New Secret Cataclysm 4.0.3a Trade Skill Addon

There is a new addon called "Trade Skill Master" which has invited me to become a member of their alpha testers.

These are the same guys and girls who brought you quick auctions 3 and its replacement: auction profit master.

Let me just say... this addon is HOT. It automatically ques up items which can make me money based on auction house pricing. SWEET. AWESOME.

No longer do I need to sift through all my items and pricing on auctioneer to determine what low level and/or high level items I can craft to turn a profit.

As alpha testing continues and we move into beta I will keep you informed about this addon and any additions that are made. So far it is a little bit buggy but very promising!

If you are interested in alpha testing then please contact this address.

Here is the official feature list that is currently working well:

  • _Crafting : _Crafting automatically queues crafts that make solid profit. With plenty of options and customization, players can craft as little or as much as they want. Works with all tradeskills! Conceived from the work of Sapu's excellent and popular addon ScrollMaster!
  • _Auctioning: Mostly-intact design from Auction Profit Master (Formally Quick Auctions 3). This module quickly posts auctions based on rules set up manually or automatically (through other modules).
  • _Mailing: Automatically mail items to other characters (ideal for sending large amounts of items to a banker or other crafter). Formally the auto-mailer feature in Auction Profit Master, this module was separated to allow users freedom to chose other mailing addons as needed.
  • _AuctionDB: Database module designed to keep memory usage to a minimum. Just like auctioneer, it picks up pricing information from the auction house to use in calculations of profits.

Here are the plans for the future versions:

  • _Shopping: This module automatically buys materials a user needs, using lists generated from _crafting, or other lists the user creates (such as with Auctioneer's "snatch list". Interfaces with AuctionDB for pricing information!
  • _Networking: This client/server based module will allow users that strongly dislike the auction house or using addons to farm materials for the AH goblin and send them through the mail at pre-approved prices. This allows the goblin to develop a "supply network" of users who will keep supplying him with materials he needs to survive.
  • _Gathering: Automatically retrieve needed items from enabled gbanks, personal banks, and alts. Manages inventory as needed.

9 comments: on "New Secret Cataclysm 4.0.3a Trade Skill Addon"

  1. Sounds sweet as a nut, eyes wide watching how this one turns out.

  2. Thanks Marcko looks interesting email sent :)

  3. You might also want to take a look at Capitalist - based off the old EnchantShop, it accomplishes the same thing:

  4. Hope he doesn't mind his inbox getting flooded! This sounds like a nifty little addon.

  5. Let's hope I get an invite to be an alpha tester. New addons are always welcome!

  6. This looks exactly like Skillet + Lil Sparky's Workshop. Every feature you mentioned is within these two addons, even the ones that aren't included yet. That said, Sparky's Workshop is buggy and the GUI isn't the greatest. Hopefully I'll be able to replace it with this new addon, because I do like APM.

  7. Sorry, we won't be supporting anyone using the curseforge site. We called this a closed alpha for a reason. We'd appreciate if you took the link off.

  8. Is this a replacement for gnomeworks and lil sparky?

  9. I emailed and NO response from the author...

    I hope that things are good, can't wait!

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