Euripides: Gold Capped and Insider Trader

Before I get into the review of my friend, Euripides, I'd like to go over some news bits for the community.

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Now for the review...

There are two names everyone in the gold making business of world of warcraft know who are serious about being informed: Euripides and Markco. You know who I am, but perhaps you don't know who Euripides is? Even if you do, this review of Euripides and his efforts in the gold making community will be well worth the read. Time is Money

One of the largest world of warcraft news sites,, the then (this is before it became, created a column called Time is Money a couple of months after JMTC was founded. This column was meant to be focused on gold making ideas with lists of helpful gold making tips for the various areas of wotlk. Unfortuneately the column died out and there was a temporary hole in the gold making world. This void was what Euripides decided to step in and fill.

Who is Eurpides?

Euripides is one of my cohosts, along with Bigjimm from Phase3profit, on the call to auction podcast and we all manage gold oriented articles every week. Euripides has access to a wider audience covering everyone from people who don't care about gold making to those who make it their only mode of play and I have a more focused audience of players in the range of mediocre to excellent ah skills. Although we write for slightly different groups our content is excellent and we both get the job done when it comes to covering wow economics. Our goal is to show you how you can play the auction house to the best of your abilities and have fun doing it. And yes, we both get paid to do it, which is a good thing because that forces us to work to the best of our abilities and provides you with the most powerful content possible.

Euripides is not my twin however, as we disagree on several parts of the auction house. What we do agree on are the principles of economics and the parts we disagree on are merely the details of how you go about implementing these core ideas. What makes our interaction so unique is due in part to Euripides' willingness to look at gold making from all angles and all points of view. He does a phenomenal job of writing for the audience at and he tries very hard to bring relevant, powerful content to his readers with his gold capped and insider trader columns. I highly recommend that you read his stuff, and take the time to go into the archives of both columns.

One of the biggest fallbacks to Time is Money was the lack of medium to advanced auctioneering concepts. These would be things like addon manipulation and ah pvp. What Euripides has done with his columns is bring these less talked about concepts and simplify them for the masses. With the recent boon in auctioneers this game has seen, both myself and Euripides have come at the perfect time to provide all of these recent thrill seekers with the knowledge and encouragment they need to become successful.

Euripides invited me to do the call to auction podcast with him and you know me... something new? How could I resist? What surprised me was his inate understanding real world economics which lead to some interesting conversations about product value. For instance, we discussed on our inscription episode how you distribute the cost of your herbs into primarily glyphs or snowfall inks and essentially make one of them cost you nothing. These kinds of discussions are what absolutely made the show in the early days when it was just him and me. I still kind of feel that Euripides needs to shake the bonds of some of the real world economics he tries to apply to wow but that's a story for another day. The point is that his involvement in the community has been helpful not only for me but also for all our listeners and his readers.

Where can you get in touch with Euripides?

You'll find Euripides lurking in the JMTC forums and constantly on the IRC chat if you'd like to ever get in touch with him. You can always leave comments on the call to auction podcast or email the show. He hosts a hunter blog, hunter podcast and of course his previously mentioned gold capped and insider trader columns.

Wow Economy Book, Wait What?!

I've been mentioning to Euripides that we should co-author a book on world of warcraft economics. Not a guide but an entertaining piece on relating real world principles to wow's ah ruleset. I think it would be fun to watch us fight on the details and provide you with some thought provoking content. Probably wouldn't be more than 10,000 words but a decent novel nonetheless.

Would you like to see us do this? I'm thinking that it would be called something like "The Perfect Economy."


13 comments: on "Euripides: Gold Capped and Insider Trader"

  1. DO IT! You know you want to... Always entertaining listening to the two of you duke it out.

  2. That would be a book worth buying -- the only thing more entertaining in this game than stacking piles of gold is listening to all the theory and seeing it play out, whether I am involved in that particular market or not.

    So, a book filled with debated theory? I'm in!

  3. Gold Capped was what got me into gold making, I found it while "zapping through" for anything interesting to read. So I have Euripides to thank for getting me into gold making which is now my favorite part of world of warcraft.

  4. I think that would be awesome. Since the WoW community is so massive, and the gold community is ever-growing you surely would have some sort of market for this. I also think there may be some more reality-based economics nerds who might find it interesting to read about gaming economics.

  5. I think that would be awesome. Since the WoW community is so massive, and the gold community is ever-growing you surely would have some sort of market for this. I also think there may be some more reality-based economics nerds who might find it interesting to read about gaming economics.

  6. I'm not a fan of his. I've listened to his misinterpret patch notes and stand firm by these misinterpretations.

    I also don't like the fact that most bloggers out there write better than Euripides, yet he's the one with the job. And in all reality, I've yet to see one original idea from him. He rehashes the info that is put out on the JMTC forums, writes it up, adds some pictures, and puts it out there so the masses can get the info. I'd respect him more if he wrote better than most of the bloggers on the JMTC Carnival, had unique insights (rather than recycle other's ideas), and respected the gold making community a little more.

    His greatest accomplishment? Whining about the auction house posting, which in turn led to having to push a button for EVERY auction we put up. The players were punished, and the bots find a way around it ANYWAYS. Thanks Basil.

  7. Would definitely be interested in a book of this nature. When's it going to be released? (DO IT!)

  8. The name "Euripides" reminds me of my favourite ancient Greek joke:

    Eumenides the tailor is in his shop when the door open and in walks a customer he vaguely recognises, carrying a torn pair of trousers.

    Tailor: "Euripides?"
    Customer: "Yes. Eumenides?"

  9. The change to auction house posting was going to come at some point. Dont think he was the only one that objected to it. I myself had sent requests into Blizz as I just didnt think it fit with their eula.

  10. Would definitely like to see a book...may be able to have my students read it :)

  11. Heh, I'm no economist. Armchair economist, at best...

  12. No. I wouldnt pay for a book like that.

  13. 10.000 pages equals 20 pages. That's a bachelor-paper at best. I don't think WoW and economics provide a decent enough topic to write a real novel. Just my 2 cents!


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