0-4,000g In Two Weeks Time

My goal of 5K in one month is now within reach, just reach out and grab it.
Post by Hackensack

Hello All.  I am brand new at this and I have never written an article like this before, however  I have been following this web site and other Warcraft-econ based websites for a couple of weeks and I wanted to share my story. Basically I went from 0 gold -4,500 gold in under two weeks (10 days) with no help whatsoever.  While my goal was to get 5,000 gold within one month I decided to write this now because I enjoyed 5 days off from work due to the Holiday and a snowstorm and now I have to catch up on a lot of things.

I picked up the trial version of WOW on  December 10th.  I had played it about a year ago and enjoyed the game but it consumed months of my time so I gave it up.  I remember never having more then 300-500 gold before buying my mount. This time around I wanted to focus on the economic side of the game.

I created a Troll Hunter with Mining/Eng and spent the early levels doing quests and finding copper nodes in Durotar and the Barrens. I read that small eggs sell well for the Christmas event so I was pleased to see that they dropped from the vultures in the barrens. (I don’t remember their exact name). I now know that the Blood elf Dragonhawks are one of the best sources.

I spent the first two days collecting Copper ore and gems and selling trash to vendors.  As I gathered up the ores I soon ran out of the little money I had and took my treasures to the AH. I now know that WOW trial accounts cannot sell on the AH. After buying the full version I started posting the eggs, copper bars, and clam meat from the Turtles in the Barrens.

The Small Eggs and the Gingerbread cookies were a gold bonanza. Ranging from 10g-50g for a stack of 5! Clam Meat was also huge at 50+g a stack. I was in the egg market early and earned a bundle.  But the market became very volatile very fast.  The copper bars on the other hand were a steady source of income at about 8-12 g a stack and I am still earning on them. 

This is my overly complex pie chart, cleverly entitled Chart Title, which tells me what I already know, stop wasting your time and get back to work! Just kidding.  It tells me that Clam Meat (39%) and Small Eggs (10%) sell very high. What it fails to reveal is that copper Bars (6%) and low level gems (10%) are a stable source of income.

As a side benefit I shot through levels at blinding speed.  It was definitely much more difficult to do this a year ago, but I guess Blizzard is focused on getting people higher, faster before the plateau, (sought of like a drug dealer) When it was all said and done I had a level 53 Troll Hunter with Mining at 225 and over 4,000 gold in the bank.

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  1. Good luck on your journey Hackensack! Once you're past the 10k mark things get easier because you have a lot of gold you can invest into reselling and crafting.

  2. or you could spend those 10days lvling from 0 - 85 and im sure once you ding 85 you will have more then 4k from questing alone...

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