Wow Marathon Charity Event

*Press Release Written By: Wow Marathon*

Giving the gift of mobility, one level at a time.

On December 6th, the first annual video game marathon will set out to become the world’s first level 85 character.  We will be playing for 48 hours straight, hosting various contests, and information on our journey.  We will be helping raise money for Free Wheelchair Mission.

Visitors are encouraged to come watch a team of dedicated gamers race through the new expansion for World of Warcraft:Cataclysm. Visitors will also be encouraged to donate money through the site to Free Wheelchair Mission, a charity that helps disabled people all around the world have the gift of mobility.

We have set up various levels of donations, to help entertain and  encourage donations for our viewers. We will have various contests throughout the marathon, and plenty of free gifts for our viewers, that will be sent out to the winners at the conclusion of the marathon at no charge to them.  We will be streaming live, and interacting with the community via facebook, twitter, e-mail and our online live stream chat.

For more information, go to

December 6th, 2010 @ 9 AM PST

In service since 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission has sent over 500,000 specially-designed wheelchairs
around the world, providing the gift of mobility free of charge to people with disabilities in 77 developing
countries. For just $59.20, a wheelchair can be manufactured, shipped and distributed…changing a life,
forever. To learn more, please go to

2 comments: on "Wow Marathon Charity Event"

  1. Worthy cause. The work this charity does worldwide is amazing, life changing for the beneficiaries.

    I will stream on my laptop while playing on my desktop.

    I just donated and hope more of your readers do too.

    They take PayPal.....

  2. Hey i am curious on what your guys thoughts about how to level fastest is gonna be.

    Is it gonna be instance farm, or questing?

    I sit on a server low pop and we are like 1 ally on every 4 horde. And its a pvp server, so if it turns into pvp battles we might have some problems. Doing instance farm dont give that proble.

    If i decide instance farm i dont plan to go with randoms but with friends/guildies and farm it like that.


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