Mercurial Adamantite: Gold in Cataclysm

"Dear Markco,

Your gold advice has helped me greatly over the past year I have been part of your community. I have found a small niche market which I would like to share. Many jewelcrafters know this, but you need Mercurial Adamantite to level up ten points in jewelcrafting in the late Burning Crusade cuts. I've seen these sell for 100 gold on my server, and when cataclysm comes out I believe these might be good sellers. Its a slightly hard grind but if you have the patience to farm (I don't) then these will be a great source of income.

PS: Post more Castaclysm videos! I miss you guys!

-Goore, The War Chef of Farstriders
The Farnsworth Paradox"

Mercurial adamantite is obtained by jewelcrafters who prospect adamantite ore and then craft the mercurial adamantite from four adamantite powder and one primal earths. You can learn this in shattrath or at the starting zones of wotlk from jewelcrafting trainers. While prospecting, keep an eye out for golden draenites which sell for 20 gold a pop on my server to jewelcrafting levelers. Some refer to prospecting adamantite as the golden draenite lottery for this reason. I expect that these items discussed today will remain big sellers in cataclysm for jewelcrafters because outland is not being changed.

What other outland markets do you think will remain valuable come cataclysm? Have you taken a look at felsteel tanking sets, blacksmithing rods, recipes or other items?

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  1. 4 Adamantite Powders and 1 Primal Earth for Mercurial Adamantite, just a little correction there :)

  2. nerullthereaper said... November 7, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    Another good bit to go with this post is a litte place know as the Isle of Quel'Danas. There are 5 or 6 different nodes for adamantite here. By the time a person is done with the last one the next is spawned. Creating a never-ending supply for those willing to farm.

  3. Justkiddingmate said... November 7, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    What makes golden Draenite better than blood garnet ? From what I recall its a valueble item as JC leveling beyond 310-320 can be quite painfull, but blood garnets have in this aspect the same value as they have an identical material cost ring which is usefull for leveling JC.

    Other than that uses I could find on wowhead where flying carpet / scope but the scope isnt a leveling recipe from engineering and the carpet is just the occaisional buyer / collector I guess.

    So again, what makes golden draenites so hyped vs blood garnets ?

  4. I always thought the golden draenite sold particularly well because of their use crafting tailoring mounts (requires 4 of). Didn't realise they filled a particular niche in JC also.

  5. "I expect that these items discussed today will remain big sellers in cataclysm for jewelcrafters because outland is not being changed."

    Yeah, the QUESTING is not being changed in outland, but the entire crafting system is being overhauled 1-525, including the outland range. This includes things like getting multiple skill ups from crafting a single rare item.

    You have to recognise the risk involved with believing things like this choke point will remain the same when the changes are not yet known.

  6. I think that most readers here are aware of the risk involved with those niche markets.

    In this particular case I don't see a great danger.
    Even though the number of Mercurial Adamantites needed may be reduced, it will still be the way to get JC skillups.

    Adamantite has been on my snatchlist throughout WotLK. You can make a pretty penny, if you snatch it cheaply and prospect it.

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