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Before I show you this email I received recently, I'd first like to talk to you about the whole concept of playing without addons. Some players actually enjoy it! I know that I am constantly recommending the use of about a half dozen powerful addons to help you manipulate the auction house successfully, but it is entirely possible to do well without them. I would go so far as to say it's close to self mutilation but who am I to rain on someone else's parade? Who's to say that combing the auction house by hand isn't a great way to learn the auction house so that when you do end up using addons you'll be a pro at it? Keep this in mind when you read the following email and please try to avoid the 'l2addons noob!' comments. Not that you leave those kinds of things, just trying to make sure that you get the point of the post instead of focusing on how addons would make this player's life easier.

"Thanks! Your blog is one of three real pretty regularly. I came into the making srs gold just a month ago. I have been able to make over 6k gold since I started in earnest. I am proof that you don't need to be hardcore to make gold. I am stitting today a month later at 12k. See I don't make gold full time, I raid 3 tiimes a week so, I have to be able to fit it into my schedule and not overrun my rl.

What it takes is Omg Brainssss!

I am on a rp horde leaning server and here is how I've done it, so the next time someone calls you and ass you can't point to me as an example.even my husband is amazed at how well I have been doing with little work involved!

1. No Auctioneer

  • I don't use auctioneer or fancy macros, I use auctionlite and good old fashion paper n pencil. Yep you heard right.
  • This started when I first played wow, my computer couldn't handle the drain of auctioneer. That being said I don't always count on auctionite to set a price for an item that is rare. I do my due diligence, check my lists, check. Rarity and set then price. I keep my snatch list handy to buy up items that are low gold that I hope to make a profit from in the future.

2. Flipping Study
  • I have a flip list and study the market for niche items and snatch list for rares.
  • Such as flipping savory deviate delight from a purchase price of 150 to sold price of 435
  • Or arcane tomes at 10 gold each and flipped at 200 a piece
  • I have even sold a purple witch hat from a dalarn vendor for 100 gold, which was a risk but at best I would have a swanky hat for my main that only cost about 41g.
  • I have bought 3 rich purple shirts at 15 g to flip for later
  • My husband and I have started farming world dragons so you can imagine the drops we are going to get for future profit.

3. Use Professions Wisely
  • My shamen is 1/2 thru 79 and did the shattered sun dailies since then I am farming the belfs for sunfury signets and arcane tome. 30 mins and 3 rounds of whacking on belfs.
  • Cloth drops sent to my tailor for bags 7-12 gold depending on the day
  • Adamantite mines for jems, mercurial adaminte made and sold. Gems 7-12 gold,. Mercurial adamtine 25g a piece.
  • Greens listed once, then if unsold sent to my enchanted for bc level enchants 7-20g
  • Sunfury signets 235 g for a stack of 30
So as you can see, I am proof that you are not an ass marko, you are a smart economist with sound principals and with just a little work and patience you can make serious gold. It just takes braiiinnssss...

Thanks again and I look forward to more of your sound market advice!


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  1. Offtop: when she said "BRAINSSS" it reminded me PlantsVSZombies game. )

  2. No addons....isnt much of a deal. Remote auction house does the same. Use it allthe time. I really didnt start to use addons till May. I had a few hundred k then. Addons just make it easier.

  3. TheAuctionator said... November 21, 2010 at 4:28 PM

    A nicely considered piece that shows diversity in approach, much appreciated

  4. This too is how I started out. I refused to use add ons for over 4 years because I absolutely hated relying on them, then having to fix 10 broken character set-ups while waiting for fixes. Just slowed me down too much in the end so I went without add-ons. I too used paper, tons of notes, lots of math done on paper instead of a calculator.

    The cool thing is as you are taking these notes, eventually you reach a point where you have that item memorized. As you now have your data memorized you can conceptually understand it much better than just using scans and flips, etc. Then when you do decide to try out an add-on or two, you already have a much deeper understanding of the market. Then you can slowly try out new add-ons or things that make what you already do easier. (Postal, any program to create a snatch list, or an in game calculator, etc).

    I myself have only been using add-ons for a couple of months and only AH add-ons like Auctioneer, Postal, Trade Chat Forwarder - just the basics). So I absolutely understand the tone of this message.

    Keep up the good work Kali!

  5. I had Auctioneer and Auctionlite, but as time went by I found I was using Auctioneer less and less and simply using Auctionlite.

    Just using tailoring really selling threads and cloths (as well as herb bags) brought in a steady trickle of gold for little time invested.

    I used my time to level more characters, I love levelling. I am active on a couple of realms but still use this minimal tech approach. I use a spreadsheet to keep tabs on cost of crafted items versus selling price so I can focus on what has the highest margins.

  6. Wow total Blackberry fail that day.. (enchanted lol) Mostly the point was to know your auction economy. I don't have a lot of time to spend nor is my intent to be capped by cata. My intent was to better my skills and make some gold to have a good nest egg for cata. I am at 16k now and very little time invested.

    I only ready 3 gold blogs, (Markos, Colds and gnomish coin), so I am getting a good all round view of market house economics and take what I get from the 3 and apply them to my server.

    Just like the real world, the economies on different servers act differently and respond to different market influences (for some reason people seem to forget that they exist in WOW).

    So the bottom line is that anyone can do it, even if they are short on time or add ons. It just takes using economic principals which they can pick up by just reading a couple good blogs, and learning how to apply them to their economy.

    Anyways... cheers!


  7. I use add-ons for almost all of my AH dealings except for my enchanting scroll market. I have to use a pen and paper for my enchanting scrolls and that takes a lot of time, but because I have to write them down and make tally's on them so often I have all of the materials for every enchanting scroll I sell memorized and how much it cost to make them. It makes buying materials to restock a lot easier when you know exactly what all the mats are without having to look them up.

  8. And auctionlite is no addon because ...
    I actually use no addons and it is slower in making gold then possible with an addon (a person can't type that fast and launch that many searches in the same timeframe, so it makes perfect sense)

  9. And that honestly comes back to style of play. If your style of play is to drive the economy or build a solid presence in a particularly large area (glyphs gems, enchants), then you won't get anywhere without add-ons unless you take lots of time.

    As far as flipping, though, Kali shows that good old fashioned research works wonders.

    I personally fall somewhere in-between, using MySales for tracking (in conjunction with a Google Spreadsheet), Auctionator for buying, and APM for most of my selling (glyphs & jewels). I still flip adamantite and snatch eternal earths and uncommon WotLK gems and prices that I've memorized.

    I killed a lot of trees before I made the switch to Add-ons, mostly because I was like Cold, and just couldn't see the value in spending the time to learn it all and set it all up.

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