Low Risk Investing for Cataclysm

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*Guest Post Written By: Just Another Goblin*

Several things are changing in Cataclysm and no matter what you plan to do - reroll alts, change guilds
or just continue as normal. One thing will remain constant, you need gold, everything costs money and
Cataclysm isn’t going to change that so don’t you want as much gold as possible? Of course you do!

Investing Before Cataclysm Hits

At this time of the current expansion, there are two kinds of people - People who have a plan and
continue to list sensibly and people who panic. You’re going to want to exploit the latter as much as
possible. Here are some items you should be looking at in regards to Cataclysm.

Saronite Ore - Everyone’s favourite ore and that’s not going to change until at least a few
months into Cataclysm and even then, at the prices it’s being sold now (around and less than
12g 50s per stack, where it can be smelted and vendored at no loss) it’s so low risk it’s perfect.
So why invest in this you ask? Well tradeskills, Engineers, Blacksmiths and even Alchemists will
be using this as cheap (Well cheap in comparison to the potential costs of the new materials)
way to get quick levels as the profession caps increase.

Other Tradeskill Materials - I could do a whole post on the things you could buy from the
tradeskill materials category however I’ll just throw a few examples to you and let your mind do
the rest - Blue gems, Dream Shards, Borean leather, all have potential to increase in price with
the demand for them.

Lower Level Materials - You need some intuition for this one, think about items that are
currently low priced that the demand could massively increase after the release. For example -
Runecloth’s price is currently in the gutter but due to the influx of new players, fresh 85’s and
new alts being rolls who want reputation with the home city factions people usually choose
to buy Runecloth instead of farming quests as it saves time, this could increase the price

Pets - For starters, Argent tournament pets are going to be amazing in my opinion, with no
one in Icecrown or Northrend as often, these pets are going to be in less supply but with
approximately the same demand if not more. Add to that the potential arbitrage to the
opposing faction and this seems like a perfect investment. Basically all pets that are slightly rare
will most likely give a return on investment. Some pets are also currently unknown as to ‘where
they are’ on the beta, for example we already know that the Black Tabby is no longer going to
be obtainable ingame, so that’s a solid investment but will take time to appreciate. However
there are unknown pets at the moment, Azure whelping may no longer be obtainable and I’m
not sure on this but no-one has seen Lil’ Timmy on the beta, maybe the Alliance counter part of
the Black Tabby will be going away too and considering these are selling for 100g on my alliance
server and potential arbitrage this seems like another solid investment.
Twinking items - Cold and many other bloggers have made posts on this, the sundering will also
change certain items, altering their stats and potentially increasing their value. I’m not to clued
in on these so you’ll have to do your own research but some of these items could be potentially
awesome investments.

WoTLK Recipes - Sunwell recipes still sell quite high today as do other epic recipes, apply this to
todays standards, WoTLK epic recipes could be high sellers in Cataclysm if the trend continues.
I’d like to take a moment to think Sterling over at the Consortium for posting this tip. It seems
like a genius idea


Most of these are very low risk and almost guaranteed time depending to turn a profit if not hold
neutral, very little will be lost. That’s the beauty of expansions, even if natural inflation doesn’t rocket
the prices to the sky then there’s very little to lose on certain items at the prices things have fallen to
this late in an expansion.

Of course there will always be slightly larger investments such as - Shadowmourne Loot Items, Rare
Recipes and items related to Legendaries and other high risk, high price items. You can use your
imagination if you have the gold to throw about on items such as these.

14 comments: on "Low Risk Investing for Cataclysm"

  1. Awesome!

    I won't have to buy gold anymore!

  2. Although Runecloth has been a very good investment in the two previous expansions for the new characters's capital cities rep, it will no longer be the best way to grind that rep. Tomorrow, the city quartermasters will have tabards available similar to the WotLK factions ones, thus making the rep grind easier than ever.

  3. Thinking about the Runecloth. I thought the 'city faction' tabards that came out gave you that factions rep when wearing their tabard in a dungeon (possibly lvl85 I dont know).
    If that is the case I cant see many people wanting to buy Runecloth to hand in for rep when a tabard costs a few silver.

  4. Nice post! I'm attempting to be one of the "plan ahead" players and not one of the "panic" players, and some of the things you mentioned I hadn't thought of, so thank you!

    A quick note about Lil'Timmy, I ran into him on the Beta and he was selling the white kitten, so he'll probably still be around when Cata hits.

  5. "fresh 85’s and
    new alts being rolls who want reputation with the home city factions people usually choose
    to buy Runecloth instead of farming quests as it saves time, this could increase the price

    With the introduction of the new Home City's quartermasters, I don't think Runecloth will sell that much.

  6. And yet even with all the quartermasters runecloth will provide you profit. If people wonť buy it for rep you can just tailor some crap out of it and DE it into illusion dusts and eternal essences. With the price of runecloth down to 2-3g/stack now you will make killing out of enchanting mats at any time regardless of expansion. And i bet we will be able to sell illusion dust for more then now (and on my realm i sell dust for 8-9g) :)

  7. Welcome Back Sykez!

    Your rolling out the guest posts these days. Welcome back to the gold blog-o-sphere.

    Nice post btw.

  8. Very good post, I have been stock piling many things such as pets, ores and leveling materials. I have tried not to go hog wild on any one thing and have a nice variety of different things to auction.

  9. Markco,

    Been meaning to post a comment about the Black Tabby. Can you confirm its been gone since the last mini patch, or at least the NPC is gone. Been successfuly farming but havent seen for at least a 3-4 days.

  10. They are removing cloth turn-ins for rep in cata. So i hope too many people didnt stock up on it. THATS the reason it is so cheap right now....

  11. http://20kleveling.com/JMTCforum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=8691

  12. Regarding Runecloth...keep in mind that it's used to make Red/Green Winter Clothes for the upcoming Feast of the Winter Veil, so it may be worth hanging onto some for that as demand will probably go up a bit.

  13. I honestly think that the best thing one can do right now is investing and therefore spending money.

    Hell, it's going to drop in value anyway, while certain items will stagnate or even increase in price.

  14. The runecloth quests are gone as of 4.0.3.a. Sell it for leveling!

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