Selling Starter Gear on Crack

Here's the original post which this email is in response to: Get your clothes off your back - and the beggars.

"Hello again Markco,

I would like to point out a little-known fact that makes selling
starting gear profitable at a more practical level, similar to vendor
runs. That is to say, there is actually a vendor that sells all the
starting armors and his name is Thomas Yance, the Travelling Salesman
of Old Hillsbrad Foothills.

This poses a bit of a snag in making this profitable, as a trip to Old
Hillsbrad leaves you with two possibilities: buying Rumsey Rum Black
Label from Barkeep Kelly or buying gear from Thomas Yance. The
solution to this what may seem as a dilemma at first, for those
traveling auctioneers among your readers, is to not fill your entire
haversack with Rum and instead pad it out with clothing. In my
experience, Rumsey Rum can easily flood the market which leads to the
Rum getting stockpiled and siphoned into the AH gradually over the
course of many months. Starter clothes would in all likelihood not
suffer from the same obstacle due to the nature of the Auction House
search, as well as their diversity of being.

A single trip buying only Rum should have you supplied for quite a
while. Doing the same for clothes may not be sustainable at length as
easily as Rum is, but as Tristan writes it may be subject to expedited
returns in a satisfying manner.

While I am writing, I would also like to share a fairly important tip
when it comes to putting to use all the tips that stream through JMTC.
There are very likely more than a couple readers on your server (if
not, you are quite blessed), and when someone reads a tip they tend to
try it out soon after. My tip is to keep a list of tips you would like
to try and instead of trying them right away, try them a few days or a
week later. A routine like that has served me well for a while.

More fundamentally: auctioneers need to always be flexible and adapt
to the current state of the market, and blogs such as JMTC are a
powerful force to change the current state of markets.

Shawb of Moon Guard (US)"

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  1. If you have an engineer or someone who has picked up the argent gruntling/squire from the argent tournament, you can use the portable mailbox or bank access functionality to grab much more than can fit in your pack.

  2. Thomas Yance also has a Leatherworking pattern [Pattern: Riding Crop]. He is *the* sole source for it. The pattern isn't particularly useful, but it does sell well on the AH to completists.

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