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Before I get into the challenge I'd like to propose for my fellow wow gold bloggers, I'd like to remind all of the new readers here that there is a powerful tutorials section on the site which you should all make use of. You should also try out the brand new search feature on the site, which will allow you to search what's currently on the blog, outgoing links and even the content on the blogs within my blog roll!

For those who don't know, friday posts are "Markco's Corner" and they tend to be articles geared towards the blogosphere, what's going on for this blog or my prot pvp/pve antics.

A Challenge

I've got a challenge for you all, yeah you gold blogs and guide sites, I'm talking about you! It will take you some time to write this post but it will probably be both the most commented and visited post by far on your site once you're finished.

Follow this outline and write your post answering each question:

(Feel free to link to your article in the comments section here or you can ask me to tweet about it.)
  1. What was your first post ever? Why did you write it? (don't use an intro post)
  2. What was your favorite post and why?
  3. What was your least favorite post and why?
  4. Find a reader comment you like and respond to it regarding one of your posts. Call them out and thank them for the comment.
  5. Ask your readers to pick a post they found useful on your site.

Ok I asked you to do it, now I'm going to follow the outline:

#1. First Post

Making Money at Level 9 - This article focused on making gold by obtaining low level meat, in this case boar meet. I wanted to start the blog off by surprising people with the ways they could make gold. It worked and helped to generate that initial and crucial readership all blogs require to thrive. Anyone who was there during the first 10 posts of my blog give a shout out in the comments so that I can thank you.

#2. Favorite Post

22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly - There's no question about this answer, no other article was better at helping players than this one on my blog and therefore it's my favorite post. I still get emails to this day from people thanking me for writing a concise list of how to use auctioneer scans to make gold.

#3. Least Favorite Post

Nerf Level 1 Casters and Their Gold Advantage - It's hard to pick a least favorite post when I've had quite a few which failed miserably and got negative responses from the audience here. I tried to be funny with this particular post but I screwed up in two ways: 1. It wasn't really that funny and some people thought I was serious. #2. I had my facts wrong by about oh... a year. Hands down my least favorite post.

#4. Reader Comment

I love comments that are both interesting and helpful to other people at the site. With 7,000+ to choose from it is impossible for me to pick a favorite so I'm just going to pick a userful comment I saw recently on the site that was both thoughtful and helpful for readers here. Since quite a few commenters turn their comment into a guest post for the site I'd like to call out Scantron for his contribution in this article on excel spreadsheets. That kind of selfless giving is what makes JMTC so special. Thank you for your article and the comments you have given in the past.

#5. What post on this site did you find useful as a reader?

Your turn! Comment please!

13 comments: on "I Challenge Cataclysm Gold Blogs"

  1. dont have a specific post but you gathered a lot of useful info about addons etc (ZA/APM primarily) shortly after 4.0.1 hit which really helped me out.

  2. I shall rise to your challenge Markco! I'll write it (and the guest post) over the weekend for publishing next week.

    As for the most useful post on your site? I can't choose, so many are fantastic.

    In my opinion, the best idea you've ever had was the introduction of the Blogging Carnivals 4 months ago. Genious, each and every one has introduced me to some great blogs, as well as bringing me new readers and commentators. Its been a pleasure to submit articles for the carnivals and I shall continue to do so.

  3. Your tutorial shows that QA3 is now Auction Profit Master. I thought that QA3 is now called Zeroauctions and that Auction Profit Master is another addon that performs a similar function.

  4. @Tyberiuss - They are both branches of QA, continued by different authors. ZA isnow not being updated, although Zerotorescure may be joining the APM development team.

  5. The post I found most useful was your "22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly"! I had installed it once before reading your post, but uninstalled it because it seemed way too confusing. Now, since learning how to use it thanks to your post, I can't live without it! :)

    I posted my responses to your challenge on my site
    It was fun looking through my older posts to come up with my answers, so thank you for the challenge!

  6. Read all about my answers for
    Markco's Challenge For Gold Bloggers.

    Your best tip for me actual came from a podcast. It was about the various levels of gaps in tanking gear and selling low level shields.

    Thanks for the topics Markco, helped with alleviating a little bit of bloggage lately.

  7. The most useful posts for me have always been the Blogging Carnival Posts, so much information in one place its great.

    Mine is up at my [url=http://www.2g1ah.com/?p=210]website[/url] as well. Ive only had the blog going for about 14 days so it almost feels like cheating but I wouldn't feel comfortable not posting anything after being called out :)

  8. Markco's gold blogger challenge

    Here is my Reply to the challenge Marcko! was pretty fun. Bring on more challenges!

  9. I only just started really reading JMTC about two months ago, so I haven't gone back to absorb previous content. Nonetheless, it's had a pretty big impact.

    This particular entry got me thinking about vendor recipes. Now I make over a thousand gold a week by buying Horde only cooking recipes and vendor pets on my level 20 tauren, flipping them via the Neutral AH, and selling them for 60-90g each! :D

    I made a post in response to this, it can be found right over . . . here.

  10. I shall rise to your challenge Marcko!!


  11. I shall rise to your challenge!


  12. With only a handful of posts up right now I felt I couldn't sleep with myself if I didn't take part

    Take a look here: http://2g1ah.com/?p=210

    My favorite posts are always the Blogging Carnivals, so much information from so many people in one location. The comments sections are always full of additional hints and tricks as well.

  13. I know this is late, but I finally answered your challenge Markco!

    You can find my post here

    My fav of your posts? "Markco, you're and Ass" has to be it, simply because I have been in that same situation before, and you answered it the same way I did, just in a blog post and longer =D

    Keep up the good work!

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