Insane in the Membrane - Feat of Strength in Cataclysm

If you're looking for help completing the insane in the membrane achievement before it is removed with cataclysm's release, head on over to the JMTC forums "Insane in the Membrane Support Group."

Items to flip on the auction house for insane in the membrane achievement seekers:

  • Heavy Junk Boxes
  • Darkmoon Cards but mostly Decks
  • List of Darkmoon Faire Items Note: Site inactive.
  • Librams of Focus, Protection and Rapidity.

Since this is becoming a feat of strength you can expect a similar upward trend in the value of these items as we saw for ZG reputation bijous and coins. Don't underestimate the value of some of the lesser darkmoon faire turn ins either.

Insane in the membrane is a little different from ZG since it's harder to do for one and the items are far rarer. While ZG was being farmed for tiger mounts, polymorph pet and razzashi hatchlings, these other reputations needed for the insane title were not being farmed. Bloodsail and Booty bay rep were being farmed but the only way to increase those reputations is through questing or grinding, not through ah purchases. Therefore I expect the prices of these items to go up about 3x what they are now for those insane enough to buy them.

So far we've seen blizzard cleaning up loose ends in the old world by removing achievements and making them feats of strength. What haven't they thought of? Did they miss anything? That's the real question and anyone who figures it out before blizzard will make a pretty penny.

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  1. Bah. This makes me wish I had started doing this more seriously earlier as I'll never complete before December.

    Good news is the Pristine Black Diamonds I have may return nice profits. And the lockboxes could find a new home through some /2 spammage.

    btw loving the new site theme.

  2. librams are selling very well, but don't forget large brilliant shards and pristine black diamonds! you need one diamond for every libram turn in, and 2-4 LBS. shards are selling for around 20g each on Zul'jin, and pristine black diamonds cannot be found for less than 500, most are listed closer to 1000. the diamonds are blue world drops that cannot be farmed (easily), but adding them to your snatch list is a really good idea. ^_^

    if you aren't an enchanter, the next time you go on baron runs in strat to try for the mount, get an enchanting friend to be in a group with you. you still get to use their disenchanting for boss drops even if they are afk in IF or logged out, and you get almost a stack of shards per 15 minute-ish run.

  3. Ah just completed my Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength and it feels better than a bag of delicious pink lady apples. I ended up sinking a lot of my gold into 64 epic decks (that I bought and created in a week) to get myself exalted with the Darkmoon Faire. I farmed pirates for the remainder of my Steamweedle Cartel rep.

    I definitely recommend selling decks/blue cards to make decks (of all levels, 60, 70, 80) as they are going for high prices at the moment. We are currently in a Darkmoon Faire week and we will have one more, 2 days before Cataclysm launch. I believe there may be a last minute dash for decks/cards/snowfall inks/eternal life in those last 1-2 days as people struggle to get that FoS.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. You should probably mention the difference in sales of 8-card decks, and the 3-card Rogues deck which was selling well before glyph insanity drove production costs through the roof.

    BTW tie links to full version/lite version without any indication what they are for, look like they are settings for this page, which they aren't

  5. Evlyxx, just so you know you can still complete the Insane in Cataclysm... Well sort of. As of right now (to my knowledge) the only thing being altered about it is the Shen'dralar rep turn in is being removed. So if that goes through, then as long as you finish Shen'dralar, you can actually complete all the other reps in Cataclysm. So you don't necessarily have to give up =D

  6. Forgot to mention that Bloodsail is changed too as of right now.

  7. I took Blizzard's word for it and so didn't feel the need to rush:

    Which turned out to be a mistake:

    Diamond prices will be even more insane now.

  8. 1) Insane in the Membrane was already a Feat of Strength. It is becoming an unobtainable Feat in Cataclysm.

    2) Junkboxes are not able to be sold on the AH. You can still sell them, but it will have to be in person through /trade.

    As other posts have stated, my understanding is that the Feat is not technically going away, but the Shen'dralar and Bloodsail factions needed for it are, so the only items that *should* be seeing desperation-level pricing are the Pristine Black Diamonds and (to a lesser extent, since they are farmable) the 3 librams. Of course, since the availability of the title is clearly changing after an earlier post suggested it would not, urgency of title seekers on all fronts is probably not unreasonable.

    Urgata the Insane, Tanaris (US)

  9. I just finished this Feat this morning. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. In retrospect, I should have changed race to human for it.

  10. I just completed my Insanity yesterday, on Halloween. It truly did drive me "Insane" as my guildmates will tell you. In my honest opinion... darkmoon faire is *By far* the hardest reputation to get to exalted. I spent uncountable hours farming herbs for it because I did not have enough gold to pay for the 100+ decks you need (atleast 45k g needed). Plus, after patch 4.01, with the changes to glyphs, the price of herbs on my server skyrocketed and never really came down. This made it even harder, I'm just glad I got it done before cataclysm.

    For you goldseekers - the past few weeks have great for herb selling, and probably will remain so. People *will* buy the unturned in darkmoon decks to get rep... and they will buy the librams if at a reasonable price. People are still trying to get this done, though few actually will.

  11. So glad I got my achievement already. Its hard enough as is, but now it has a time constraint as well! Talk about going INSANE! Good luck to everyone and don't forget to watch "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" while you work on it!

  12. An amazing guide!

    good luck

  13. Just "achieved" , the Insane in the Membrane achievement, yesterday 31/10/2010.

    I uploaded a screenshot of the "feat" to my own blog.

    I have probably spent around a gold cap just on the librams / decks / pristine black diamonds.

    I havent found any one on trade channels selling the heavy junkboxes, so i had to farm them myself. The best places to farm them are LBRS and Scholomance (based on my own experience).

    I have found specially useful to be an enchanter / engineer (the portable mail box, rocks).

  14. I've been making a fair bit flipping under priced Pristine Black Diamonds and the Librams on my server, so that will be great if they go up in price even more now! :)

    Also, the changes to the site look awesome! :)

  15. Im not going to be able to complete it :( ... sad...

  16. This post is full of misleading information. First of all, this is already a FoS, was never a proper achievement.

    Blizzard have said that you will only need the factions that are being removed in Cataclysm. Everything else that is staying will make you eligible for the FOS just as long as you meet all the criteria.

  17. I've toyed with the idea of going after this achievement myself. But with the expansion less than 5 weeks away, not knowing exactly when the ability to obtain it will be broken or removed, not knowing if I'd actually have time to start grinding it (starting basically from scratch), I've decided this is just another thing I'll have to learn to live without. I bought up a few Pristine Black Diamonds, so I will just put them back on the AH.

    It's disappointing and frustrating that they suddenly decided to remove it when all this time they've been saying that it will still be obtainable in Cataclysm. They didn't allow enough time to warn players considering the amount of time that's required for it, so that players could spend more time on it. Now it seems like a panicky race to see if they can get it done in time, to those that are still seriously working on it. For myself, I'd rather be leveling alts, stocking up materials and gold for leveling professions and alts, farm ZG for rep, mounts and the pet, and just working on various achievements (I still need to kill LK on my two mains...gaah!).

  18. Shen'dralar rep is being removed for the achievement in Cata. Sweet!

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