#1 Best Cataclysm Whiptail Farming Spot

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If you haven't heard already, many people have made 20, 30, and in some cases 50k purely from selling Cataclysm herbs and ores. I've personally made 25k in the pas two days with casual farming, and this is herbalism alone. 

I farm some specific herbs, especially since Deepholm and Twilight Highlands have been nerfed. I have resorted to farming Whiptail, and Azsahara's Veil. Both currently go for 3-400g per stack, and they're both extremely easy and plentyful to farm.

Below is the best route that I have been using over the past week to make 25k with minimal time spent farming herbs. I can go here, farm for 10 minutes and have 4-5 stacks of herbs without even trying, I've even farmed while watching my favorite TV show, Dexter! It's that easy!
Farming Uldum for Whiptail

This is my farming route. I farm a herb called whiptail here, it only grows near bodies of water and is very scarce elsewhere. I follow the river up and down, having to stop every so often, by the time I finish 1 circuit, they all have respawned. It's a great route that nets 10+ stacks in a matter of 20 minutes and the best thing is that it sells for a nice price as well, I currently sell my stacks at 400g each, and sometimes more when someone cleans the auction house and causes this herb to inflate.

On top of all this, I get tons of Volatile Life, and some Volatile Air since I am an engineer and I have an Electrostatic Condenser in my bags. Overall, I can go out and farm for an hour and make insane amounts of gold with herbalism, I can't begin to imagine how much gold I would be making if I had dual gathering professions!

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  1. Anyone any idea how farming nodes works with the phasing?

    It is the case that, say, a level 80 could farm Twilight Highlands and not have to compete with level 85's because their phase has different nodes spawning?

    Sounds like a great argument for keeping a gathering toon in an early phase of a zone. Or would this not work?

  2. TerokkarDweller said... December 13, 2010 at 9:02 AM

    I also stumbled across this spot after trying a few different herb farming areas. I was initially doing runs round abyssal depths which also worked well.

    Normally I wouldn't resort to farming, but with the current demand it is very hard to ignore. When taking into consideration the volatile life, I would say I am getting close to 3kG per hour. I may come back with some solid statistics after grinding some more this evening :).

    And Dexter is legendary!

  3. @Protya, Phasing Stinks. I tried to farm Twilight Highlands on my mage with 80/120 quests completed and there were multiple nodes that I simply could not grab. In fact, most of the nodes in twilight highlands where in the "phased" states and otherwise ungatherable, it really stinks.

    My guess is if you want to farm without troubles, I suggest you completely finish questing in the zone that you're farming, as it'll phase those nodes in so you can gather them.

  4. This is exactly the route I'm using. I had this figured the second day after Cata.

    I've been making at least 10K a day since the expansion, mostly from ore and herb farming, with a bit of inscription thrown in.

    It seems to me that herbs sold really well during the first 2-3 days but they kind of tanked after that. Now I'm mostly concentrating on mining ore, which still sells for 300-500 a stack. And I can farm just as much ore as I was farming herbs.

  5. I used this route to get Realm First herbalist on my realm, going straight from Storm Peaks to Uldum with my enchanted herbalists' gloves.

    I've been farming it a lot too, but haven't made nearly as much money through herbs as is being reported here. Maybe it's just my server, but even as a Tauren Druid I can't farm anywhere near 10 stacks in 20 minutes, and herbs are selling for closer to 200g a stack rather than 400.

    Still, I've made some nice cash off of the herbs I've been picking casually, and yeah, Azshara's Veil and Whiptail are two of the most profitable.

    There's a great Azshara's Veil farming zone in the Abyssal Depths, near Promontory Point. You don't have to have done any quests in the zone to reach it, and at least on my server it doesn't seem to be heavily farmed.

    On an unrelated note, herbalists who are also alchemists should invest a few of their valuable herbs in leveling alchemy up to 485, so they can learn Transmute: Living Elements. At least on my server, Volatile Life is selling for less than 10g each, while Volatile Air is 40g. The ability to xmute 15 life into air every day is a huge money maker.

  6. It's worth noting that the volatile transmute is on the alchemy 1 day cooldown. I save my transmute for truegold, since that's the only source of truegold, vs. mobs that can drop volatile air. Although for any alchemist not yet maxed, I agree, transmuting life to air is probably the most profitable use of the cooldown.

  7. Nowhere near this profit on my server, and we are a low pop server. Everyone is farming everywhere and altho items do sell well, its hard to gather the volume.

  8. Perfect. I too farm while watching Dexter. =D

  9. Mageshadow: I completed all Twilight Highlands quests and nodes at Firebeard's Patrol are phased. Everything else seems to work.

    Volatile Air is a pain in the ass right now since none of my gathering chars has Engineering and the drop rate of all the mobs I tried is ridiculous. Water, Life and Fire are totally easy obtainable through Mining, Herbalism and Fishing. Earth seems to be okay.

  10. I farmed this route with two other people that I knew of farming it to and still got a ton of herbs, it's a great place. I just wish my herbalist was lv82 to head to deepholm :(

  11. Absolutely fantastic!! I made like 10.000 only casual farming Whiptail - and Uldum is just wonderful to farm! Up and down that river and in a few hours you are a few k gold richer :) First time i made really money with herbalism. Hope prices stay high..but unlikely.

  12. I'm amazed many of you are getting anywhere from 200-500g/stack of herbs. First two days of Cata that's where they were on my server (Dunemaul) but are now down to 50g/stack. It's disappointing. Someone had to go a ruin it for the rest of us trying to make some gold by drastically reducing Cata herb prices. On the bright side - I am getting 50-60g/ea for Potion of Illusion.

    Why would someone bring down the prices of Cata herbs to match the prices of WotLK herbs? It just doesn't make sense. It's as if herbalists are feeling guilty for actually trying to make gold.

    I was really hoping the higher prices would last at least for a couple weeks - but now it's almost not even worth the time to farm them.


  13. OH and Frost Lotuses (Loti?) were staying hard and heavy at 30g/ea until some idiot posted a bunch for 1g/ea. It's craziness! Do I buy up all those 1g Frost Lotuses and resell them for the 30g/ea?

  14. Endoric, if prices are really that low for herbs, determine what sort of end-consumables can be made from the herbs and check those prices. I would even check to see if green-quality gems are priced equally as low for easy money on blue-quality gem transmutes.

    Also, if frost lotus are only 1g each, buy them up and keep your listed price! I mean, it's only 1g. If there's profit to be made, get on it!

  15. I've collected three hundred whiptails over three hours. they sell for two hundred a stack. How so I go about posting these without flooding?

  16. Whiptail is used to make mana pots in Cata, and healers need to watch mana closer than ever now. So, Whiptail is the new Lichbloom. Demand should remain higher than some of the other herbs. If you're alchemy as well, keep an eye on mana pot prices. Sometimes it's better to make the mana pots, but it all depends on prices. I've actually bought Whiptail and made mana pots out of them when the AH gets flooded... easy flip. The route is so easy that you can expect spikes in the market. Once prices level off, I'm planning to buy Whiptail during the spikes.

  17. Romner (Azuremyst-EU) said... February 23, 2011 at 2:08 PM

    You say that you can easily net 10+ stacks in 20 minutes, at 400g a stack: so this would be 4000g in 20 minutes, resulting in 12,000g an hour? Hmm.

  18. You have engineering and herbalism? Thats an odd combination, isn't it?

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