Sale Tracking Addon for Wow

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Today, we’ll be taking a look at MySales which is a lightweight, yet extremely useful addon for
monitoring your sales. It is a little less robust in features than BeanCounter, yet will probably suit
most people’s needs – especially those Auctioneer-o-phobes among us.

Figure 1: MySales Config Screen

Configuration is fairly basic – but that’s the whole point of being a lightweight alternative to the
heavyweight contender isn’t it? Other than the standard profiles tab, there are two others: Core
and People of Interest.

The Core options allow you to do the following:

  • Enable/Disable the addon
  • Show the MySales Window (also accessed by /ms window)
  • Change the date format
  • Change the colours for Guild/Friend/Person of Interest buyers
  • Enable/disable addon chat spam
  • Change which sales and buyers to show
  • Choose per character/faction/realm data options
People of Interest simply allows you to flag players so that they are more prominent in the lists –
useful for tracking your competition for example – and their name will show in the lists in the colour
defined in the Core tab.

Lets take a look at the main MySales window. Here we can see that there are three tabs: Sales,
Buyers, and Items. Each of these will bring up a different list which can be sorted by each of the
column headings. Each page gives a neat summary at the bottom of the information in the lists.

Under Sales, we’re presented with a list of individual transactions, and the option to sort by:
  • Item
  • Money
  • Buyer
  • When

Figure 2: Sales Tab

Under Buyers we have a list of your customers, how many items they have bought and how much
they have spent with you, sortable by:
  • Buyer
  • Bought (total number of items they have bought from you)
  • Paid (total income from that character)

Figure 3: Buyers Tab

In the last tab, Items, we have a list of items you’ve sold and you can arrange these by:
  • Item (name)
  • Sold (the total number of transactions of that item – not the number of that item sold)
  • Money (the total income from that item)
  • Money per Sale (the average income per sale)

Figure 4: Items Tab

That is MySales in a nutshell. It is missing a few features that I’d like to see. In particular some way
of searching for a particular item (rather than having to scroll through the list) would be useful, as
would more options in defining the time period for the data displayed – say for the last week or
month and so on.

Have you used MySales? What do you do with the data it provides for you? What other features
would you like to see?

Keep following that gold road…

5 comments: on "Sale Tracking Addon for Wow"

  1. I've been using this addon for quite a while now and I love it, but I prefer to take the data file from the wtf folder, edit it a bit to get rid of the junk, and import it into excel. Then I can sort it any way I want to. My only wish is that it would record what doesn't sell as well.

  2. I also like this very much. The data can automatically be converted into an excel-compatible format (e.g. csv) easily, since it's listed line by line. I've got a small program for that purpose.

    There are quite some features I could think of, but lack the time and knowledge (LUA *shrug*) to do them by myself right now.
    BeanCounter, however, messes up my auction house window so that I won't ever end up using that instead.

  3. You should warn people that it is out of date.

    I used curse client to download it an hour ago and wondered why it was not showing up but it was because it was labeled as out-of-date. After too many issues with addons when I enable out of date addons, I only run current addons after the patch.

    So I will need to edit the TOC in order for it to load.

  4. @Vayaz - would you mind sharing this little program of yours?

    @Anon - sorry for not mentioning it was ood - i've had very few problems in the past and most people I know enable ood addons anyway, just an oversight on my behalf

  5. I recently started using this mod about 2 weeks after cata came out. I like the look of it but I am having a problem with it that I was wondering if anyone else has come across. It works fine except that it has wrong figures. By this I mean the number of sales and the gold is greatly higher than what actually happen. For example I had 1 sale for around 450g I think it was but the mysale window showed it as 9 sales and gold value of a few thousand. Every time I have got mail from the AH it always show up as alot more than is actually there. I had a look at options but couldn't see anything to explain it. Just wondering if its possible its a problem due to being out of date.

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