Cobalt Ore: Cataclysm Preparation

I've been telling everyone to stockpile saronite ore for the purpose of selling bars to alchemist levelers for months now. What about it's lesser cousin, the cobalt ore? Is there a reason for stockpiling cobalt ore in cataclysm?

Yes, actually there's more than one reason... there's three reasons. Unless my math is off and I'm missing a reason, in which case I'm sure you'll enlighten me in the comments section.

1. Selling Cobalt Bars

Bars sell to those players leveling engineering or blacksmithing. Those 30 or so skill up levels requiring cobalt bars will make them sell throughout cataclysm. It may be worth your while to make cobalt war axes out of the bars and disenchant them but I doubt it.

2. Selling Cobalt Ore

Ore will sell well to jewelcrafters who want to get skill ups by prospecting and cutting gems. You could also simply prospect the ore and sell the raw gems instead.

3. Selling Cobalt Tanking Gear

I've mentioned this strategy before but I'd like to talk about it again. Every time a new tank reaches level 70 with the dungeon que they are assaulted by much more difficult instances than they are used to and while wearing gear that really isn't suited for the purpose. This is wear the savvy auctioneer with lots of cobalt tanking gear comes into play. These items have an incredible 200-500% profit margin and having a full set up at all times is key to making the most out of your cobalt.

How should you store the Cobalt?

If you have the option you should store the cobalt as ore. If for whatever reason you need to shift gears and prospect the cobalt (maybe green gems will become 10 gold each like golden draenite) you will also have this option as well.

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  1. Nice tip. I've been buying up Saronite but had wondered about Cobalt. And storage has been an issue, but not anymore.

    If you don't have a guild bank on an alt for storage get one now. If you already have one, get another. (I now have 4). For the cost of the storage tabs vs. bank slots advantage alone, it makes total sense. To store ore it makes even more sense.

    If you don't want to spend the time getting sigs maybe you can buy one. I recently found someone selling a 5 tab guild bank in trade for 1200g. He couldn't get anyone to buy it b/c it had a very silly name. I offered him 250g and he laughed.

    The next day, he pm'd me and asked if the offer was still good--no other takers. Since its just a storage bank I didn't care about the name, but on a hunch, I opened a ticket and explained the situation. A kindly GM helped me change the name (but cautioned that this is not a regular service and not to expect it in the future).

    So in the end, I got a 5 tab bank for 250g and gave it a cool name which I will flip when Cat comes out, or just before. I think I can make 1,000g on the transaction.

    But I digress--thanks for the Cobalt tip. I will begin buying this as well.

  2. I couldn't agree more with this... At least with the tanking sets. Before the original posting on this went up, I was netting roughly 400g for a complete set (8 pieces plus the shield) and for shits and giggles, throwing in a "free" eternal belt buckle when I advertised is trade. And I was moving at least 2-4 a day while sitting in Org and waiting for BG's to queue.

    After the posting, I am lucky if I can move 1 a week, and most of the pieces are flooded out on the AH (at least on my server of course ^_^) and prices are down to about 10 gold a piece.

    Ore on the other hand has gone through the roof, netting upwards of 40-50g for a stack, where as I used to buy enough ore to make 2 sets for 25g on a bad day, lol.

    All in all though, cobalt is definitely the way to go for some nice gold. And if farming it yourself, the best route I have seen so far is to just lap the outer edge of Howling Fjord on your flying mount, maybe cut upwards along the rave that runs from the south to about mid-mao and back down again.

  3. i've tried the cobalt sets before but I couldn't sell them quick enough because there was not enough demand for them. The posting fees are also pretty high so you've lost your profit margin pretty quick.

  4. It'll more than likely be profitable to sell the cobalt shields and armor to goblin and worgen alts with enchanting seeing as they'd also be looking to powerlevel their proffesions.

  5. Cobalt ore-I think Marcko is spot on here, leveling Blacksmiths and Jewel crafters will be looking for these out of the gate. Probably more sales at the 1 week mark after Cata hits though.
    Cobalt Bars-Blacksmithing/Engineering will be the on the lookout for these, yes, but I am not sure in what quantity they will be hunting them. This may be a market, but I think a typical one that already exists-I don’t see a lot of gain here because of what we have seen already. The prices have been fairly stable and I think this might remain the same except those requiring level ups. Just remember to check the price of ore before posting.
    Cobalt Tank sets-I would make these but hold until the 3-6 day mark into Cata because people are not going to level to 70 with their new alts the first day. Sure there will be some that try, but new instances will be calling folks along with them trying to make their own sales. Thinking about it I would probably say day 7-10 would be the days these start to sell.
    No matter what you post, post it the day before Cata comes out for 48 hrs to get a jump on the competition, learned that lesson with 4.0.1

  6. Great tip, I have been stocking up on cobalt for a few weeks now, when a good deal comes up on auction. I am also going to start stocking up on saronite as well. I think with the release of 4.0.3 and class changes, new alts will be flooding in and need lots of new gear and leveling materials. My bank is almost fool, it is going to be time to get a new one to start filling up.

  7. As in any specific tip it is always so server dependant. The ore is very pricey on my server and at the other end this type of gear just doesnt sell fast. You are typically better off to sell the high priced ore.

  8. Blizzard just leaked art for a new Wilford Brimley NPC in Cataclysm!!

  9. I sell every piece for 90g ;) about every other day


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