Happy B-Day JMTC, Cataclysm Gold Awaits!

Retweet, tell your friends on facebook, mention JMTC in a youtube video, post on the wow forums, or race out your front door and shout at the top of your lungs: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JMTC!" Well that last one is probably the least effective, but to each his own!

Jhaman did this for JMTC's birthday, very funny commercial for 20kleveling.

I'd like to thank YOU, the community, for making this site such a worthwhile and enjoyable place to visit. The recent explosion of readership over the course of the past 6 months and heavy linking from major websites have helped to cement JMTC, the collective entity you all represent that is, as the #1 gold guide out there.

It's not about Markco and his ideas, it's about this community and YOUR ideas. Thank you for your collective efforts in building and maintaining the superb information on this site and the forum, as well as your well mannered nature while conducting discussions here. I have only sent a handful of comments in the past six months to spam, most of them being bots, gold sellers and hack supporters. That speaks VOLUMES to the way you all behave on this site. It's not elitist jerks, it's not hate mongering with nonsensical philosophies, it's good old JMTC with information anyone can use to go from a gold making noob in cataclysm to a pro auctioneer who practices markco-vian economics.

If you think I'm done praising you guys and girls, well too bad, because I'm not. I don't care if you blush or feel embarrassed, you're getting thanked today.

  • Thank you to z-man, whitewolf, zerotorescue, sherrets, sparks, blackwolf and all the jtmc forum admins.
  • Thank you to the youtube commenters who always make me laugh.
  • Thank you to the forum goers who effectively formed a think tank for cataclysm gold making knowledge.
  • Thank you to the twitter users who are more than happy to retweet interesting articles from jmtc as well as ask me a plethora of questions while I'm running and tweeting on the treadmill or outside.
  • Thank you to the blog writers who participate in the carnivals and who link to jmtc on their blogrolls; I've enjoyed watching your sites grow and flourish while you build your own communities.
  • Thank you to the countless emails of gratitude, congratulation and encouragement throughout this past year.
  • Thank you to the IRC chatters who seem to be on regardless of the hour of the day and are always willing to strike up a good conversation about the auction house.
  • Thank you to the blog commenters who express their opinions, generate discussions and sometimes even correct my posts.
  • Thank you to the Email Newsletter and RSS Feed subscribers who enjoy my content delivered to them on a daily basis as well as show support for the site.
  • Thank you to Euripides from Wow.com's goldcapped and Bigjimm from Phase3Profit for working with me on the call to auction podcast as well as bouncing ideas back and forth about the ah.
  • Thank you to all the sites who interviewed me this year, I had a lot of fun doing podcasts and text interviews with you all.
  • Thank you to thunderer and jhaman for the castaclysm podcast and for making killing alliance so fun.
  • Thank you donators for the thousands of dollars in donations which paid for the site redesign of jmtc and forum hosting costs.
  • Thank you cataclysm / wotlk gold guide and premium forum members for your contributions to jmtc.
Many of you who follow me on twitter or facebook know that I work my ass off for this site. Where most bloggers might spend 5, 10 maybe even 20 hours a week writing for their blogs I am spending upwards of 40-60 because I'm doing much more than writing... I'm building a community. There's podcasts, forums, various media sites, interviews, guest postings, community events like the monthly carnival, hundreds of emails a day and so much more. There were and still are many nights where I would come home from work, go into my man-cave computer room and somehow find myself in my bed by the end of the night passing out. On the worst nights I would be passing out just hours before I needed to get up for work that morning. I think that after two years and all this hard work I can finally declare JMTC a total success.There's a reason why no other blog in the community is larger than this site, even non-gold making sites which focus on specific classes are not passing the numbers this site puts up. It's because I've poured so much effort into creating this masterpiece and have received the support of everyone here to keep pushing and succeeding. I am very proud of the fact that before JMTC there really wasn't a community based around making gold in wow, and now there are so many blogs growing around this site that it's really inspiring. I love seeing the entrepreneurial spirit alive in those around me and I've tried to devote a few hours each week to promoting both the blogs on my blog roll and new ones I discover.

If this is the first post you read on jmtc, know this: what you see now is the result of blood, sweat and tears from myself and also the effort of tens of thousands of your fellow auctioneers. Two years of posting every day. Two years of managing and growing this community. Two years of building this house for the wandering masses of auctioneers looking for a place to hang their hat and have a beer together. I'd do it all again without thinking twice about it.

So why did I work so hard? Was it for the money? Was it for the attention?

