Sell 400,000 Wow Gold for $1,000 in Cataclysm

Perhaps you were considering 'cashing out' and calling it quits with the end of the wotlk expansion? Maybe you thought you could sell all your gold and get some money back for all the hours you spent playing world of warcraft? You might want to read this article...

"Hey markco, its [ removed to protect the not so innocent...] – hope things are going well.

Thought of a good post for you, but I don’t want my name mentioned at all. Something stupid I did that I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with.

I recently saw a website that buys gold, normally I would just pass by knowing its against the TOS however in this case I did the math and realized my 400,000g was worth almost $1000. Instantly dollar signs flashed in my eyes.

Long story short, the company took the gold and never gave me payment. I’m out 400,000g but thankfully blizzard is restoring it because the gold company used a hacked account.

I learned the hard way, breaking the TOS never works – even if blizzard doesn’t find out."

Learn from this guy or girl's mistake and don't sell or buy wow gold in cataclysm. You're going to get burned and besides, it's just so easy to make it if you know what this site can tell you. Have you ever bought gold? Use anonymous as your name if you would like to comment but not give away your blogging identity.

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  1. I've sold well over 600k since 4.0 launched with no problems. Been getting roughly 2.5-2.9 per 1,000. Selling gold is about using common sense - you do that and you won't get scammed.

  2. I'm surprised Blizzard restored his gold. I guess he didn't tell them he was planning to sell it.

  3. ive never bought gold myself I would imagine it would ruin the game, its pure and simple cheating and personally i like the fact everything in WOW ive done Ive achieved myself and the help of other players.

  4. I have sold over 200k and never got busted/always got payed. Made over 600$ :P

  5. I bought 10k gold right after I started playing and burned through it on useless crap that I didn't need. It was this experience that led me to figuring out the economy in the game and I now have somewhere around 500k.

    It's like that old addage, you don't appreciate what you have until you've had to earn it :)

  6. I hope all you gold sellers and buyers get your asses banned by the Blizz.

  7. I've never bought or sold gold but I did sell my account to an overseas website back in the Burning Crusade days. The account had two levels 70 characters and I did get the money via paypal. About a year later I looked up my characters on the site that I sold them to and saw they were still available. I called up blizzard and said I thought my account had been hacked. They reset the password on the account after I verified who I was. Shortly after that I associated an authenticator to the account. Been playing about 7 months with no problems. Most likely the people I sold the account to haven't even noticed the account isn't there's anymore.

  8. Never sold gold, but I have traded gold for an X-53 touring rocket from trade chat.

    Some people have been scammed buying these mounts and game time, but my deal was legit so I did get the free mount and 1 month of free WoW time.

  9. Never sold gold, but I have traded gold for an X-53 touring rocket from trade chat.

    Some people have been scammed buying these mounts and game time, but my deal was legit so I did get the free mount and 1 month of free WoW time.

  10. I bought 1000 gold back in the BC days to get started, it was a seriously good boost to get me going. I've never had a desire to do it since.

  11. I bought gold once within the first couple months the game was live. I needed that dagger to level! $50 for 20 gold was a good deal at the time...used some of the money I made selling plat in EQ

  12. I've sold small amounts of gold to guildies and to people I know on my server, also selling 10k for about $30. However I don't know how to get rid of 200k, im curious how you can get that many people to buy from you, i.e- what was your marketing method?

  13. I bought 1k back in the first year of WoW. My guild were starting to run MC and ZG, I was the MT and constantly being battered by mobs and the inevitable wipes meant all the gold I had was going on repair bills and I was running at a loss (although I was well kitted pretty quickly :) ). When my guild heard about it, I had donations to the cause and my bills were paid for by the guild bank. Which meant I could just concentrate on running instances to help gear everyone else.

    Never bought gold since or had any desire to. Always been skint mind, which I'm now doing something about the right way.

  14. I bought something like $25 worth of gold when I first started playing -- I think that was like 300 gold at the time.

    That gave me plenty of gold to level without worrying about money, and a decent fund of startup capital to start up my own gold making. I don't regret it.

  15. Sold moderate amounts (5-10k) to friends I personally know in real life, mostly as an enticement to get them to start playing the game. You owe ME blizzard!

  16. To all the gold buyers leaving comments: every time you buy gold, you risk losing everything you've legitimately worked for, just to take a slight shortcut. Not to mention contributing to the demand for cheat-gold that drives hackers to break into peoples' accounts. The decision seems illogical, to me.

