Responses to Why Markco's Gold Strategies Don't Work

I felt that quite a few of the responses to Why Markco's Gold Strategies Don't Work were post worthy and excellent but hey I have come to expect nothing less from you here at JMTC. Here is a list of some of my favorite emails and comments from this post. Pay attention as some of these offer great gold making tips. Cheers! Maybe after you finish reading you could add your own tips to the comments section.


      I'm sure by now you have received numerous emails in RE: of this mornings post. However I would like to give you, the JMTC forum members and the entire cast and production staff of Call to Auction my thanks and Praise.

    I have been a member of the WoW community since Vanilla-beta. Literally since before there was a community. I have always played my warrior, always had to scrape for gold, and even though I've always achieved "geared greatness"; I've always looked back to the former and never could achieve more than 1-5k.

       You, JMTC, and CTA changed that. You didn't hand me anything. Getting a mass amount of gold may boil down to "this or that item" but it's what you do and how you do it.
Be it: milling the saronite shuffle, flipping gems, retailing gems, selling bags, selling potions or glyphs. If you don't shut up and listen and understand that none of these are easy. It takes time and real effort to cap. If you raided the AH as hard as you would ICC you'd see major profits. My AH isn't some place players go to buy things. It's my personal raid boss with no raid id or lockout.



"Okay, been an avid reader of your blog for a little over a month now. I read todays posting and was confused at how people are not heeding advice. Everything takes a bit of reasearch and people should understand when you do anything there is always a risk/reward ratio and that they should examine every aspect before committing to a strategy. With that being said, perhaps this will put you back in your happy place. I started reading as I said about a month or so ago. I had probably 2600g between all my characters. Now I can make gold, I am and have been very crafty at working the auction house to my advantage, but what I thought I knew before was nothing to what I learned after reading your blog. I am now sitting at 31-40K between all of my characters and it is all due to your blog and as always a little maneuvering myself to try different things out based on whats been written. That's roughly 45 days, roughly 40K gold. As a side note, I have tried a few things on my server that have served me well recently. I use a horde character to search items on the Horde AH and then compare prices to what I know already on the alliance AH. The difference between both is amazing on some items. I'll give an example-I moved 1200g from alliance to horde via the neutral AH. My horde character buys the following:

Eternal fire-13g buyout
Eternal Shadow-1g 57s buyout

I then move it back to alliance via the neutral AH again, 9g per stack of 20 to post and you get that 9g back anyways, so, no loss really.

Alliance sells:
Eternal fire-40g buyout
Eternal Shadow-10-14g buyout

1200g invest, I am 6000g profit so far. I had to back off the shadow market as I was crashing it I think. But I still have 200 shadow left to get rid of b4 cata if I need to. So, when people say they are trying and failing they just have to be doing something wrong. The Dalaran pets alone are netting me 120g over 2 days. Rumsey rum for 78s-1g each, 50g per day so far after 2 days. Whelpling stalking, 2 hours invested time, 3 days a week and I usually always get one. Azure, Tiny Crimson, Tiny Emerald, etc... and over a two week period they will sell for 2K-4K(this is a new one I started recently, so just gauging two weeks so far.) This is after spending some gold to get gear and upgrades for my characters. Me and my brother have been following it, he's at 20k, but he started at 3k and has been working a lot so, a bit of a difference. We also play off each other in the AH to work it better for us. So, thank you for having this blog, it's been awesome and a real eye opener. Again, big thanks!


Miguel said... "I've been reading your blog for a month or so now and I had to comment.

When I first started playing wow someone tipped me off to the amazing addon Auctioneer Advanced Suite (that's what it was 2 years ago at least). Now it's just Auctioneer Advanced, but it's the same beauty improved over time. In my first 6 months of using this addon I made well over 300k gold. I didn't read online how to make gold, or what sells. I was armed with a lack of knowledge.

After a while people become too "smart" to work the AH. They "know" that X item won't sell. The problem is it's not likely to sell in 12 hours so they get impatient.

Unfortunately I have nothing "amazing" to show for the gold I made because I didn't know how to control my spending.

However I will add that ALL of that gold was made in patch 2.4. For those of you that remember, you know that was the last patch before WLK. Meaning it was the end of an expansion and I was making gold amazingly well.

The same goes for this expansion. You can make gold if you're not too smart for the AH and you have a bit of patience. If Marcko's strategies don't work for you there is 1 reason why: You did not do what he suggested. I mean you don't have the addons to watch your prices (or calculate them yourself), you don't follow through with them to the full extent that he talks about, or you simply gave up too early. That is all there is. He's not some amazing genius of the WoW market, just a guy that learns and has an open mind about the market."

Sean said... "It's funny anonymous should mention losing gold on red moth egg pets from stormspire. I turned five of these pets for 300% profit yesterday. The reason you would be loaing gold from those items is because someone is following the exact strategies that we all use to force people out of the markets we find profitable. I will sink an item so low that nobody will make more than a -100% loss on it until they leave."

Chanah said... "I'm one of those rare new players, and I don't have a lot of time to play - I wish I had more - some days it's just check the auctions and post new ones.