Neither, it was for the love of the auction house game. It powers me to this day and is strengthened by the wonderful relationships I've made and people I've met throughout my stay in the wow gold blogosphere.

Let's build a cataclysm gold guide together.


PS: Cataclysm is coming to the blog as well as the world of warcraft. A huge change is in the works as I look to train a new content manager who is already a major blogger in the community and this person is very enthusiastic about the position. The scheduled start date for this new hire is Dec 1st, and I will be dropping more hints as time goes on as to who it is and what this will mean for JMTC. Stay tuned!

Now to throw it over for the comments, tell of your story and how JMTC has impacted your game experience.

15 comments: on "Happy B-Day JMTC, Cataclysm Gold Awaits!"

  1. Happy BDay JMTC! amd Marcko Keep on bleeding!

  2. Happy B-day JMTC!

    Before this site, I was the poor guy everywhere. It's not that I couldn't make gold...I just hated farming or doing dailies. My G/F and another guildie would always brag about how much gold they had (and thinking back, 50k isn't that much.)

    But then I found JMTC. FROM JESTER TO KING BABY!!! I started off selling only belt buckles for about a month. In that time, I was up to around 7k liquid with a nice large stack of buckles and saronite.

    After seeing that potential, I moved onto Netherweave bags. Eventually I ended up giving that market back my G/F (I took it from her :D.) And finally, I dove into the inscription market head first. I basically dumped all of my assets into buying everything I could for inscription.

    Now, I've not yet hit the (old) gold cap, but currently, I'm sitting on around 70k, a guild bank full of items to sell, 20+ of each glyph, and around 7000 inks. I'm prepared for Cataclysm and it's all thanks to JMTC and the forums! Seriously, the forums are a bigger asset than the front page!

    Thanks again guys!!!

  3. First Time Blogger here. Just wanted to say Happy BDAY JMTC! You guys are awesome, although I did weep like beaten orc when I found out Euripides was on my server!

    It's wonderful to see how you have created a community dedicated to a whole different game within the game we love. I was always shy about the AH but you have given me courage to get in there and duke it out with the best and make some gold (8k so far in November)

    Thanks and here's looking forward to many more years!

  4. Happy B-Day JMTC!!!

    Thanks for "all" you guys do to bring new ideas and info to us and help make our game experience more interesting and enjoyable :)

  5. Happy Birthday JMTC!!!
    I have been playing wow for about a year thanks to my daughter talking me into trying a trial account. The day I discovered the wow auction I was born again, there is just something exciting about the whole idea of making money in the game. Before I found your site I was able to make about 5k give or take a thousand here or there, but I could never get much past that. Now thanks to JMTC I am about 50k liquid and a Guild bank full of stuff to sell for Cata. I am starting another guild bank today for more stuff. I got into Inscription about six weeks before the 4.0.1 patch, so I made most of my gold from that. With cup of coffee in hand this is the first thing I read every morning and I love it. Thanks for making this such a great blogging community.

  6. Happy Burfday Markco and JMTC!

    You and the JMTC Community has given so much to me, I just hope I can give a little back.

  7. Happy BDay JMTC!

    I came across your site a few months ago and I have been impressed with how well you communicate the underlying economic forces that drive markets. I work in the investment industry for a living, and it is refreshing to find other like-minded individuals who appreciate the market dynamics of the WOW AH. Although trading on the Auction House is drastically different than in real life, there are similar underlying principles you can adhere too and become very wealthy in WOW. Markco, you do a wonderful job capturing these principles, and I look forward to your musings in Cata.

  8. Happy Birthday

    Looking forward to what This Site Brings comes Cata and testing out and blogging on the tips


  9. haha Happy birthday Jmtc, Looking forward to more gold making coverage in cataclysm and hopefully a more schedualed Call to auction, At least you wont have any lack of ideas with all the new content/professions to cover :P

    Also I just checked any My blogs birthday was yesterday ! ha

    xoxo anaalius

  10. I really do hope you are making real money out of this or building a resume etc because no game (and that is what WOW is) is worth spending 40-60 hours a week writing about!
    You should get out more!

  11. Grats!

  12. Happy birthday, JMTC. I'm a fairly new reader, but the community surrounding this site has already helped me to get motivated to prepare for Cataclysm.

    Thank you everyone that is connected with this blog, and a big thank you to Markco for your insane effort. :)

  13. As always anonymous thank you for your concern. I get out plenty, work hard/play hard as they say.

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, congrats to you all on the excellent community you are a part of.

  14. I may be late to the party but Happy B'Day, nice work Marcko and hope to see a lot more good stuff from you.

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