Unusual Druid Gold Strategy in Moonglade


"I'm not sure if this works anymore but on my old server back in Burning Crusade I discovered druids have a unique bonus to gold making schemes.  I used this to supplement daily farming for my epic flying back then (sadly about six other people discovered it too and drove my price from 30-50g a pop to a tenth of that).  The recipe for Runed Arcanite Rod is sold only in limited quantities in Moonglade.  I would just teleport to Moonglade, check for the recipe, then take a leisurely flight to Thunderbluff (or Darnassas) and post it on the auction house.

I usually just did this when my hearth was down, and I needed to get to a capital city in Azeroth for some reason, so it was on my way.
I switched realms and haven't ever made a druid (or an enchanter) since so I don't know how it is now, but enchanters probably still need it!

Limited supply items like this one are just pure money making gold and although they are "rare" I tend to see new ones appear every 30 minutes to an hour. So next time you respec your druid or if you're leveling one be sure to check the trainer whenever you get a chance for the Runed Arcanite Rod recipe. I sell them for 24 gold a piece and as many as three per day on my small server. Your mileage will vary based on competition and server size.

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  1. Deathknights can fly there as well, right after their initial quest.

  2. Yes this one works for me. The other enchant doesn't sell very well for me so I have given up on it but the rod is always a winner.

  3. Or you can take it one step further like I do. It doesn't have to include a long flightpath to Darnassus/TB or only when you're respeccing. Anytime you're out questing or raiding or whatever and it's time to hearth, simply hit up Mooonglade first and then hearth from there. =)

  4. Yup, every time my druid trains, respecs, etc. I buy this recipe and sometimes the other one too. As was mentioned the other one doesn't sell as quickly but I can still usually sell both of them for about 40-50g on my server (also small).

  5. You can take this one step further and also check the vendor npc Geenia Sunshadow for a limited quantity RP dress called Formal Dangui. This item is rumored to be on a one month spawn (or longer) and can fetch over 1k gold. Why, you ask? Because it is 1) an extremely cool dress, and is the only one like it in the game and 2) look at the item level! This can be enchanted with BC level enchants for level 1 twinks and vanity bank alts. I have seen them advertised on twink forums, and people sometimes server transfer to buy them!

  6. Any character class can do this, given a little time. When you visit Moonglade for the Lunar Festival, pick up the flightpoint for your faction. Note that this is not the Druid-only FP in Nighthaven, but one of the two FPs in the southern half of Moonglade.

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