I Bought A Cataclysm Gold Guide

So today I decided to buy a gold guide I'd heard about for quite some time. It's an extremely popular guide and was perhaps the finest piece of marketing I have ever seen for the wow niche. The pitch page was sound, the copy itself made me just drool at the idea of learning just a few lessons to hit the gold cap. Oh look, apparently these lessons are updated for 4.0! I decided I would buy it and see if perhaps the mighty Markco needed to learn from these lessons.

What I found was atrocious. Simply ATROCIOUS! Just like the vast majority of gold guides I have purchased (I tend to buy them about once every four to six months) I was appalled at the complete and utter lack of valuable information. This stuff was good for an absolute dunce, maybe even someone who didn't have two silvers to rub together, but for anyone beyond amateur level it was an utter waste of time. The south park images which took up huge chunks of page space within the 'guide' just added insult to injury.
The idea that anyone had ever taken these strategies and hit gold cap was ridiculous and you know what, after reading the 'testimonials' I realized that they had to be fake. One way to see if testimonials are written by the guide writer is to look for where the emphasis is in the writing. Is the spotlight on thanking the guide provider or on promoting a piece of the guide? Does the testimonial say "thanks for the awesome guide, it has helped me so much!" or "Strategy XYZ made me 500 gold per hour!"? The first one looks genuine, the second looks like a marketing ploy.

You're probably wondering to yourself, well wait Markco, why do you bother to buy guides when yours are so good?! I'm a marketer, and a damned good one at that. I like to see what the competition is doing and every time I've done it mine was vastly superior.The guides that I have enjoyed are ones that I also recommended to you, but 90% of the ones I have looked at were total bs. These guys writing guides are just looking for a quick buck off the vast majority of noob players who need to be pointed at a few addons and given a general strat to follow. My guide is far too adventurous for that, I not only show noobs how to become better players but I then show them how to go all the way to gold guru status. I give them the tools and the road map and then they choose how far down the path they want to go. Some are happy with an epic mount while leveling, others with a mammoth, others with 100k and still others are only satisfied with a million gold. This makes my guide capable of helping even some of the most advanced auctioneers. If you don't have a system for getting gold cap, I will show you how to make your own personal one. While other guides may be able to provide a leg up for noobs and newbs, mine will take them the distance.

I think that it would be a disservice to totally disregard all other gold guides out there as there are a handful of honest players who, like myself, have poured their hearts and souls into developing reputable guides. For instance, I thoroughly enjoyed the personal walk through style developed at Cataclysm Mastery, so if you'd like to check out their membership blog you could go there with a very strong recommendation from myself. They are looking into personalized guides for gathering in the first few weeks of cataclysm, along with profession guides for crafters who want to get an early lead on the competition with guidelines showcasing what mats and crafted items will be popular.

Let me reveal to you a little known secret, 20kleveling is not the first guide I've written and it wasn't the last either. I've written two others so far and several other guide marketers have stolen my content for their own use. Here are three catch phrases which you'll find in other guides that came from my writings, see how many you recognize:

  • "The secret to making gold is thousands of small profit auctions."
  • "15 minutes a day is all it takes to make XXX gold per hour."
  • "24 year old wow player with a full time job, house, girlfriend and a dog still finds time to make thousands per day."
Neither of the guides I wrote have paid me for my efforts, and so far I have managed to get one taken down and am working on the second. What I've learned is that the vast majority of these online marketers are nothing but a bunch of scum bags and low lifes, content with taking a few dollars from a stranger and then starting to look around for the next sucker who crosses their path. None of them have a blog of thousands of readers, none of them have accomplishments in game to point to for credibility and certainly none of them give a damn about you or your success. They just want your money.

What I have realized is that they're doing it wrong. So very wrong. By providing you all with great content many of you have purchased my guide just to say thank you! Imagine that, people buying products they might not even need because they found your free stuff so useful that it compels them to pay you for your efforts. I've developed a guide that is everything you need in one place, complete with videos, audio and screenshotted walk-throughs, so that this guide actually goes into the wow auction house in full detail. I'm not here to screw you over and take a few bucks from the occasional noob, I'm here to improve your game play experience and provide a service. For those of you who have bought the guide you know that everything you could possibly need to make gold is in that guide and that I will take care of you for expansions to come. If you purchased it early on you've seen dozens of updates and quality content added over time for free, and you know that the same will be true for cataclysm. Value is what I deliver, not just what I promise. The difference between myself and every other marketer you've seen in the wow niche is that I give a damn about what you see in the members area and my primary focus is to give you great content that only gets better as time goes on. That's why my refund rate is an impressive 2.2% and the refund rate for my forum premium membership is an unheard of 0%. Think about that. Not one person has asked for a refund on my forums and only slightly more have taken one for 20kleveling. 500+ people are premium members of the forums and over 2,500 people have purchased 20kleveling. Now that's a track record no other guide can hold a candle to. This incredible record is due to the fact that you get content for life with your purchase, so people are happy in the knowledge that their purchase will become even more valuable over time.

Buy my Cataclysm Gold Guide, complete with a 100% guarantee or your money back. It is a one time payment for life, full of updates and extras included over time. I haven't steered you wrong this whole time, why would I start by giving you a guide as atrocious as the one I bought last night? Don't let the pathetic attempts of shady markets fool you, buy the guide that actually was written by the same guy pitching the product to you and the same guy you've come to rely on for a great read every single day.

Act now before December 7th, as I will be raising the price to $47! Also, if you use the promotion code "JMTC" you will get an additional 10% discount, dropping the guide down to just $33. You've got nothing to lose!

NOTE: 20k Leveling is not a leveling guide in the sense of showing you how to level quickly, it is focused solely on the gold aspects of leveling and then professions at 85. It will take you from your first character to your tenth and how to create a business plan on your server. If you need an actual 'leveling guide' then I would recommend using one of the leveling guides in my members area at 20kleveling.

