Cataclysm Need 85 for 525 Skill Level?

This is a news post on the possibility of needing level 84 for access to phased recipes in cataclysm that can get you past 500 skill level in several professions. This post does not count as the daily gold tip.

Anyone else read on the JMTC forums that 75 may not cut it for skill level 525 for professions in cataclysm?

"I know a lot of people who have more than two professions will be currently in the process of levelling them to 75, that being the new minimum to get to 525. However on the beta right now its looking like even though u need a minimum level of 75 to continue levelling a proffession that is not a gathering proffession, you will only be able to get the gathering proffessions to max until you reach 84 as currently the 500+ recipes are all on vendors only reachable at minimum level 84. This is the Beta and as Kaliope has said it seems like blizzard is keeping it to the last minute, however it's possible that this will end up being the case and people might want to think about getting these extra toons to 79.9 (so that they will have rested). 
Thanks, Alkurian"
Here's a link which features both of my cohosts from call to auction and what they had to say on the issue.

What do I think about this? Well, glad you asked. I think it's going to be removed and when cataclysm launches 75 will be the requirement to get recipes beyond 500 skill level. I'm thinking back to past beta features that never went live like 3 gold battered hilts and cooldown removal of transmute epic gems.

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  1. If Cata is like the previous expansions, you can't accumulate rest into level 80 at all until the expansion is live, even if you're under 80. Like if you're 79.9, as said in the article, at most you can have 0.1 level of rest until either cata launches or you actually upgrade your account (not sure which).

  2. I don't think they'll open up the recipes to level 75s by putting them on the trainers.

    The beta "features" you refer to as not going live were conveniences put in so that testers would be able to test the new features without having to grind excessively on the PTR to even try them. Putting recipes behind the phasing cut looks like an explicit design decision, not a convenience feature.

  3. I believe they're wrong about JC.

    Fire Prism skills from 500-525 and is taught at the trainer. Other skills are learned from the daily JC quests

    Furthermore Leatherworking's obviously not finished, with skill levels all over the place.

  4. I'm with Anon#2. The features you cited were less restrictive on beta and more restrictive on live. This would be the opposite. I don't think this will change before or at launch. It may get changed after launch if there's a big kerfuffle.

    That being said, it's entirely possible that profs are not done yet, and it may be that you can level past 500 w/o the phased vendors, but it will be tougher or less profitable. I wouldn't put it past Blizzard to force people who are trying to dominate all professions to work harder for it. That seems to be the general direction of the most recent AH changes.

  5. If we have to work harder, then so be it. All of my crafters are currently level 80. There are three that I don't want to actually level, and those are my engineer, my scribe and my blacksmith. I'm hoping for the sake of inscription that I don't have to be level 84 to get the higher level recipes; I don't care about the other two professions so much.

    I would be kinda surprised if this was the new professions model that they were looking at implementing. Guess we just won't know until the expansion goes live and they get some real feedback on the whole thing.

  6. Unforunately I think this change will go live, but if it does, from the looks for the professions lists I've seen from beta, this change will not affect Alchemy, Inscription, Jewelcrafting (may prevent learning some craftables that require 525 but not actually reaching 525), and possibly Engineering.

  7. I don't like this at all and I really hope its going to change.

    I have saved up a lot of gold just to send on tailoring and try to be nr 1 on my server again. I think I spent 40k i WotLK to be nr 1 and I’m ready to spend way more then that.

    But as I’m causal gamer now that only likes to focus on professions I want to level up very slowly and enjoy all the new content and quests. To level day and night to get to 85 damn fast, just so I can be fast on tailoring doesn’t sound right.

    And we have a visitor here the first weekend after launch so even if I changed my mind about just power leveling, I can't start to level up until 13/12 and I guess I few is going to be 85 or close to it already then.

    But I cant understand why players that focusing on levels should also get the profession done before players that care about professions, doesn’t sound right at all.

  8. Depending on your server, there's a benefit to this. Farmers and farmbots will have to sink the extra money into the expansion now. That, plus a well timed strike of the banhammer, might help slow the annoyances down for the holidays.

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