Jewelcrafting Before Cataclysm

The following tip is an excellent example of diversifying and spreading out into various markets within your professions. I like how even if you cannot sell the suggested item you can still vendor it and make some money back. This makes the following strategy perfect for last minute sales because if they all fail you still won't lose gold when cataclysm is released.

"Hey Markco,

First off, I just wanted to say thanks for your reply a couple weeks ago about the Dalaran JC tokens. 

I wanted to write you with a neat little Jewelcrafting tip that may be useful to you or some of your small-time auctioneer readers, or maybe just some Jewelcrafters that are looking to expand their options as far as sales go as Cata draws closer and the market for cut gems slows.

I didn't max Jewelcrafting until just a few weeks ago, but I've been able to make a nice chunk of change selling uncommon (green) cut gems.  While I've had a lot of luck with red & yellow gems, I've been having a lot of trouble selling the orange ones, and have about 3-4 full stacks sitting in my bank.  I was about to list them on the AH just last night when an idea struck me.

My main toon is a max-level miner and jewelcrafter, and I've been watching saronite ore like a hawk as it hovers just over the break-even point where vendoring the bars would turn a profit.  My idea was simply to take my supply of Huge Citrine (which is also very cheap on the AH), and craft the recipe Crystal Citrine Necklace (available from a trainer).  This Necklace is currently going for about 20g on my AH.  I can also vendor it for 3g 14s 78c.  The mats are 2 Crystallized Earth and 1 Huge Citrine - both of which I can find quite often for less than 1g each.

So, I made 16 or so (before I ran out of affordable Crystallized Earth on my AH), and I'm listing them 2 at a time on the AH.  Even if I vendor them, I'll still make money.  Sure, it's no Gold per Hour winner, but it's an essentially risk-free way to diversify your wares and make a little more money.  I'm hoping it will sell, but I was more excited to finally put all I've learned on your your blog and several others into practice and come up with a trick of my own.

- Stede (Thrall US)"

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  1. That's not the only one you can make for cheap and vendor for profit.
    Bloodstone Band, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet and the Crystal Citrine Necklace.

    All take 2 Crystallised Earth and 1 gem.

  2. I've been doing this for a while; you can also DE the pieces you make for cheap dust (and sometimes essences) if the enchanting mats market on your server is worthwhile.

  3. Now is the perfect time for this to as Gem prices plummet and sales are cut in half.

  4. On my server this strat would be leaving a whole lot of gold on the table. Though the exact numbers will be different on different servers I believe the same is true of most servers.

    I pick up plenty Saronite Ore for 13g per stack or less (often I just scoop up what's under 12g). I prospect some of it, turn some of it into bars and keep two 5 tab guild banks stocked full of nothing but Saronite Ore.

    Red Yellow Blue Orange and Green gems are useful for two things.

    1) Red Blue Orange and Green to make hundreds of meta gems which I cut for sale.
    2) Red Yellow Blue and Orange to make thousands of rings and necks which I send off to to my enchanter to DE and make chants for sale. I also sell Infinite Dust when the price is high and sometimes GCE.

    I also buy Red Blue Yellow and Orange uncommon gems for 1g each or less. With Eternal Earth costs at 3g or less on my server it's profitable buy the necessary gems for up to about 3g each as long as I can sell the dust and essences for roughly 1.5g and 10g each.

    Purple gems and excess Green gems I cut and Vendor what I prospect every now and then but I don't find the GPH worth the time involved to bother buying them even when they're 25s or less. However for someone just starting out this could be a good way to make an initial stake.

  5. Justkiddingmate said... November 14, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    Moxnix, the point is that with this strat you can keep up with the supply of saronite ore / cheap eternal earth while with pure gem cutting at some point you have fully saturated the market plus you have to deal with undercutting where this is in most ideal cicrumstances 20 * 60 = 1200g profit per hour without a cap - assuming you make 1g pure profit per crafted necklace.

    So keep cutting the gems for profit as long as you can , but also buyout the surplus of saronite ore for vendor profit.

  6. "I pick up plenty Saronite Ore for 13g per stack or less (often I just scoop up what's under 12g). I prospect some of it, turn some of it into bars and keep two 5 tab guild banks stocked full of nothing but Saronite Ore."

    "make hundreds of meta gems which I cut for sale."

    "make thousands of rings and necks which I send off to to my enchanter to DE "

    Out of curiosity, when do you actually play the game?

  7. you can do this semiafk... so i guess he plays the game when he is not reading his emails while crafting and posting crap. welcome to the 21st century huggybear!

  8. Positivehype - Shadowsong EU said... November 15, 2010 at 7:59 AM

    This was originally discovered by Starcraft2dude on Youtube, he has a video with a good breakdown and also the price range to work with. I'll share my experiences over the 3 months I've been doing this to soundly establish 10g effortlessly in a month of doing it every so often!

    Ideally you want to go down to AH and pick up Eternal Earth for no more than 3g50s (Averaging about 35s for the Crystallized Earth) and no more than 2g on the Uncuts. Thats the maximum you should spend and will give 1g profit per item sold. I like to empty my bags completely and buy all that I can up to that point and you can normally craft 40 taking 3:30 so just AFK that and then vendor. Providing that you bought all of them up to that point you should make at least 40g and at most anything up to 80-100g if you got it real dirt cheap. Which is awesome for about 10mins work!

    You can of course farm all this but its cuts into the Gp/h but its pretty much pure profit from then on, WG IC and SP best places to mine the stuff or kill Elementals for there drops.

    I advise you do the AH rape version, should be able to knock up 300-400g with minimal effort!
    If your unemployed like myself you can take good opportunity of buying all the mats in the morning then at about 5pm 7pm 8pm and 9pm, this way you catch all the ones who listed v early that morning, you catch the people that listed during the day, Farmers that uploaded a batch ready for the main market selling at 7pm, catch the late uploaders at 8 and then the left overs at 9!

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