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I want you to take the following suggested gold strategy and apply it to any major city. Going for a "Recipe Run" is where you go to every vendor you can find who has limited sale items and buy them out. In terms of gold per hour there really is nothing better for a low level toon to do besides maybe play with resale and vendor scans in auctioneer.

One of the first things I'll be doing when cataclysm launches is performing a recipe run in each of the major cities. You would be absolutely shocked by the kinds of vendor items people are willing to buy but the real meal tickets are the limited quantity items which people either weren't able to get due to it being on cooldown or just didn't know where to look.

Here is what our stealthy rogue friend "Iownedyou" had to say on his own recipe runs in game:

"Dear Markco,
The gold tips are amazing, they have helped me a great deal as I used to struggle constantly in making gold. I have not yet tested your higher level profession and farming strategies as I have recently deleted my 80 to start from scratch. But if, from your tips, I can already make hundreds of gold at level 20, I am eager to see what they would do in the end game. Also, thank you for creating JMTC. Few people take the time to share these secrets and tips on making gold for free. 

I will start by apologizing.. this guide only contains items for the Horde as I am a Horde player since about 5 days ago. The main idea, however, works for both Alliance and Horde. I would like to share a gold making tip I discovered while using what I learned from your video, "How to make 15 gold when you enter a major city." This little strategy is definitely not a big money making idea, but it does help the lower levels.
I call it a Recipe Run!!
What I do is, while waiting for Dungeon or Battleground queues, I go from Major city to Major city picking up every single Limited stock recipe or pattern. To do so you need around 4-5 gold. All you need to do is  just hover your mouse over all the NPCs to see if they're a vendor, if they are I go and buy whatever limited items they have. You would be surprised how many items you get per day if you go on multiple Recipe Runs. Once you've gone through every city, stop by the auction house and post 1 of every recipe. Leave the left overs in the bank. I do this every time I play WoW. I have gained around 300g by level 20. At this point, you will need to learn which items sell more and then make sure to get a good stock on those items. Every few days I do another Recipe Run, and purchase every single item available in order to see if they would sell, as the market always changes.
---Below I have listed just a few items I feel would sell well. When they sell they give quite a nice amount of gold. I will list where to get it, what it is, (the coordinates), and which NPC sells it.

Recipe: Heavy Leather Ball - From Tamar in The Drag of Orgrimmar.   ( 62,42 )

Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt/Jacket/Pants - From Millie Gregorian in the Magic Quarter of Undercity.  ( 70,29 )

Pattern: Barbaric Bracers - From Joseph Moore in the Rogue Quarter of Undercity. ( 70,58 ) 
---- Please note that Joseph Moore randomly spawns 1 of 2 patterns, 1 being this-----

Schematic: Adamantite Shell Machine - From Yatheon in Farstrider Square of Silvermoon City.  ( 75,40 )    -----This item costs 6 gold----

Formula: Enchant 2H weapon Lesser Intellect - From Nata Dawnstrider in Thunder Bluff.  ( 45,38 )   ------She is in the central pillar, not one of the smaller ones around the city----

These are only a few of the items you will receive when doing a Recipe Run. I recommend purchasing every item on your first and second runs to see the prices then you will narrow down onto some more wanted items.

Thank you. Sincerely,
Iownedyou (horde rogue) - Realm Winterhoof - or former Poisoncake Dwarf Dk 80"

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  1. Very true. In the Mage Quarter SW you can pick up Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power, Pattern: Blue Overalls and White Wedding Dress. The last two are great of course for selling on an RP server.

    I love recipes and it doesn't even have to be the limited ones and whilst this is great for starting out make sure no matter where you are levelling you check any vendors that you come across. Alot of my gold comes from selling the Outland recipes but any recipe I can get my hands on really. I get a little crap in trade for advertising what I am selling but if people want to buy from me instead of travelling around to pick them up then that's their perogative. People love quick and easy achievements and I help them to this end result.

    P.S Markco ROCKS!

  2. good basic strat here, but he left out the best recipes. Any and all cooking recipes, both meats and fish, are by far the easiest, most reliable, consistent, and highly profitable recipes to buy and flip for great profits. The majority of these recipes are not even on a limited quantity vendor and sell on average from 7-12g or 22-25g depending on where the recipes come from.

  3. I've been doing this with Outland recipes and limited supply engineering items to great success.

    I even had one purchaser send me a thank you note for posting a recipe she needed and she included a 200g tip! (This for a recipe I bought for 4g, and auctioned for 50g)

    Lesson: Don't overlook the obvious.

    Just as in real life, those with more money than time will pay somone else to do their legwork for them.

  4. Just as a reminder, the vendors in Silvermoon sell all the recipies for professions that you can buy in Shat. I believe they cost about 5g each, but they can usually sell for more profit.

  5. Cold has it right on the recipe front. ALL cooking recipes eventually sell, usually quite quickly and for large profit. This is especially true now while people are doing achieves instead of raiding and I myself am guilty. I spent 350g yesterday just buying recipes to fill in my Outland Gourmet since it was easier than going to farm them.

  6. I wrote about a variant on the recipe run in last month's JMTC blog carnival: the cross-faction recipe run. Can be done as low as level 10.

  7. Good job on the Horde side, here are a few neutral/Alliance recipe spots that I check out sometimes:

    ~ in Booty Bay, in the large building on the lower level towards the boat dock, there is a Cook NPC who sells several Cooking recipes (always popular), as well as a weapon seller who sometimes carries a limited-sale recipe that goes for 75-100g on my server
    ~ farther north in STV are two Gnome NPCs on the ridge in the eastern part of the zone who sell a couple of sought-after Eng. schematics
    ~ the Goblin in the ruins of Alterac who sells the recipe for Frost Oil
    ~ a Gnome in the basement of the Syndicate HQ who has a limited-sale Eng. schematic
    ~ the Alchemy vendor in the Exodar sells the Primal Might recipe (this is available in Shattrath too)

    Sometimes I just do a run of all the Steamwheedle towns in Azeroth (Gadgetzan, BB, Everlook, etc.) as they each have at least a couple of NPCs who offer limited-sale recipes.

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