    To the people selling their gold: you're valuing your time in game at 3$ for 1000g. I make about 20,000g a week, but I would make a hell of a lot more in the time it took me to make that 20k gold at my day job. Even if I flipped burgers for minimum wage, I'd still be wasting my time. You guys are the ones I understand least. At least you're not hacking to earn your money, but you're certainly running a risk of losing all your characters permanently, all for less than you'd get by spending those hours at a job.

  17. Amazed at the amount of people here who admit to buying gold. I thought this was extremely rare.

    I am shocked to see so many cheaters.

  18. bought and sold close to 300k over the last 3 years. Only lost about 15 dollars / 1k gold during probably 20-something transactions.

    I see gold sellers are about as honest as anyone on craigslist. Sometimes you run into great folks, sometimes not.

    There are ways to protect yourself, and, if you do your research and dont just wander into it without checking first, you will get burned like Marckos story. Check review sites for which sites are honest and which ones arent, use paypal and nothing else, etc, etc. Google is your friend.

  19. I get really tired of the tiny minority of wow players who blow their self-masterbatory moral trumpets calling gold buying/selling cheating. If you don't like it, fine....but that's what this blog post was's about whether you have ever done it and your experience when doing so.

    Gold buying and selling is in the vast majority. This is why Sony started selling it and this is why Blizzard will eventually do so too.

  20. Indeed, especially when they think they justify it saying they need a head start in wow. I've never had the need to buy gold since the beginning of Wow and always had plenty to get by. And if I needed some more, I grind, trade, craft for it. IMHO gold buyers are just lazy people.

  21. arkraven - kul tiras (moving to saurfang)EU said... November 29, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    buying gold encourages hacked accounts FACT

    its not a tiny amount of players who blow there moral trumpet its a fact, gold sellers use hacked accounts to fund buyers

    also they use botting which slows the server down.

    its so easy to make gold using the AH i don't understand why players buy it

  22. Thumbs down for sensationalist title.

    Back in Classic I played with a hardcore pvp guild. Everyone in the guild bought gold because our time spent playing was all for PvP. I do mean everyone. Some guys got a couple hundred dollars worth at a time for bulk discount, then would resell at-price to guildies.

    This was back when there was notable armor durability loss due to pvp death. (Had to repair every 3-4 games, games lasting 6-10 minutes.) There were no dailies and playing the auction house took more than two minutes, which was roughly all the time you had.

    Remember: supply, demand, and marketing. There is supply. There is marketing. (See: trade chat, dead bodies.) So there is certainly demand. Its far more common than you think.

    Blizzard feigns "anti-gold buying." While compromised accounts are a serious issue, buying gold allows people to get much enjoyment out of the product they're paying for. Your average Joe Paladin would rather pay $20 and run 5mans than come home from work and farm felweed all night. Blizzard knows this. Joe Paladin knows this. Gold farmers know this.

  23. Its very simple. Those of us who have played for years realize that time is more valuable than money, especially with the wife, kids etc.

    Id much rather spend a couple bucks for some gold to level a profession than try and spend my limited wow time (4-5 hours a week max) farming mats.

  24. To the anonymous poster above who claims "Gold buying and selling is in the vast majority." Where is your data to back up this claim? Buying/selling is obviously prevalent, but I can't believe the "majority" -- much less the "vast majority" -- of players participate in that action.

    Also, I would be surprised if Blizzard started selling gold directly. Up to this point, their stance has always been to find ways to take money out of the economy (i.e. by implementing gold sinks). Selling it directly would be the equivalent of printing money, and that would be a complete reversal of their current philosophy. The current third-party sellers are not printing money, they are simply reselling from the existing supply in the economy, which may be the only reason Blizzard doesn't take a tougher stance on it.

    All that said, I personally don't have a problem with people buying/selling gold. I have a huge stockpile of gold, but I wouldn't ever sell it for real money. The accumulation is what has made the game fun for me between expansions. But I don't care in the least that others feel differently.

  25. I have made a lot of bank on selling wow gold. Hopefully it will jump up again with the release of cata as ATM gold is not worth much and company's who buy in the past are not buying or paying much of any thing.

  26. I've purchased gold many times. I've only used one vendor for it, never had any issues with them. They were always prompt.

    Fact: The game didn't go down in flames and we're all still playing. Gold selling/buying hasn't ruined the game.

  27. Selling/buying gold is ridiculously simple. That the guy mentioned in this blog post got ripped off shows that he did something very stupid and sold to someone shady.

