Cataclysm Engineering Gathering Volatile Air

Email sent in by Necka from Give him some credit, he plays the auction house on the same server as I do!

"Hey Markco,

I know you talk about how much gold someone can make with Engineering on Call to Auction. With the changes to the game, such as arrows/bullets, we have very little in terms of making gold. Well come Cataclysm we're going to be able to gather Volatile Air, which is  needed to level using Cataclysm patterns.

Electrostatic Condenser
Binds when picked up
Requires Engineering (440)
Item Level 85
Allows a skilled engineer to occasionally collect Volatile Air while mining, skinning, or Herbalism.

This basically means that unless your Engineering toon has either Mining/Skinning/Herbalism the only way to get Volatile Air to level, you'll have to buy them off the Auction House. This is going to be a massive gold mine for anyone who was lucky to have a gathering profession with Engineering. Now this could change, but with Cataclysm release less then a month away its very unlikely.

No matter what your set up is right now currently, I think anyone who had Engineering, should take the time to set up and Engineering with one of the gathering profession. I recommend going with mining. Ore is always a plus and out of the three gathering profession I found it to be the most gold per hour made then you can with skinning or Herbalism.

Focushot of Onyxia (US)"

Focushot brings up some great points about this handy new ability for engineers and I think I'm torn between creating a herbalist/miner or a engineer plus miner or herbalist. Air is going to be a great seller and getting it randomly from other activities is awesome! However, I think that your best bet is to create a engineer/skinner since it is possible to skin far more than you herb or mine and you'll be farming drops as well from the mobs you kill. I'm not sure if you will have less chance to pick up air while skinning due to this imbalance but if not you should take advantage of it! Make two farmers: herbalit/miner and skinner/engineer.

6 comments: on "Cataclysm Engineering Gathering Volatile Air"

  1. Heh heh my main is engineer/miner. I'll be farming like crazy the first couple of weeks of Cata.

    On the other hand it sucks that they've (apparently) removed dust clouds from Cata zones.

  2. This sucks because i just dropped mining for JC'ing >_<. Oh well it is nice to see engi's get a gold making method.

  3. I do like the idea of gathering dust clouds better than this somewhat flawed design of gathering professions in combination with Engineering...

    This is most likely because my engineer is a jewelcrafter also (maximum effect in PVP and PVE), and my gathering characters do obviously not have access to Engineering (being miner/herbalist and skinner/herbalist). Sucks!

  4. My previous main is a holy pally Eng/JC, but of course like most I won't be playing my pally much in cata.

    I can do the JC daily on it. But I already have a JC and miner.

    So I am torn between making him eng/mining or keeping him JC

    Regardless, I do not like, at all, the design where you must have specific second professions to get the engineering benefit. LW can buy leather, they do not have to *be* skinners.

  5. my horde rogue is an engi/miner and my ali druid is mining/herb ... which to choose which to choose...

  6. Sadly, I'm considering dropping Engineering. Posted about it but made sure to link to this to give a pro-Engineering stance. :P

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