I have only one 'real' toon and a bank alt, and at level 76, I've made 60k gold. Not a lot to show for it, because there are a lot of expenses in the game, and because of being too nice sometimes - several people in my old guild needed epic flying mounts, etc. I'm getting better at saying 'no' to giving away amounts like that, at least until I've got cold weather flying, full good gear for 80 (about 3/4th of the way there), and a decent nest egg for whatever unexpected gold sinks come up.

I was able to purchase epic flying at 70, have very good gear for my level (gemmed and enchanted is a bit of splurge, but not with the highest-end enchants), am comfortable and can pretty much buy what I want, but I would like to have a bit more gold going into Cata.

Professions: alch (transmute, though if I'm making a huge batch of flasks I'll switch to elixir then switch back), herbalism, cooking, fishing maxed.

I've been reading this blog for about a month. Lots of Marcko's specific tips won't work on my server. Vendor pets, blues, and epics can barely be given away, (mature server, medium pop, with a significantly lower pop Horde side). During any given week you'll see two to four netherweave bags languishing on the AH. It's a - truly screwed economy - in other words.

But Marcko's strategies in general do work. There are some vendor recipes that sell quite well, as well as a few old-world niche markets I've been able to fill with the alchemy (an advantage of being new, perhaps, because for a long time all I could make were lower-level potions, but people still buy them), plus transmuting saronite when I can (though it's going for upwards of 75g per stack of bars just now, so...other avenues for a while), gem transmutes, I dabble in the flasks market, sell a few high-end potions and elixirs, and I fish.

You can make lots of money fishing if you're one of those people who enjoys it, and I do - if you can cook, you can sell high-end buff foods, and you'll also come away with bolts of cloth, a stack of ore, potions, and recipes - all sorts of interesting things in the sea :)

Play nice, find out what people want, and provide them with it - all professions produce some things that players want and need. Is there a big gap in the AH of things you yourself use or would use? Can you fill that gap?

Provided I hit the level cap before Cata (I should), I'm going to start a DK to add a couple of more profs to my list and level those up - mining, as that's pretty much cost-free and very useful with alchemy, and one crafting prof. Then see where it goes from there.

This really can be done, in other words, even with just one toon, even if you're new, even at the end of an expansion. You probably won't gold-cap, but you can make a good bit of gold on your way to 80 and beyond, and those people who've been playing for years know a lot more of the good spots than I do.

For people who don't want to spend a lot of time, and already have an 80 or 4 (most of the population), even on a server with a whack economy, you could probably spend an hour a day on dailies, crafting, and picking up a few recipes to resell to net yourself 500 gold or more - even if you aren't an AH fanatic, don't want to get into arbitraging and all that other stuff. It's really not that difficult.

End wall of text. And thanks Marcko for such a great blog."

Anonymous said... "First time I've commented here but I've found not all the tips work so good on my server whereas others work very well.

However I've used tip and ideas from here over the last 6 weeks or so and I've gone from just under 1k gold to about 18k at the moment and thats after powerlevelling a couple of tradeskills and making a hog mount.

I've found some markets on my server are very competitive so I've had to try a few things to see what works on my server.

Overall the blog has been a huge benefit to me as I always used to struggle to make gold so keep up the good work."

4 comments: on "Responses to Why Markco's Gold Strategies Don't Work"

  1. I first found JMTC in Nov of 09 at a football game googling how to make wow gold on my iphone.
    I had 60k basically mining, skinning, dailies, alchemy and herbalism.

    Markco explained cross faction trading and auctioneer clearly and simple.

    Now I am over 600k and I email Markco pictures of strip joints I am in while checking prices on the iphone armory app..

    And Markco has the pictures to prove it.

    Any one who says his stuff does not work are not taking all the theories into affect, they are not reading the forums for help and ideas..or they simple are haters and jealous.

    Markco rules period

  2. I'm actually shocked that people say these tips don't work. Sure they are server dependent so you take them with a grain of salt. But the underlying principles are solid. To me... the bottom line in this game is if you can do basic math, you will succeed... in the auction house... in raids... This entire game is based on numbers. Plain and simple.

  3. I started reading Marko's blog in early August. At that time I had 1k gold across all of my characters. Since then I have managed to make 125k gold while also taking a month off from the game.

    Anyone who says Marco's tips don't work is not using them correctly. If you try to follow them to the letter you might end up losing money because your server may not be like his.

    If you read the posts that he makes, think about how it applies to your server and then act you will make gold. As long as you have patience and are willing to think about how things impact your server, Marco's tips will help you make gold.

  4. I think, above all else, that PATIENCE is the key to using the gold tips here or on any other website successfully. Sometimes the market on your server may just suck for a particular item, but that doesn't mean that things can't change - and they often do, look at what the latest patch did for the glyph market (albeit briefly). Just because someone points out a "hot" item doesn't mean you will sell it right away, it may take a few tries or even waiting for the entire player market to improve (like with a patch or expac) before you can really capitalize on something.

    It also really helps to know how crafting interdependencies work and how this relates to what items you can expect to be in demand. For example, it's not enough to know that Essence of Air can be a good AH seller - WHY do people need it? And why does it sell for as much as it does? By doing a little legwork and thinking about your own crafting habits and needs, you can come up with your own selling strategies even if a particular tip doesn't work out for you.

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