Vanishing Dust and +22 Intellect

"Hi Markco,
I read your blog for a few months now and find it rather helpful at times, so i feel obligated to write you about vanishing powders. I would suggest to include them into one of your starter threads as you can buy them in every major city and turn them into gold in no time. At least on my realm it goes for 2.5-4g a piece (following the usual raid-sells curve), compared to 6.4s as a purchase value (no rep). It sells like mad... I bought 40 just to try how fast i can turn them into gold few days ago, within two hours all of it was sold and it wasn't what one would call prime time. I'm keeping the market supplied, but not flooded. Most people don't really know you can buy it from vendor and so the price derives from price of herbs for crafting it, but i expect some kid will flood the market within a month and lower the price to 0.5-1g. Nonetheless, people are lazy so it will always be more expensive then buying it from vendor, thus making it good enough for starters no matter when they join the game.

Some others might have already reported it to you, but just in case no one did...

Tazanturn - Drak'thul EU"

"Hey Markco,

Don't know if this has been covered already, or if it will even matter come cataclysm. I realized today that an enchanter with revered reputation with the thorium brotherhood can purchase a +22 intellect to weapon enchant. Its called enchant weapon - mighty intellect. According to wow wiki, it can be enchanted onto caster heirloom weapons.

This is much easier than buying an expensive spellpower enchant recipe off the AH or running molten core over and over to get an enchant that is ultimately similar to this.

Without running mc over and over to raise rep, I've found it to be simpler just to buy a lot of cheap dark iron ore and turn it in at the grim guzzler. I also turn in every lava core i can buy cheap as they are worth 550 rep a piece as a human. 

-BB&T - Korgath, Alliance"

Thank you both for your excellent tips. Hopefully you all will put them to good use! I have a huge stockpile of suggested tips and I will try my best to continue to get them visibility on the blog when I can. I highly suggest that players also post the tips on the JMTC forums to increase visibility since it takes me so long to publish non-time sensitive email submissions.

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  1. Yea I have a niche on my server with 22 intellect. People are slowly starting to realize that for leveling 22 spell power plus a massive increase in mana and some crit beats out the much more expensive 30 spellpower. Speaking of enchanting scrolls does Markco or anyone know whats happening to Crusader enchant in Cata? Stratholme is getting revamped completely so there could be a possibility of a crusader material change or the enchant might be impossible to make anymore! Seems like pretty valuable info since the one thing us gold makers can always count on is that people will make alts.

  2. As soon as I saw the tip on Vanishing Dust, I logged on to see if it were true. Turns out people already found this out and the market is flooded. Oh well! Good tip though!

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  4. The Vanishing Powder seems to sell for almost the same price on my server. The 22+intellect enchant is a great tip - I can sell those scrolls for 200g+ (I've sold a couple of nearly 400g in the past).

  5. Justkiddingmate said... November 6, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    22 int isnt just "easier" to obtain, it is in fact the best enchant on caster heirloom weapons as it is very close on par with 30 spellpower, but gives a lot of reduced downtime especially at lower levels.

    Im wondering though the vanishing dust if it will go away from vendors at some point as it is a low level inscription recipe as well....

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