    If you want to sell gold, do so with a reliable company like IGE or, better yet, make your own gold selling business on PlayerAuctions.

    Likewise if you want to buy gold, PlayerAuctions is the place to be because of all of the heavy, thorough protection methods in place to ensure that no one is ripped off.

    I've never bought gold, but I do sell it all of the time on PlayerAuctions. I've made thousands of dollars this way. And to the guy rambling about making less per hour than minimum wage: sure, I don't sell gold for my job. But I can only work so many hours a week. And so when I play WoW for fun, entertainment and relaxation, I do what I enjoy: making gold. And once I make this gold, I sell it. Why not?

  28. When I first started playing wow, I think I bought $15K in gold for $60, that was before I realized where it came from (botters & hackers). I used the $15K to level a profession get some upgrades for my tank so I could get into some raids.

    But really, I could farm or do daily's for 20-30 hours (before I knew the AH) or I can just spend $60 and enjoy the game I bought. It was kind of a no brainer. Work a couple of extra hours or farm for $2/hr.

    I probably wouldn't do it again, but I don't regret doing it.....even after getting my account hacked.

    On another note, I don't know how these gold farmers make any money to make this worth while, even with hacking and can they make a living out of this?

  29. Euripides you were right when you said it wouldn't be viable to live just from selling gold, but i don't know anyone who makes this for living (except china farmers and all those website).
    I, for instance, just enjoy making profit. I raid time to time or do some bgs, but most of the time i try to make gold because i like it and i would do so even if i couldn't turn them into cash. I sell to few friends who are lazy (we make gold soloely because of people beeing lazy) enough to buy every month 20-30k each. I comfortably pay my game time and expansion for that cash and still have few bucks (i use those for playing rl AH... ebay buy low sell normal)just for doing what i enjoy the most in this game and i gain experience in virtual and real economy during my studies on grammer school, so i actually don't consider it bad at all.
    Never bought gold tbh, but i don't criticise those who do. They want something, i can offer it. If i wouldn't they would just ask someone else and i would be the only one sorry...

  30. When I first started playing WOW a couple of years ago, I thought I needed to level crafting professions as I leveled toons and that all my toons needed level appropriate gear. As a result I was at the AH every time a toon leveled, I bought about 25000 gold within the fist 8 weeks. The I decided WOW was too expensive so I quit. When I came back, I found this blog and I have had no need or desire to buy gold. The blog post that got me was the one about not spending gold as opposed to the how to make gold posts. I use all the information and I am starting to build up a decent little stockpile, but the biggest help was realizing I don't need to buy hear for my toons. I can level fine with instance and questing gear. It used to be I would sit for hours trying to get a group for instances, but with the LFG feature there is no excuse not to use instances to get geared up at any level.

  31. Selling gold certainly makes sense when you feel like a millionaire in-game and poor in real life. If for example I can sell my gold and get a freaking awesome new computer screen that I wouldn´t have otherwise then I don´t see why it doesn´t make sense to do so. Just have to be smart about it. Morally incorrect? not really, I´m traiding one of my resources (in-game spent time) for another (maaaney)

  32. I personally never will buy gold, not only because I would rather work for what I have but also because I have seen the effects of these sellers’ time and time again as innocent friends get hacked.

    As to saying that you buy gold because you have family and that it lets you can spend your small time in game playing rather than farming have clearly not grasped the nature of the site your commenting on.

    Short point is that with the stuff taught here you should not need to buy gold. Buying gold gives sellers jobs and in turn increases the number of hacked accounts, ticket wait times and makes it harder to do your own account management. There is not truly justifiable reason to buy gold when you way out the consequences.

    Finally anyone that buys and says its ok because you have never been hacked, just wait. It is only a matter of time until you or someone you know gets hacked. Even with an authenticator it's still scary to have your password changed on you.

  33. I bought gold back in BC. I had just got my first level 70 character and it seemed like epic flying was either eons of questing away, or just a simple online payment. I did a lot of research beforehand; there was no huge scare about hacking like there is now, but I was still cautious.

    I got the five thousand that I bought (~15 bucks.) with absolutely no problems, other than the fact I was confused. About an hour after I had ordered it I'd gone on my way when suddenly a level 1 was whispering me saying he "had the stuff from my cousin." Let's just say there was a bit of confusion over his coded messages. But all in all, things worked out fine.

