What Mageweave Farming Teaches Us About the Auction House

This week I will be trending towards publishing reader emails and what can I say you guys send me more valuable information than I know what to do with! After all, JMTC is a community and without you guys I'm just blowing hot air. I'm sure some of you would say I'm doing that anyway but hey I can't please everyone. Often I just can't find the time to add all the emails I get (I literally have over a hundred emailed tips not yet incorporated into the blog) and so I tend to only include the time sensitive ones. This week however I felt it was long overdue to have a sort of reader appreciation period where I published mostly your ideas that you have taken the time to share with me. Thank you very much for your emails, comments, etc.

Here's an excellent tip about farming one of my favorite buy low, sell normal markets. Read the farming spot first and then I'll show you how to flip 'em with just the auction house. I'll also explain what you can learn from Adrian's experience.

 "Hi Markco,

I enjoy reading your tips everyday and have applied some of them to my gaming technique. One I would like to share with you is Mageweave cloth.

This goes very high on my server as I have only found 1 place to effectively farm it and only if by yourself. I'm a level 72 pally and can run Zul Farrack by myself, completely wiping out every living creature in about an hour. Out of that, I usually get about 120 mageweave which I then put in the auction house for 13-15g per 10 stack. If I do this on a Thursday night, they will usually sell with 5-10 minutes.....no matter how many I put in the AH. Thats 180g for an hr. Not too bad. On top of that, I get quite a few greens that I disechant and use or sell my excess on the AH. All in all I end up about 200-250g on the plus side for a little over an hour.

Keep up the great tips....I will share more if I come accross any great and wonderful things. 


Adrian has shown a farming spot for mageweave that is making 250 gold an hour. What I'm going to do is reveal an even better spot to farm the cloth that will in turn make far more gold per hour: the auction house.  

So what does this example of farming mageweave teach us about the auction house?

1. Identify a Need

Adrian was quick to pick up that there was a very real demand for mageweave cloth, probably for leveling tailoring and first aid. Maybe as a level 72 paladin she discovered that there wasn't enough cloth on the auction house to level her first aid skill.

2. Finding a Farming Spot to Get Started

Zul'Farrak is the place where Adrian settled on farming for mageweave cloth. I'm sure she tried other places but this one ended up being the fastest/easiest one by far.

3. Discover the Best Times to Sell

Adrian noticed that on thursdays this cloth sells really well and I couldn't agree more! Posting from Thursday to Friday happens to be one of the smartest times to do so because so many players are online.

4. Is Farming the Only Option?

With some more research and testing Adrian will probably discover that on saturday to sunday and even sometimes into the early part of the week mageweave cloth can dip in value. If she were to start buying up the cloth at 75% or lower than her normal selling price she could probably stop farming in Zul'Farrak and instead switch to farming the auction house.

Adrian is starting off exactly as I did before I really realized the path this way of thinking was taking me... becoming a professional auctioneer.

12 comments: on "What Mageweave Farming Teaches Us About the Auction House"

  1. i've added scanning cloth on the AH to my reoutine and make fairly good money off of people posting below 60% and then reposting at normal market value. Once in awhile I'll catch a farmer and pick up 30-100 stacks.I have no problem selling even 100 stacks within the week. it's just a painful amount of mail!

  2. Not since I was levelling through wrath for the first time have I actually gone out and collected materials for myself. Farming the auction house, together with a little patience for the pricing to drop to your acceptable levels, is a much more efficient way to obtain mats for your professions or for resale, and will allow you to deal in much greater quantities. Learn to use Auctioneer's snatch list or shopping lists in Auction Lite to buy up the materials you deal in and buy them out every time you see them below your threshold.

  3. Thanks for another good article.

    @Acadia: There are a few good 'mail' related addons that can simplify your task (best of all... they are not memory hogs).

    ... Perhaps an article on how mail addons can make life easier?

  4. I know I burned through a LOT of Mageweave via my Tailor making White Bandit Masks for my Enchanter to use as a source for Vison Dust/Nether Essence. Fortunately, I was doing the Timbermaw rep grind at the same time, two birds w/ one stone and all that. Just goes to show how valuable this cloth is to several different professions, and why it's a consistent money-maker at least on my server. I may add this back to my "I just need something to sell" farming routine.

  5. If you are a high level going for The Diplomat title and need timbermaw rep, then do IRRC the lower level southern group since their MW sells better than the RC.

  6. Question instead of comment:

    Why do players post things like mageweave (and other items) at >999% scan prices? Do people honestly get a couple gold buyers looking for a quick fix to buy these goods, or is it various auction house traders from communities like this one attempting to distort the Auctioneer scans of other players?

  7. I wonder what proportion of players have auctioneer.

  8. People posting at above 999% are a combination of people trying to distort auctioneer data, and those who accidentally posted as priced per item when they meant to price per stack.

  9. I haven't farmed mageweave in iceages but when I used to, and I won't even claim it's the best spot, I went to the harpies in northwestern feralas. they're a mix of casters and melee but there aren't that many farming spots outside of instances so it did the trick.

  10. Jadefire Glen in Felwood is good too...most of the people who farm in Felwood do loops of the Furbolg camp, and competition can be tight. Just a little bit north of there at Jadefire are a ton of satyrs who drop MW and respawn pretty quickly, and hardly anyone ever goes there. If you're just interested in MW cloth and don't need Timbermaw rep, this is a great place to go.

  11. Interesting how many people offer their favorite farming locations given that the point of the post is that if you identify a decent market, you can make more money (overall and per hour) working the ah than from farming.

  12. didnt they drop the level on mobs of strathholme seems i recall seeing more mage weave..then rune cloth

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