciation Week"

  1. the first link with zg has to be fixed or sth

  2. Don't know how feasible it would be, but it would be great if you could post 2x a day for reader appreciation. 7 days isn't long enough for tips from the hundreds of user tips. Either way, another great week for tips

  3. I do try to incorporate reader tips into my every day posts and many of the posts come from people asking questions of me. When Cataclysm comes I will probably have too many posts to keep once a day and will at times go to two or even three per day.

    Good suggestion though, I'll do that next time for sure.

  4. I have an idea for you Markco. If you indeed go to three post pre-day.

    Many of issues sites have that post more then one a day, is that post often get over looked and only the first top post is ever read. I'm sure you know this, its why you've only posted 1 per day to start with.

    Anyways, what you could do to get around this problem, is post the first one early, like around 3am, post the next one at around 11am, just before lunch. Then post the last at around 5-6pm. I think this would be perfect, given time between each post that everyone will see and will cause people to come back more often then they might be now.

  5. That's a great suggested schedule Nu! And with the "Continue Reading" links the site should still be readable.

    I get enough reader submitted emails that I could probably just start throwing them on the site at a certain time each day with some minor editing. Let me think about it. I don't want to change the pace of the blog too much as people can feel a little overwhelmed.

    By the way, the new web design looks so kick ass I love it. Hopefully it will be finished soon! We have the layout and colors down but are working on some of the coding and little design details.

  6. Really can't wait for the gold blogs in cata post next week. Want to read it NOW! You are truly an inspiration markco :)

  7. Well that's easy to get around, start off small, do two post a day, what you could do is post one at your normal early time as you do now, then post the next one later in the afternoon and simply link to the one before hand.

    Something like.. "Hey guys, don't forget that earlier today I discussed..." something long those lines with a simple jump link or anchor link, just put the anchor link in with the idea of the post like say the post is 12345 do < a name="12345"> < /a > and in the next post that day have the link be < a herf="#12345"> Link text

    That way if they click it over it just loading to the post, it'll just jump down the page to the post body. You can do this another way with out adding the name anchor to every post you made, but that would require you to be able to edit the php file with a little php yourself, and I doubt blogger allows you to edit the php files themselves.

  8. Great write up once again Markco!

    You actually inspired me to start my blog which I put up today called WoW Street: Gold Never Sleeps -

    Keep up the good work!

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