What to Sell Before Cataclysm Guide

Everyone has been speculating on what items to buy and stockpile for cataclysm, but what about all the stuff you should get rid of? Also, how should you get rid of these soon to be valueless items?

Let's go through the various professions and address specific items which you should sell or use to craft items and then sell before cataclysm's release.

Flasks, elixirs and potions may sell to levelers but they will quickly drop to worthless within a week or two of the expansion's release. I would advise getting into some undercutting wars on raid nights and really pushing your items. Remember the previous posts I've done on flask selling? Try to post an hour before the prime raid times with a handful of each flask/elixir/potion. After waiting an hour then you undercut everyone who has undercut you and take the prime selling slot with the bulk of your items. Obviously you should be doing your daily transmute epic gem cooldown even if you don't have a jewelcrafter to cut and double the value of the gem(s) you get.

Arctic fur will probably sell well the first few weeks when people need skill ups. However, since borean leather will retain quite a bit of value it would be worth your while to wait and not convert all your leather into furs until you know for sure what is used to level leatherworking. I've had great luck selling frosthide leg armor as well as the good old fashioned uncommon quality borean leather armor.

Spell threads and leg enhancements should be used and sold asap. The 22 slotter you can make with tailoring will lose a lot of its value in cataclysm as will the spell threads since you won't need them to get 450 tailoring thanks to frostweave bags. Not to mention the fact that abyssal bags are cheaper. Contrary to popular belief, I would suggest keeping your frostweave cloth to sell it for about 50% more during cataclysm. I could easily see stacks going for 20 gold when they are selling for 10-14 now.

Titanium shield spike, titanium weapon chain, titanium plating and eternal belt buckle will all become worthless in cataclysm. If you have titanium ore/bars and want to get rid of them, craft titanium rods post cataclysm but prior to the expansion you should be selling all the other items I've listed here as much as possible. I'm easily pulling in 1.5k per day from these items. Note that titanium rods will be the #1 item to craft while leveling blacksmithing to 450 so be prepared for the profitability of these rods to be a much smaller margin during the expansion than they are today.

All the rare quality gear you can craft with jewelcrafting will not sell well in cataclysm. Same goes for rare and epic quality cut gems. Cut uncommon gems will also be pretty much worthless since there is no gear while leveling in wotlk with gem slots. Uncut rare and uncommon gems however will retain their value since they help with skill ups to 450. Uncut epics will be worthless. Meta gems are something you'll also want to get rid of quickly before cataclysm, but take heart, these are selling amazingly well. Shielded skyflare diamonds have made me probably 4,000 gold in the past two weeks alone at 200 gold a pop. A note on metas: if the expansion features meta slots in leveling gear then having metas would be awesome, however, the wotlk expansion featured no gem slots of any kind during the 70-79 grind so expect 80-84 to be no different. If you'd like to play the lottery you could do your daily cooldown and see if you get some scarlet rubies.

Glyphs will all retain value and actually go up in value throughout cataclysm, peaking with certain key events like patches and the expansion's launch. Expect another glyphmas on dec 7th as people change to collecting leveling glyphs and get some of the new level 81 talent glyphs. Snowfall inks will be completely worthless except maybe for a handful of skill ups to levelers. You'll see a market for selling the vanishing powder reagent as well. Runescrolls will be pretty useless after the first few weeks of cataclysm so sell those as well as your snowfall inks. Be sure to trade in your ink of the sea into lesser inks so you're not stuck with just ink of the sea when the new top dog inscription ink is added to live servers. See my guide to selling snowfall inks before cataclysm is released.

Dream shards will have zero value in cataclysm. Abyss crystals will be similarly valueless and will provide an opportunity later on for those enchanters who are savvy enough to buy out the crystals and shatter them for the much more valuable infinte dust and lesser cosmic essences which levelers will need. I've been selling quite a few berserking and spellpower to weapon enchants as well as powerful stats to chest. These three enchants are a great way to get rid of those dream shards and abyss crystals. If you don't have an enchanter, try selling abyss crystals in sets of 10.

These are a tricky lot. Fire, earth and water will retain quite a bit of value due to many professions requiring them to level up. Earth for jewelcrafters, fire for engineers and water for blacksmiths are some of the uses for these eternals but there are others. I would sell off shadow, life and air while you can. See my dirty guide to selling eternals.

Frozen Orbs
Will these be valuable in cataclysm? NOPE. Be sure to make use of frozo to diversify and sell off the orbs. (EDIT: As some commentors have mentioned, you will still be able to sell frozen orbs as eternal fires as long as frozo is featured in the expansion. My take on this is to just convert them into the items you want to save for the expansion now, such as the eternal fires).