14 comments: on "I Bought A Cataclysm Gold Guide"

  1. Markco's guide really helped me!

    Markco is a genious!

    Buy Markco's guide everyone!

  2. I wish you'd name and shame Markco!

  3. Markco,

    I don't want to be rude or disrespectful towards you, but your guide has exact the same marketing image as any guides around (gold or leveling), why would be yours different?

    Good wine doesn’t need an occasion, good wine is the occasion.

  4. This is alittle bit confusing, I didn't know if this was being written at markco or by markco till the end..maybe a brief intro to the letter would help.

  5. It's funny how when people write something negative, their name always seems to be Anonymous. I bought your 20k guide after spending a lot of time reading your blog here and lurking the forums. I had been using Auctioneer with all its default settings. With your information, in the past 2 weeks I have gone from 5K on my account to over 10K. I know that is not much, but during the two weeks I have spent the majority of my time farming heroics for justice points with my main, bought 310 flying, spent hundreds at the reforger and buying gems that I do not have recipes for. I also have close to 300 auctions currently active, over 1000 gold tied up in bids, a couple of hundred stacks of saronite ore, and over 100 stacks of bolts of netherweave. This has been done by buying on the AH and selling on the AH. I make the high end leg spellpower stuff to sell with my tailoring, but I have done very little selling with my JC. My other 80 has 450 mining and inscription and I never even log in. I started using the strategy of a second bank alt to sell against and in 6 days starting with 10 gold he is over 1600 gold. My level 28 priest started doing the basic leveling stuff you said at level 20 and started with less than 50 silver and is over 600 gold. I can truly see where I could make a ton of gold if I really got serious. I am using just few of your strategies sporadically and I am doing really well. Thanks for the great website and gold guide.

  6. I think the point is while Markco has a gold guide and profits from it just like the other marketers, he also has created a place on his site for people to use for free. In addition he puts up a post every single day giving tips on how to make money. Not many bloggers do that and certainly no one else that sells a gold guide. He is a bit "in your face" with the marketing and it's hard to forget the Gevlon incident from last year but given everything he adds to the Wow universe I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. That's why many people buy his guide in spite of not needing any of the information ... as a thank you to him for creating JMTC.

  7. I haven't been able to buy Markco's guide yet, but what I see as setting him apart is the large community of people (blog, forum, podcast) that follow him. He hasn't just said this is how it's done and left. The community keeps adding to the knowledge, and he keeps updating information based on feedback. Many of the strategies are free if you have the time to scour the forums. I'm by no means anywhere near the gold making level I want to be at, but I'm working on leveling my alts to have the professions to get the job done, and Markco and the community around him have made it a lot easier for me.

  8. "The secret to making gold is thousands of small profit auctions."
    "15 minutes a day is all it takes to make XXX gold per hour."
    "24 year old wow player with a full time job, house, girlfriend and a dog still finds time to make thousands per day.

    Pretty sure these came from 90s exercise VHS tapes my mother watched to get buns of steel because even she, in 10 minutes a day with a full time job and two kids, could discover the secret to weight-loss success.

  9. @ Anon,
    If Markco was in your face with marketing then would be spammed with other products and his own all the time. Most marketers in other niche's spam the crap out of you. Every other post is selling a product, every e-mail on their list is selling a product, and that is all their twitter is.

    Markco is one of the few marketers out there that actually provides high quality content for free. The money he makes off of his guide and other ventures are a compensation for all the hard work he does on this site.

    Running a WoW gold blog with daily content is VERY difficult. It takes an insane amount of time to research and write all the content. Not just any content but content players actually need to succeed in gold making.

    Keep up the good work Markco, I'll be back on Blinging WoW in a couple of days!

  10. I've been using his forums, listening to his podcast, and reading his blog for over a year, and I plan to buy his guide. With ALL the FREE entertainment/knowledge he and this site has provided me, I think a ONE TIME purchase of his guide let's him know that we care, and appreciate his work.

    If you don't have the money, don't get it. If you feel uneasy about his gold guide, don't get it.

    But if you want to support a guy who has done A LOT for the wow community, then put your money where your mouth is, and make a buy.

    It'll help you, and Marko.

  11. You are indeed a damn good salesman. You managed to build up that community as a business for money, kudos for that.
    Don't get me wrong I really think you believe in what you do and probably have a lot of fun.
    And I can't really say anything about your guide since I didn't and never will buy it. But it is in your best interest to please your customer and increase your reputation (which is worth a lot) so I doubt you will sell a low-grade product.

    You are just an icecold business man doing an incredible job. And we all profit of that somehow, win-win situation *g*

    On a side note: what's up with that cataclysm mastery advertising? I saw that on a few blog posts today (on some kinda hidden, on some a little bit more obvious. That one here at jm2c better packed, again that shows your skills) and I'm starting to wonder...
    Dunno, seems a little bit... suspicious? Prove me wrong! :P

  12. im getting tired of this whole marketing game. i am grateful that you helped me work out a way for myself to never be poor in wow again, but your marketing has become too agressive in the last month or two, and its something i absolutely despise. ill keep reading your blog, its been a part of my everyday routines, but im afraid im gonna find less and less quality material, and read a bunch of posts like this one. u dont need this markco.

    taba at ravencrest eu

  13. What was that site that you can use to check the average price of things on your server?

  14. I have considered buying the 20k levelling guide but have not yet done so.

    The reason is that I feel a bit insecure about your promise's that it is a one off fee. I have been reading the blog, the JMTC forums and even listening to your podcasts and don't distrust you but what guarantee do we have that next week you're not going to vanish without a trace?

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