Turn Your Honor Into Gold

Currently you can buy the paladin pvp shield for 70 honor, disenchant it and sell the resulting abyss crystals on the auction house for 35-70 gold depending on server prices. You could also take the abyss crystals and create popular armor enchanting scrolls like +10 stats to chest (enchant chest - powerful stats) or weapon enchants like spellpower or berzerking which are selling rather well at the moment.

Shatter is actually a perfectly good way to convert those abyss crystals into valuable items for cataclysm (dust and lesser cosmic essences). When everyone is dumping abyss crystals on the auction house as cataclysm launches you will want to be the one who buys them out for cheap and shatters them. I know that shatter becomes greater cosmic essences by the way, but the leveling enchants use lesser cosmic essences and you can mark up the price on the lessers so that 3 lesser cosmics are more valuable than their bigger versions.

I don't see blizzard correcting this incredibly cheap shield so buy and disenchant away for easy gold with your honor points. You can also buy things like primordial saronite with justice points as well as orbs for crafting high end epics. Of all your options however, disenchanting the pvp shield is going to get you the most gold as quickly as possible for your time. It's a shame there is no equivalent for justice points :*(

PvP gear can be disenchanted (in case you haven't realized this yet) and if you're anything like me you had a full wardrobe of pvp gear dating back to high warlord that you just couldn't throw away. Well it looks like my bank is looking a lot emptier these days on markco and my enchanting scrolls have seen a sudden surge in abyss crystal required enchants. The only thing left in my bank is my high warlord gear, enchanted with librams and looking pretty. Every once in a while I dust that stuff off and go run around in bg's with it and level 80 offset gear. Just can't throw away that stuff, I'm not a big fan of 'hoarding for memories' but since I like to run around with the set and surprise people I'll leave it in the bank. The people I kill with it probably think I'm an npc haha.

The alternative to buying with honor for the purpose of making gold is to buy gems, but on most servers a cardinal ruby, even cut is only going to get you 80-100 gold. So for 200 honor you would get at most 1 gold per 2 honor. At the price of 70 honor for more than 35 gold an abyss crystal you are making more gold by disenchanting the shields.

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  1. Hi Markco,
    Your numbers are out of date.Gems are 165 honor for weeks now and I also doubt that abyss crystalls are still going for 35g. They used to but dropped massivly(12g here). Bottom line: Buy the best gem and cut it. Way better honor / gold ratio


  2. P.S. Missed something:
    Even if you take shattering into account selling the gem should be better by quite a bit.

  3. Not sure what servers have 35g Abyss Crystals... They've dipped to 20g on mine and have been there for ~6 months.

    Kind of misleading in my opinion, but who knows, perhaps there is one server that has 35g+ crystals

  4. Abyss crystals on onyxia float between 25 and 55 gold currently. I know because I buy them for enchants. I messed up the gem cost though Ty for that. Do the math and use the market price for abyss, not whatever you see today at this moment on the ah.

  5. Ok then the answer is as always

    !server dependant! :)

    I also do regular checks on abyss crystalls, cosmics and dust. And for me this just doesn't work out.


  6. This is going to KILL infinite dust. If honor points stay how they are you could easily come back at 85 and flood the market with wotlk enchanting mats for the entire expansion with minimal effort. I hope they fix this. BC mats have remained someone relevant in terms of value through wotlk and this should be no different.

  7. My enchanter is a not a paladin.
    Is the shield bind to account?
    Can a death knight enchanter get a pvp paladin sheild?

  8. where do you get that shield from?

  9. Shadowstep_US_Bloodhoof said... November 4, 2010 at 11:44 AM

    The good news for those that are doing this, is that alot of people like me are saving our honor for 85 so that we can get some easy starter gear when we ding. honor is hard to farm on my battle group because the alliance players suck at pvp, we do ok in WG but that's not exactly good enough to farm honor. So I'm saving it now for free placeholder gear later.

  10. The shield is from the "Veteran Arena Vendor" in the sewers of Dalaran, I believe - and no, it's not BOA, it's just a regular purple.

    Are you 100% sure it's DE-able? I still have some pvp pieces that wound up in my bag from VOA runs that for some reason say that they can't be DE'd.

  11. Yes, I also am wondering where to get the shield and if this is only helpful to those paladin enchanters?

  12. I think that you are overstating the number of people who will bother to enchant while leveling. With Heirlooms you level so fast it isnt worth gemming/enchanting. You may say that people do this today but that is because they are bored and have nothing else to do. In cata I think people will level one maybe 2 new alts and play one up to 85 asap.

  13. @6 This will not have any effect on infinite dust. I bet my life on it. When Cata comes out people will not even remember that you can DE PVP gear now + abyss shatter. Also they will spend their hard earned honor on new pvp stuff or new pvp gems

    @11 obviously you need an enchanter because the shield is bop[its the normal 1800 rating arena shield!!] but there is no reason whatsoever for your enchanter having to be a paladin.


  14. Can't win 'em all, but interesting idea for the future if there's a need for LK enchanting mats.

  15. Wouldnt honor be reset when cata comes out?

  16. Honor will not be reset this expansion.

  17. you to not have to be a paladin or a class taht uses a shield..the wrathfull offhand also is buyable for 70 honor and is disenchantable to a abyss crystal too...and ANY class can buy a offhand im positive of

    and you do not need a arena rating to buy it ..it will be grayed out but right click and hit yes and you can buy it if you have enough honor

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