Where can you train glyph of Mage Armor?

"Yeah, next patch has it fixed but no date is set for that yet, sorry."

This post is simply an update on glyph of mage armor, it will not count as the daily gold tip.

"Hey Marco,

Here is a brief update on the Glyph of Mage Armor. I was speaking to a GM about an unrelated issue when I thought I would bring the question up.

Anyway thanks for the great blog/podcasts.

Lannie - Argent Dawn EU"

So where can you get Glyph of Mage Armor? For those of you who have been living under a rock, the glyph of mage armor was one of four glyphs not included in patch 4.0.1 that should have been. Only difference between Mage Armor and the other three was that Mage Armor was in the game before the patch. Therefore it was possible to have some Glyphs of Mage Armor in stock while no one else could craft them. Over time these glyphs have gone up to astronomical prices as frustrated players shell out the cash for this crucial pve glyph.

From this screen shot we must assume that it is possible that glyph of mage armor will be crafted again either after this tuesday's patch or another soon to come. There's only so many weeks left until cataclysm, so get your flips in now on Mage Armor while you still can.

If you think this kind of gouging is unethical, perhaps you'd like to call me an ass?

3 comments: on "Where can you train glyph of Mage Armor?"

  1. Thanks for the tip.

    And of course you are an ass for gouging people for this glyph.

    The experience that players gain from playing a long time and learning how the game operates should always be used to benefit new players who haven't spent the time necessary or refuse to learn what's what.

    That's why, as an experienced player, it is important to ALWAYS:

    1) give gold to players who ask for it in trade;

    2) provide instance runs for total strangers upon demand, especially the Stockades and Deadmines;

    3) invite new players into your guild and give them full access to all tabs, with unlimited withdrawal rights.

    Of course, I'm being sarcastic.

    It is simply amazing that players feel there is a right or entitlement to certain things. Upset that this glyph was left out of the patch? Then complain to a GM or on the forums. Don't bash people who fill a need with their supply of ready made glyphs.

    The same logic would apply to someone who sells enchants or raw ore or anything else. "Gee, I can only have two professions, so I'm a tailor and alchemist. But I really need that red epic gem. Someone should give it to me". Really? Other players spend time and gold learning the patterns and crafting the items you need to buy. Those game constraints are just as logical to fuss about as is the absence of the glyph of mage armor.

    If you (as a complainer) are that upset about it, shelve your mage until an update fixes it.


  2. If you desperately want one of these, come to Caelestrasz. A couple of nights I saw 10 on the Alliance AH, and about 4 on the Horde AH, going for about 350g.

    I still have a stock of a dozen, down from the 40 I made before patch 4.0

  3. Exorbitant payers will pay exorbitant prices. I find it somewhat amusing that people couldn't wait for six weeks but _had_ to have their mage armor glyph now now now. It just goes to show that there are a lot of people out there with more gold than they know what to do with. And it's our job to take some of it from them!

    Didn't have any mage armor glyphs to flip myself, but I love some of the stories that came out about the profit some people were turning. ;)

    It always makes me happy when people in the gold-making community do well for themselves. :D

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