Twas the Night Before Glyph-Mas

Whitewolf, an admin from the JMTC forums, sent me this PM and I felt that I had to share. It is so perfect for tonight lol as we prepare for glyph and gem -mas.

'Twas the night before Glyph-mas and at all auction houses
Competition was stirring, (those idiot louses.)
The posters were lined up in cities with care,
In the hopes that the new patch soon would be there.

The players were nestled all snug in their beds,
Not suspecting that glyphs would soon cost them hundreds.
And I, with my money (in excess of goldcap)
Had just settled in for a long Maintenence nap.

When out in Dalaran arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the Inn to see what was the matter.
Away to the portals, I flew like a flash
(Sensing wind in my nightrobe, I retied the sash.)

After rezoning and remounting my horse
I rode to the city's center of commerce.
At what, with my wondering eyes, should I stare,
But my army of bank alts, heavy laden with wares.

How could I have known, when I first lifted a quill,
It would eventually lead to this night of thrill.
More laden than pack mules, (those should be in-game)
I whistled and shouted each glyph product's name

Now Nourish!, Now Rebirth!, Now Mind Flay!, Now Smite!
From Tricks of the Trade to Beacon of Light
To the top of the Listings, beneath others' glyph walls,
Post away! Post away! Post away all!

They spoke not a word but went straight to their work,
Undercutting those other competitive jerks.
And as the first batch flew off the shelf
I pondered the dance of a cute little Belf.

And then with the next batch, my Fallback, it rose.
Those clients will now have to pay through the nose.
Secure in my placement I turned my attention
To transmuting gems, (I sense early pension!)

Though they languished for months for 2 pieces of gold,
I sense a great shift in the rate that they're sold.
As you'll hear me exclaim once the server's online
Happy Glyph-Mas to all, Pay now 199g!'

8 comments: on "Twas the Night Before Glyph-Mas"

  1. This made my day!

  2. Awesome, thank you!

  3. Lol, that was awesome.

  4. Well done!

  5. Hehe, that's fantastic! Made me giggle lots! :D

  6. amazing... simply amazing!

  7. Just like to ask a question as havent seen it here, with the removal of transmute cds on gems people im guessing will be stockpiling blue gems and eternals ready for crafting. Are cooldowns for the transmute of eternals gonna be gone as well, in the case eternals water are very very cheap and u can buy them for 1g and just pop them into fires are life on patch day.

    would love to hear feedback

  8. ..... Big Q here. I'm on the european servers. But, my gem CD's not gone!Is it completely gone in USA servers? or just reduced like the gliph research thingny? I tried last night after a disappointing patch day where my installation went corrupt on me :( I was looking forward for a good night's work on gems and glyphs... the gems are still all waiting on my guild tabs, could only transmute one. And due to my lateness, found a gazillion glyphs already posted when I finally made it in (small pop server). It'll be waiting for the second gliph round here.

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