Profession Powerleveling: Cataclysm Gold Guide

Why do items found in the mid level of profession skill ups sell so well?
It's not because they sell quickly.

It's not because they sell often.

It's because they don't sell often and don't sell quickly.

WHAT?! Markco are you smoking groms blood again? (maybe you bought it off that imp from winterspring again for cheap but instead of reselling it for 3000% profit you decided to smoke it)

Nope, I'm not... well maybe I am but don't judge me! Let's look at another confusing reason why mid level profession skill ups will do well in cataclysm. It's a simple matter of supply and demand.

The supply for mid level profession skill up items is irrelevant. The demand is what makes it so valuable and it's not because the demand is consistent, it's because it's not consistent that working this market is so profitable.

Confused yet? Don't worry, when I developed the strategy of bidding low and selling normal, most people looked at me like you are now. Like I had two heads and was dual weilding shields. Speaking of "dual," it's dual spec not duel spec. Duel spec is what I use to kill you, dual spec is what I buy to get duel spec. That's neither here nor there though, let's get back on track and avoid more instances of markco a.d.h.d.

Those players who were confused by bid low, sell normal assumed that I was referring to the mantra of buy low and sell high. Nope, nothing to do with what I was talking about actually.

So here's what we have deduced thus far regarding mid level items in cataclysm:

Demand: Random but when someone needs the item(s) in question they need quite a bit of them to power level.
Supply: Inconsistent but also irrelevant due to the spikes in demand.
Bidding Price: Players tend to just toss these items up on the ah while they level, so they use auctioneer's automatic bid pricing which tends to leave a very very small bid. Winning these super cheap auctions means insane amounts of profit for selling at a normal value.
Buyout Price: Irrelevant because you're looking to bid. If there aren't a lot of items up then buying out the few items available and relisting them for normal value is a good way to make gold.

Is it starting to click why bidding on profession items are a great way to make gold now and why they will remain a strong market in cataclysm? You want to know what to stockpile to cover the cost of inflation in cataclysm? Mid level profession items. I expect this market to remain a great way for players to bid and make gold selling at normal values.

7 comments: on "Profession Powerleveling: Cataclysm Gold Guide"

  1. Mid-level will be a large chunk of the leveling-process as far as professions go. I don't think you stressed the BID enough in this post (as contrary to BUYOUT and SELL), I guess it helps that I used to work with ADHD kids :-D

    BID low (and hope you win the bid), then sell it at a normal price (put a normal BUYOUT price on your auction)

    I must admit I read this post twice, just to make sure I didn't miss the point your making (even if it's an old bid-low-sell-normal point)

  2. Well I don't doubt that you're smoking gromsblood, but your logic is sound! Thanks for the tip. :)

  3. Yes, spread the good word. I demand the next hero class be tank-only and DW shields. :O

  4. Good tip is good.

    Never really paid much attention to the mid-level items I would make and sell on the AH. Probably why my items were bought out so fast, people were probably just reselling them >.<

    Though now I'm curious to know why stuff like shirts can usually sell for 1g or even more on the AH. I remember having an Undead tailor who easily made 5g within the first hour of selling shirts.

  5. Auctioneer needs a searcher that finds auctions which (1) have a bid-to-buyout ratio below 10% AND (2) a buyout price less than or equal to the market price.

    Plus make the ratio and buyout price limit configurable.

  6. I can't picture Markco smoking anything he could've resold for profit.

  7. Hoshimori, just so you are not confused, he is talking about items used for levelling professions not the end product. Therefore you should be looking towards things around the 175-250 skill mark. Mithril ore/bars and truesilver ore/bars would be an example. At least me thinks so :) I'm often wrong!

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