Cataclysm Gold Sink

It's not old world/new world flying, although that's a hefty amount of gold in and of itself. It's not 310% speed either eventhough you know everyone with the gold to burn will be buying that.

It's not reagents or respecs.

It's Reforging. Yep, everyone's favorite way to enhance their gear is the main way you're going to drop gold throughout cataclysm. There's no limit to the number of times you can test out reforging that favorite pair of gloves for the ninth time. Most players are not going to want to spend the time doing the math behing changing gear so they'll just do it and play with it until they get it right. After all it's only 15 gold here, 10 gold there, not much right? I managed to drop 80 gold reforging my gear from haste to hit and that was only eight peices! Imagine how much gold you'll spend tweaking your character as your gear changes... you'll get a new peice and suddenly have not enough hit or too much hit and once again you'll be standing in front of the reforge dude with his sweet outfit. If blizzard had allowed for the reforging of primary stats (strength, agility, intellect) I would have gone bonkers reforging all my gear but thankfully they didn't do that.

Have you made use of the Reforge option yet? What did you think of it and more importantly, how much did you spend toying with this new gearing method? Were you as dissapointed as I was when you couldn't reforge primary stats like strength or intellect?

PS: Uruloken of Runetotem, Alliance sent in this "timely gouge" and referenced my supply and demand article.

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  1. I've already made use of the Reforging option, dumping a decent amount of gold into converting less than favorable stats into Mastery for my MM Hunter.

    I actually really like the feature, and it might sound lame but I even had fun looking to see what could be converted into what and tinkering with my gear.

    I was a bit disappointed to see that you can't convert primary stats, but oh well. It is still handy.

    This is definitely going to help alleviated some of the annoyance of making up for that 1% hit you are lacking etc when you get a new piece of gear that has less Hit Rating. You will no longer need to swap out a non-hit rating enchant on an item for one with Hit Rating because you can just go to the nearest place to reforge, pay a small amount of gold and covert a less important stat to bridge your gaps.

    I wonder if that will affect the sales on scrolls of future enchants similar to Icewalker with +Hit Rating. I'm not too up to date on the enchants being offered through, so there may not be any +Hit Rating enchants at all.

    Being able to reforge to pick up that easy Hit Rating will be so much more convenient than hunting down those mats and/or hunting down an enchanter to replace an enchant you have already found mats and/or an enchanter for. It eliminates hassle and a middle man.

    Anyway, that's my input.


  2. The amount I've spent on reforging already sickens me. As a tank I'm constantly juggling hit, expertise, and different mitigation stats. Until Tuesday us paladins could reach 102.4% avoidance by reforging for enough mastery and on a single night I got one pants upgrade and spent over 1500g regemming and reforging everything just to get my stats rebalanced. I fear upgrades. :|

  3. I figure sooner or later someone will come up with a mod that shows you the stat changes reforging a piece will do without actually having to reforge it. Make it so you can reforge multiple pieces and see the total stat changes before confirming and we'll be golden.

  4. that post was kind of 1 out of 5 ...

  5. It seems SO much cheaper to sort your hit rating out, as compared to re-gemming.

  6. Reforging is a terrible gold sink already. Between reforging 3 specs worth of gear on my main druid, 2 specs worth of gear on my DK, and 2 for my pally... and then having to do it over again for new pieces, I've sunk into a sizable amount into it already. Especially for those of us who raid actively on several toons, this is going to be a good way to get gold out of player's hands.

    As to timely gouge...
    Mage Armor 1

    Mage Armor 2

    And I stopped bothering with the screenshots after the third one :p

  7. I got irritated at the whole process of figuring out what to reforge and wrote an addon for it: Reforgenator. It's up on Curse now, and may even be of interest for the next two weeks. I'll have to rework the whole thing when we can level to 85, though.

  8. Wrong, the cataclysm gold sink is Archeology. Shit ton of random boe vanity items that are going to be rare. Including mounts.
    I wouldnt go about spouting that reforging is a "gold sink".

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