Primordial Saronite
With justice points being able to purchase these it is likely that even with the shadowmourne guild achievement the price of these will not increase much during cataclysm. Maybe save a dozen or so but I'd sell the rest now.

Notice how in most of these cases I'm telling you to sell crafted items instead of just the materials? 9 times out of 10 you're better off taking the time to make something with your materials and then sell the results. This goes for pre-cataclysm liquidating as well as the normal day to day auctioneering activities. Remember the markco-vian economics of identify, diversify and automate!

What do you think of this list, did I miss anything? Comment!

13 comments: on "What to Sell Before Cataclysm Guide"

  1. Yes! I can now visit this site without having to send my eyes to rape victim counselling afterwards! :p (No really Markco, nice visual update :D)

  2. Someone emailed me regarding dragon eyes, I just want to say that these are definitely a good thing to sell right now as people collect pvp and pve gear on alts or even mains. They most likely will lose their value after cataclysm ships.

  3. This might have been covered and i have missed it. But why wont Frozen orbs be valuable?
    Unless Frozo is removed their value should be the same as eternal fire and have the option to trade in for the other eternals should their prices rise.

  4. Hi

    Just a bit confused as I have been buying up low cost frozen orbs then converting them to eternal fires. I hope to make profits due to initial high demand once Cataclysm comes along. Am I making a mistake.


  5. I wouldn't think Eternals would be worth much more than normal leveling mats, not the 30g they are going for now. I've stopped leveling LW at 435 because everything is so costly and I expect there to be a bunch of regular recipes to be had to level me to 450 up to about 500.

    I've taken to stockpiling the mats rather than crafting and selling, other than Bags, which i am also stockpiling.

    Thanks for the list, really good info!

  6. stocking up on the mats for fish feast would be good aswell wouldnt it. as there will be some people that want to lvl all their profs as fast as possible. and since fish feast is still orange at 450 it would be great for levelers until they get some cata meat/recipe

  7. Sell your old world crafting mats, but keep your outlands crafting mats.

    A lot of us are levelling gathering toons at the moment and have a lot of lvl 1-40 gathered mats lying around - especially skins (alliance side).

    Given old world flying, and the influx of worgen skinners + second gathering skill (or dual gatherers horde side), I expect that the value of these items will tank initially, followed by a small recovery as lvl 85 players start AH levelling their tradeskills.

    On that note, I expect a shortage of outland mats - especially for 340+ tradeskills.

  8. A lot of my investments have been around current common mats and trying to predict leveling professions. What needs to be taken into account is supply vs demand, with new races and all that will come e.g. new characters leveling. If you look at old world mats they are more expensive than the newer ones (such as eternals), the speculation of their prices comes down to the fact that they will no longer be in such heavy supply as they are today but there will still be demand based on leveling professions. Eg. primal fires are 30g on my server and eternal fires are 15g.
    I'm stockpiling a lot of netherweave for both bags and to sell in stacks if the price is right.
    All of it is a gamble but I figure i can at least make my money back and the inflation of where gold will be going means that there will be a higher price paid for everything based on how much less value gold will have.

  9. just stocking mats over here ... its always a good deal.

  10. Justkiddingmate said... November 4, 2010 at 7:39 AM

    Fish feasts go green at 460 or so already so not really a great way to level up. I see eternal earth go sky high for JC leveling will at least need about 20 to make leveling relatively painless.

    Netherweave bags are a pain, currently there are many DK bots out there running normal botanica endlessly making the price of cloth really low and thus I think its gonna be hard to sell them for a right price as everyone is stocking it atm

    to illustrate the bots : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Mazrigos&cn=Tissivako

  11. The most interesting thing about the guy linked in Justkiddingmate's post is that he got the loot 10k and 25k gold achievements on the same day.

  12. Justkiddingmate said... November 5, 2010 at 9:37 AM

    That is probably a bug on armory, especially considering if you compare the previous achievements to each other, I saw it as well and its just not mathematically possible. 15000 in a day means 625 per hour with 25 bosses to defeat ( 5 bosses in 5 instances of botanica ) means 25g per boss drop which it just doesnt even including trash and that would be assuming he got the 10k achievement at 0:00 and the 25k achievement at 23:59.

    Just do a /who botanica from time to time and you will always see DK's there on mature servers.

    on topic : netherweave is an all time low due to this you can choose to stockpile for bags and dust or you can consider it a lost cause and dont expand your stock beyond what it currently is.

  13. @JustKidding

    Depends on your server. On my server, Netherweave cloth is going for 12-20 g a stack most days.

    I am having problems deciding whether I should sell the stacks, or wait for the bags to up in price (currently ~7g each) when Cata hits.

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