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Hi Markco,

I wanted to tell you and your readers about a project I've become involved with, it's a site called MMO Leader. The project started months ago when several prolific wow bloggers took a look at the community and saw a problem, everyone seemed to be focused on individual performance rather than the raid as a whole. There are plenty of sites that inform players about their rotations and other theorycrafting topics. But there's little in the community to aid people in managing and leading raids. It's with that thought that the site was created, our goal is to make leadership easier, and to make good leaders better. Since the launch of the site a multitude of discussions have been started on topics such as team building, leadership styles, voice chat solutions and of course asset management.

The Team
■ Blacksen of Blacksen’s End
■ Brangwen of Non Elitist Raiding Diary
■ Gravity of Pwnwear and Hammer’s Eve
■ Karatheya of Cold Comfort
■ Kasgrin of Pwnwear
■ Khaas of SRS Business and Pwnwear

My Own Involvement

For those familiar with me at all you can surely expect some articles from me on the topic of guild economics, but I have other subjects in mind as well. Mainly though, the site is about free flow of ideas, about managing guilds (clans, or whatever), and getting the best from your people.

Getting Involved!

It's easy to become a member. You can log in with your Facebook or Twitter account, or just comment anonymously if you wish, but to get the most out of the forums come and make an account. And remember, this site isn't just for World of Warcraft, leaders from all MMOs are welcome and encouraged to join. The site has a great amount of potential but it needs your help to make it a true success: give us a look, tell your friends, and get involved. If you have ideas or topics to share, register and start posting on the forums.


  1. Marcko, Thanks for posting this one, Thats why I come here, always information that is useful. When I started tanking I learned from a friend, he led me via voicechat when we were in dungeons and then after a while let me take the reins and go with it. But sometimes he wasn't there and I relied on website overviews of fights to get through dungeons. This site would have been a great help in those early days and would make a lot of people who are currently starting to tank better leaders of a raid or an instance. Control of the fights and knowledge of the way things should go etc...are great assets, Kudo's for another great piece of info for the masses.

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