    Though I wasn't burned in regards to hacking or scamming, I'd never suggest this to anyone because now hackers seem a lot more ruthless and Blizzard a lot more active in weeding this out. It's certainly something I'll not ever do again, now that I've found much better ways of making gold that won't get me banned.

  34. Here is an 80-page research paper on the topic of gold selling that I found: ( )

    It looks like one of the most comprehensive things written about the realities of RMT. A decent read for those that are misinformed about the whole topic, usually due to the lack of information available.

  35. I have always sold (more like bartered) my gold to fellow friends for various things - such as 5-7k for a 60day game card or what not.

  36. I've got some trouble with people selling game cards...

    I've bought 2 of 30 days each and the guy give me the codes and i've added them to my account...

    "wow.... now i have 2 months to get the gold paid back"

    Do you know what happened?

    Two days after the game time in my account just disappeared...

    I don't know what happened, the guy probably called blizzard and get the codes back to him...

    Result: -10k gold in my account.

  37. I've sold ingame currency before, and earned about 7k real dollars, i've tried to sell other things as well, but almost got scammed and decided to call it quits

  38. Someone mentioned they dont understand why someone would sell gold. Ever hear of quitting. I have an account with over 500k im trying to unload on playerauctions. I just dont want to play, dont want it all to go to waste either when i could turn it into some cash.

    comparing it to a day job is dumb. this is unloading after the fact.

  39. @Anonymous

    "Been getting roughly 2.5-2.9 per 1,000." Wow! Who's buying for that amount?

  40. Justkiddingmate said... November 30, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    Buying gold is something that was pretty much accepted in the hardcore vanilla / early TBC raiders , hence blizzard introduced dailies to give players an easy obtainable income and pots where tied to restrictions to further reduce the cost to raid high level.

    I dont see anything wrong in it and even in these days when its so easy to get by gold, people who rather spend 1 hours more with the kids each days instead of doing dailies for a month as gold prices have plummeted - as long as they use it to cover their basic needs like raiding - if you buy gold to get that one extra shiny on your 3rd alt then you are clearly crossing a border imo at least. On a sidenote : No , I never bought gold myself, I was one of those guys spending his whole off day in stratholm with a good group farming orbs and taking all the gray drops...

    Selling gold ? Got burned once for 72 hours doing it after doing it successfull a couple of times earlier. The money isnt good at all these days, but you have to keep in mind that earlier it used to be $7-8 for 1k or so then it was actually not bad as an extra gain for something you earned in 30 mins per day.

    Im not doing it anymore though after getting the final warning as Ive put way too much time in my account to have it all lost for a couple of dollars.

  41. A friend of mine (no, really, it's not me, it's my friend) who purchases gold, and I'd paypal him some money but he'd do the dealing with the foreigners who get him the gold. They've got his cell phone number for texting if he's not in game for delivery.

    I've spent less than $100 in buying gold, and now that I'm a newbie AH PVPer, I've found that I didn't need to spend the money. Sure, the gold doesn't come in large chunks, but I've made as much gold in game in 3 weeks as I bought through my friend (which hasn't been much, but it was enough to get me exalted with Zandalar before 4.0.3a without losing all my funds).

  42. To amend my previous anon comment, my friend (not me, my friend) has had his account hacked and had to buy a new copy of the game (as his account was originally purchased from the original owner, so he couldn't have Blizzard help him). It surprises me that he feeds the same sort of people who might be the same people that hacked him in the first place...

  43. [20:16:03] [S] [80:Galandorian]: as a 14 year old WoW player who happens to be very good at making ingame money and has TONS of freetime, I've made myself a hefty $2,000 during last summer selling gold and I would never think about buying it. Honestly, Blizzard and players all know what goes on in the black market, and they're fine with it.

  44. regarding the gamecard scam, he probably sold the same codes to multiple people and now blizz has a list of accounts that tried to activate the same card and gee! whaddyaknow? right before they all activated the same gamecard, they all traded 7000g to the same account. LOfreakinL

  45. I bought gold once when I hit 70 in BC. I bought 5K gold, and immediately spent it on my epic flying. I just didn't have that much gold, and wouldn't for a long time. I was working a LOT of hours at that time, and the $30 I spent on the 5K gold was well worth it. It would have taken me a VERY long time to make that much back then.

    I didn't necessarily feel bad about it, but I also didn't tell anyone... I guess I was embarrassed a bit b/c I felt like I had cheated a little...

  46. I have traded gold for the following cd keys, WOTLK and CATA. Also traded for 60 day game card and the x-53 rocket.

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